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Training Day with Nurse Sasha (M2F, F, geriatric, consent/rape)

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This follows the previous story I wrote of Nurse Sasha, a trans nurse who has her way with a young male patient. See below:

The setting of this story is in an upscale memory care facility where Nurse Sasha is in charge of hiring and training new nurses. It follows their exploits on her training day. Of course this is fiction, but there are aspects of non-consent/rape, so if that is not for you then this story might not be for you. This might also not be for you if you find geriatric sex unappealing. Last warning: my stories are long, so if you are expecting short-format writing then this is probably more of a commitment than you may like.


Nurse Sasha:

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Chapter 1

“Hey. Thanks for coming. Yeah, come on in,” Sasha said, as she unlocked the door to the convalescent facility and let in the newest member to her team. “It is Melanie, right?”

“Mel or Melanie is fine,” the nervous, young nurse replied.

“Oh yes. That’s lovely. You are even more beautiful in person than you were on Zoom,” Sasha said, causing Melanie to blush. “Well, this is the place. Are you excited?”

Melanie nodded enthusiastically. She was thoroughly impressed by the place. It was classy, smelled really clean and looked new, yet oddly enough, it had a decor that was very old fashioned, and the staff looked like they were dressed straight from the 60’s or 70’s. She didn’t really know what to make of it.

“I bet you are a little nervous. Don’t be. We are one happy family here. You will learn that if you make it through today,” Sasha explained, as she led her through the lobby and down the hall to her office.

“Make it through today? I thought I got the job,” Melanie questioned, as she followed behind Sasha. Sasha was a tall woman at five-nine with a dark, straight hair that was up in a bun and dark features. She had large eyes and a strong jaw. Her torso was petite, which enunciated the curve of her hips and swell of her chest. She was wearing a white, one-piece, nurse’s uniform that was like a dress with a rear zipper. It gripped her waist, but was more loose at the bottom and terminated mid thigh where her white stockings covered her legs. She also had a white, nurse’s cap. All of this was very different than the scrubs Melanie was wearing. Melanie noted that Sasha had a purposeful, yet sultry walk for a nurse. Her hips were hypnotic, as they swayed in a figure eight pattern in unison with the contraction of her ample posterior.

“Yeah. Sorry about that. I know I said you made it through our rigorous background checks and psychological evaluations, and I know I said I wanted to extend an invitation for you to join our team, and I know you signed all the confidentiality, HIPAA and onboarding paperwork, but we really need to see if you are a good fit for our team. Even with all the upfront testing, there is—how can I say—an X factor that the tests fail to fully capture, so we need to really see how you do on the job before we can fully onboard you—if you can handle it.”

“I see,” Melanie said with a tone of disappointment.

“What’s the matter dear,” Sasha said, as she shut the door to her office and gestured to a seat in front of her desk intended for Melanie?

“Well, I am surprised to be here, frankly. You do understand I am fresh out of school, right? I’ve never worked a day of my life as a nurse or even as a CNA or care partner. My recruiter said this is one of the top paying nursing facilities in the county with some of the best benefits and with the greatest demand to work here because of it.”

“That’s true,” Sasha said in agreement, nodding in the process, as Melanie continued.

“My recruiter said it was nearly impossible to get a job here, but she also said she believed I would be ideal for the roll, so yes, I am totally ecstatic to be here, but I am afraid I will just be a disappointment once you see how inexperienced I am. There is so much that I just didn’t get to do in my clinical rotations.”

“Well, slow down sweetie. Let me explain our process a little. Here at Golden Living Convalescent, we are one of the top memory-care facilities in the nation with some of the most affluent clientele. The families of our residents choose Golden Living because we have some of the best staff in the nation that are knowledgable and exceptional at the services they provide to our residents day in and day out, and that exceptional care is seen in our five star ratings and exceptional, health outcomes for our residents. Our residents are treated with care like they are family, and we really go the extra mile with our treatments and therapies, which again, is why we have some of the healthiest residents with the fewest hospitalizations than almost any memory care facility in the nation. We are really proud of that fact.”

“But I am not very knowlede-a…” Melanie announced.

“Well sweetie, let me continue,” Sasha interjected. “You are one of the top students in your class from a very competitive Ivy League school. Your GPA and the references from your professors indicate you are very hard working, eager to learn and very creative. Your scores on your psychological evaluation suggest you are highly empathetic and compassionate and that you are agreeable and eager to please others. We want conformity here. We want a strong community of healthcare practitioners who put their patients first and foremost, even above themselves. We can train you and develop your skills, but we can’t train intelligence, drive and personality, and I believe you may have the qualities that we are looking for.” Sasha looked over the young nurse’s petite but shapely figure. “And you clearly possess grace and beauty, which is just icing on the cake, as we call it.” Melanie blushed at the complement. “So why don’t we do this. Let’s get you changed into your uniform, and we can get out on the floor and start your training day.” Sasha opened a dresser drawer full of uniforms. “Hmmm, you are pretty petite. I think you are probably a 0-2. Go ahead and try these on.”

Melanie held out her arms, as Sasha handed her everything she would need. “Where do I change?”

“You know what, why don’t you just change here? It is just us girls after all. The staff bathroom is having some issues, so I have the plumber in there now. I’ll just finish up some emails, so just pretend I am not here,” Sasha insisted.

“Ohhhkkaaay,” Melanie replied, a little taken back by the situation. She was only twenty three, and she figured Sasha and her had a least ten years on each other, and while Sasha was the chief nurse, she was kind of her boss, so this felt a little unprofessional, but Melanie didn’t want to make a fuss, so she got started.

She set the items on the chair. There was a crescent shaped, nursing hat, a dress, a bra, underwear, thigh high stockings and white clogs. She turned with her back to Sasha and pulled her scrub top up and over her head. She reached behind her petite back and unclasped her bra, releasing her supple breasts in the process. Sasha peaked up in time to see the curve of the side of Melanie's D-sized breast and pronounced, erect nipple before she could tuck them into the white, lace bra. Melanie unzipped the back of the dress from the top to the waist where it terminated. It wasn’t going for fit over the gentle curve of her hips, so she forced her arm and head through the hole of the dress and slid it down to her hips. She put her arms through the sleeves before wiggling out of her scrub pants. Then she slid off her thong and immediately put on the white panties before sliding the stockings up each leg and situating it high on her thighs. The silicone on the inside really helped to secure them in place. She slid on the clogs and donned the hat after putting her hair up in a tight bun. “I think that is it. Can you zip me up,” she asked.

“Sure thing,” Sasha replied, as she got up and walked over. She zipped her up and button the top clasp of the neck, securing the zipper in place. “Okay, let’s spin you around, so I can look you over.” Melanie did so, and Sasha looker her over. The dress was clenched around the young girl’s tight waist, which only accentuated her bust and hips. She was five-three and maybe a hundred and twenty pounds. She was lean and toned with a petite torso, but she had the bone structure that gave her the curves of a woman. Unlike Sasha’s dark features, Melanie had a heart-shaped face with curly, brown hair and rose lips that stood out against her the warm, tanned tone of her skin. “Gorgeous. How do you feel?”

“It is going to take some time getting use to these granny panties,” Melanie admitted.

“Yeah, sorry about that. I literally can’t wait to kick them off when I get home,” Sasha confessed, “But here at Golden Living, we are managing the care of an older population with memory issues, and they really thrive in an environment that is authentic to a period of time in the past that activates memories and supports their cognition. As such is the case, we do a lot with our decor, with our uniforms, with the music we play and with the shows we watch that are period correct for most of our residents. That makes sense, right?” Melanie nodded. “And it really is about putting our residents first,” Sasha said, as she opened the door to her office. “Now let’s get you out there to see what you have got. Ready?”

Melanie was wide-eyed, as her nerves spiked. “Ready as I’ll ever be.”

“Okay, let’s go help some residents.”

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Chapter 2

Sasha gave Melanie a quick tour of the facilities and introduced her to a number of the very lovely staff members. Melanie was immediately taken back by their professionalism, manners and knowledge. They seemed eager to make her feel at home, and besides that, they were all stunning.

“Katie! Has Mrs. Parker had her bed bath today?”

“Not yet.”

“Okay perfect,” Sasha said to Melanie. “We can go do that first. I’m sure you have performed a complete bed bath before, so this will be a good way to break the ice.” Melanie nodded with agreement, as they went to Mrs. Parker’s room. Sasha knocked on the door. “Good morning Mrs. Parker. How did you sleep last night? Well, that’s good. This is Melanie. One of our new girls. She is going to help me with your bed bath this morning. How does that sound? Okay, good. We are going to get some supplies, and then we will be right back. Okay sweetie? Good.”

Sasha and Melanie left the room to gather supplies. “Mrs. Parker is a 72 year old female who had a right sided stroke with left side hemiparesis and ataxia, and she has progressive vascular dementia, but she is normally very cooperative and pleasant, so this should go well, especially with the two of us,” Sasha explained. The girls returned with a chuck, some warm body and peri-wipes and some of the softest cotton towels Melanie had ever felt. They raised the bed to hip height and rolled Mrs. Parker side to side to get her out of her nightgown until she was naked. They rubbed the warm wipes across her skin, down her arms and legs and in all the crevasses like her armpits. “Don’t forget to spend extra time cleaning under her breasts Mel,” Sasha explained. “Large breasted women like Mrs. Parker are prone to yeast infections under their breasts. Fortunately, this wasn’t the case, as it was clear her skin was perfect Melanie thought. In fact, Melanie thought the woman had the skin of someone half her age, which was a clear sign of her genetics and affluence, and it was also a sign of the excellent care she must have been receiving here. Melanie gently lifted the woman’s large, natural breasts, which were very supple and watery. They were easily past the double D size, and by the size of her erect nipples and puckered areolas, the woman must have breastfed several children in her lifetime. Melanie gently washed the moisture and old skin from Mrs. Parker’s breast to Sasha’s satisfaction. “That looked perfect. Now, help me open her legs, and we will clean her peri area. Oh Mrs. Parker. I think it is time we take care of some of this hair. Keep her from moving,” Sasha said, as she went into the resident’s bathroom and returned with a warm bowl of water, a razor and shaving cream. “Help me get this chuck under her butt. Okay now help me open up her legs. Why don’t your wipe down her vulva, and then I will show you how we shave them.”

“Okay Mrs. Parker. I am going to touch you down here,” Melanie said before whispering, “but why are we shaving them?” Melanie sounded confused, as she gently used the peri-wipes to clean between the folds of Mrs. Parker’s libia. There was a slight musky odor, but Melanie was surprised at how clean and pleasing everything already was. This was in stark contrast to her experience during her clinical rotation in acute care.

“Well, sweetie. Part of doing the best for our patients is considering all possible therapies. Pubic hair can collect urine, feces, dirt and oils, which is one reason why all geriatric residents, but especially bed-bound residents like Mrs. Parker, are more prone to developing an UTI, but we can proudly say that she has never had an UTI while in our care. Right Mrs. Parker? Part of that has to do with shaving her once a week.” Sasha leaned into Melanie. “Plus, doesn’t it just look much better and cleaner to have a freshly shaved pussy.” Melanie was taken back by the candor, but nodded.

After Melanie had thoroughly cleaned the folds of Mrs. Parker’s vulva, Sasha lathered on the shaving cream and began to shave the woman’s cunt. “See we slowly work with the grain and not against the grain. It isn’t as smooth, but it tapers the hair slightly above the skin instead of truncating the stalk of the hair below the skin and possibly getting ingrown hairs or any razor bumps or nicks. Mmmm, doesn’t that feel better Mrs. Parker?” She couldn’t respond, but she was uncontrollably bucking her hips and squeezing her one good leg from time to time. Melanie had noticed this when she was cleaning her vulva with the peri-wipes, but Mrs. Parker was moving much more now. “Try not to move sweetie,” Sasha said gracefully, as she continued to carefully move the razor over Mrs. Parker’s vulva. Sasha had a hand on Mrs. Parker’s mons pubis and was working on her outer lips when Melanie noticed Sasha’s thumb on Mrs. Parker’s clit. The tension from the palm of her hand had retracted the old woman’s hood, exposing her clit, which Sasha was gently circling with her thumb, using the lather of the shaving cream.

Melanie looked over at Mrs. Parker’s face. Her eyes were shut, and she looked like she was wincing in painful pleasure. Her cheeks were flush, and her nipples were fully erect. Her large areolas had contracted down a size, puckered around her protruding nipples dancing atop her watery breasts that twitched about from Sasha’s touch.

Melanie didn’t know what to expect of all this. It wasn’t exactly by-the-book. She was considering the moral and ethical dilemmas in her mind when Sasha interrupted her thoughts.

“Okay. I think that should do it. Mmmm, doesn’t that feel a million times better Mrs. Parker? Mel, hun. Why don’t you wipe her down again and towel her off, while I dispose of all of this? I’m just going to borrow your restroom really fast too. I shouldn’t be too long.” Sasha left with the bowl of water, cream and razor.

Melanie worked the peri-wipes over the exterior of Mrs. Parker’s shaven pussy, which admittedly looked that much more clean and youthful from the treatment. Maybe there really was a method to their madness, she thought. As she cleaned her off, she noticed Mrs. Parker’s engorged clit slightly protruding from her hood, and she noticed some clear moisture collecting at the base of the woman’s vulva. Melanie slowly and gently circled the warm wipes around the woman’s clit, and just that was enough to slightly buck her hips. She gently spread her libia and wiped the inner folds of her lips, but that also made it apparent that the drool of moisture was running from the depths of her swollen vagina. Melanie looked over her shoulder at the bathroom door still closed, and then she looked back up at Mrs. Parker, who still had a puckered face that almost seemed permanent. Melanie set the wipe aside and without much thinking, she slid a finger down along the slick edge of Mrs. Parker’s vulva and lathered her fingers in the slippery nectar at the base. She moved her finger back up to Mrs. Parker’s clit and gently circled the swollen bud of tissue just as she would have liked for herself. Immediately Mrs Parker bucked her hips away at the sudden rush of painful pleasure before pushing back against the young nurse’s fingers. For the next minute or so, Melanie slowly worked her thumb and fingers over the woman’s aching clit and pussy until Mrs. Parker’s breathing really picked up and her breasts began flinching about, but then Melanie was immediately paralyzed by the sound of the toilet flushing.

“Okay, I think that should do it,” Sasha said, as she stepped out.

Melanie quickly patted off Mrs. Parker’s vulva with the luxurious towel. “Sounds good,” Melanie said. “Who’s next?”

“I think you mean what is next sweetheart. We aren’t done here,” Sasha exclaimed.

“Oh, of course. We need to dress her and all, but after…”

Melanie was interrupted. “Oh no dear. We still need to lotion her skin, or she will just dry out. Open that drawer there. There should be some of her lavender lotion.” Melanie fetched the lotion and squirted several large dollops on their hands. “Work in first, so it isn’t cold,” she continued, as she rubbed the lotion between her hands before moving to Mrs. Parker’s legs. Melanie started with Mrs. Parker’s arms, rubbing the lotion deep into her skin. “This is how we keep Mrs. Parker looking so young and beautiful. Isn’t that right Mrs. Parker?” Sasha continued, “I think it will be easier if I roll her, and you can get her backside.” Sasha gently turned her on her side, and Melanie rubbed the lotion into her back and down the back of her thighs. “Don’t forget her derriere Mel.”

“Her what?”

Sasha leaned in to whisper to Melanie. “Her booty girl. That’s what these old people call their booty.” Melanie knew that, but she just hadn’t heard her. She lathered her hands once more and worked the lotion into Mrs. Parker’s large, shapely cheeks, kneading the tissue in the process. “Yeah, that is nice. You are doing excellent. You’re a natural. Okay, now let’s finish up her front.” They rolled her back. “You can get her upper torso, and I’ll get her lower torso like before.” Sasha started to rub the lotion into Mrs. Parkers stomach and pelvis, which meant Melanie had her chest. Melanie worked the lotion between her hands and then smoothed the lotion over the top of Mrs. Parker’s chest and shoulders. She had a lot of real estate to finish, so she didn’t hesitate and cupped up one of Mrs. Parker’s large breasts and worked the lotion into the supple flesh. Sasha had frog-legged the woman’s thighs open once more and was working the lotion between her inner thighs and over the freshly shaved mons pubis and vulva, gliding her whole palm and fingers over the tissue. Melanie had a second to look at Mrs. Parker’s vulva, and it was clearly still oozing moisture and aching red. She watched as Sasha expertly moved her digits over the senile, woman’s, tender tissues like a professional masseuse. Sasha whispered again, “Don’t forget to get her nipples Mel. They will get really dry if you don’t work the lotion into all the those folds.”

Melanie turned her attention back to Mrs. Parker’s large breasts. She lathered her fingers with lotion and began to massage the lotion into both of Mrs. Parker’s nipples. Her breasts sank and pressed in, as Melanie pressed her fingers into the old woman’s puckered areolas. “This isn’t easy,” she announced.

“I have found it is best to cup just one of her breasts from the base, and then it is possible to really work the lotion in,” Sasha instructed.

Melanie refocused her efforts. She did her best to clasp one of Mrs. Parker’s large breasts in her hand, and then she slowly circled the woman’s areola and erect nipple. “Yeah, that is better,” Melanie agreed, but as she was saying that her hand slipped over the supple, lotioned breast, making her need to readjust. It wasn’t helping the Mrs. Parker seemed to be slightly contorting about. Her nipples were so erect and large by a few centimeters that Melanie was feeling like she was stroking a micro penis, as she worked the lotion into the tissue. She moved to the other breast and did the same. She circled the areola like before, but then she realized a little extra pressure helped work the lotion in better. She looked over and Mrs. Parker had gasped. Her mouth was open, and she was breathing harder. Melanie kept twisting and tugging on the ends of her nipples to get the lotion down into all the little crevasses of the puckered tissue.

“Why don’t you do a little more Mel, and then we should be close to finishing,” Sasha said. Melanie slightly glanced over her shoulder for just a second, but it was enough to see Sasha’s third and fourth digit buried in the woman’s cunt. Her fingers had pinned back Mrs. Parker’s hood of her clit, while her thumb was quickly circling the sensitive, little nub. Melanie didn’t say a word. She didn’t know what to think, but she did as she was told and began to lotion both of Mrs. Parker’s nipples at the same time, gripping the nipples firmer in her fingers, so she could work the lotion into the erect tissue with one hand. She realized she could hear how wet Mrs. Parker’s pussy was, as Sasha was finger fucking the poor woman. This surprised Melanie. “That’s good,” Sasha said encouragingly. “Just a little more,” but as she said that, Mrs. Parker began to gasp and stiffen up, as she was clearly orgasming. Melanie just gripped her nipples firmly, as the woman contorted, and then suddenly she relaxed, and the grimace on her face subsided into calmness, as she continued to slightly twitch from the continuous stimulation of her sensitive parts. “I think that should do it,” Sasha announced. “I’m going to wash this lotion off my hands, and then we can dress her.

Melanie stopped what she was doing and just stared down at the peaceful sight of Mrs. Parker’s look of gratitude and relaxation. Melanie held Mrs. Parker’s one good hand, and the woman squeezed it, as if to say thank you. Melanie head was awash with confusion, and she could feel some adrenaline coursing through her veins. She realized her “complete bed baths” were nothing like that. Frankly, they were lacking the care and attention to detail compared to what Sasha and her just performed, and her bed baths didn’t consider the entire well-being of the patients that she had previously cared for in her clinical rotation. She realized she could do better. It might be a little unorthodox, but if it worked, it worked.

Sasha returned. “Okay, amazing job Melanie,” she praised. “Let’s get her dressed, and then we can move on to Mr. Johnson. I think he will be another good resident for you to meet.” Melanie nodded.

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Chapter 3

“Knock, knock. Good morning Mr. Johnson. How are you doing? It is good to see you up in your chair. Did you get plenty of sleep?” Sasha rolled the bladder scanner into the room. “This is Melanie Mr. Johnson. She is going to help me today. Isn’t she a cutie? Yeah. Do you think I should keep her around? Okay, well, you let me know when we are all done, deal?”

Sasha leaned into Melanie’s ear. “So this is Mr. Johnson. He had a slight traumatic brain injury and hand fractures in a car accident, as a child, yet he was fairly functional most of his life, but sadly, he ended up developing early-onset, dementia in his early sixties and osteoarthritis with degenerative joint disease in his hands and wrists, so now he is with us.” Sasha raised her voice, “So what are you 67 now?” He just shrugged. Sasha went back to whispering in Melanie’s ear. “I think he is 68 actually. Anyways, the dementia is pretty bad, but for the most part, he is pretty function. He just needs some redirecting like a child.” Sasha returned her focus to Mr. Johnson. “Can you do me a favor Bob and get into the bed, so we can scan your bladder?” Mr. Johnson stood up from his recliner with ease and walked to the side of the bed. He was a tall, lean man, probably six-two and a hundred and sixty pounds. He began to fumble with the jaw string on his pajama pants, and it was apparent to Melanie that his hands were deformed with contractures. Sasha gave him a moment before directing Melanie, “Why don’t you go help him dear?”

Melanie circled to his side of the bed and slowly unlaced the knot, as if she was instructing a child on how to tie his shoes. After she released the tangle knot, Mr Johnson didn’t waist any time and dropped his drawers to his feet. He looked down at Melanie, as if waiting for her. “Oh, pardon me,” she said, as she worked her fingers inside the slim and constrictive waist of his white briefs, and she lowered them over his hips, dropping herself, as she lowered them to his ankles. She helped him out of his pants and underwear, as he stepped through the openings of the garments, and then she looked up, as she was about to stand. She looked up and was staring face-to-face with Mr. Johnson’s johnson. She paused for a moment, as if surprised, but what did she expect squatting in front of the naked man. Her gaze lingered for a moment, as she took in the sight of the cut, four to five inches of flaccid penis inches away from her face. She blushed, as she realized she was locked a lingering stare, so she quickly shook it off and stood up, looking down and away, as Mr. Johnson hopped into bed and pulled up his shirt. He seemed to be aware of the routine.

“Have you used one of these before?” Sasha pushed the bladder scanner in Melanie’s direction.

“Yes I have,” Melanie replied proudly.

“Perfect. Let’s see what you have in there today Mr. Johnson,” Sasha said, as she squirted some ultrasound gel in her hands, rubbing the slippery lubricant between her fingers to warm it before applying it above the curly mound of pubic hair above his penis. “Mmmm, feels pretty full Bob,” Sasha said, as she gently pressed on his bladder, which made Mr. Johnson nod in agreement. Sasha explained, as Melanie pressed the wand into his bladder. “Mr. Johnson has an enlarged prostate too, which can lead to urinary retention, so we check him every day. He doesn’t have spill over incontinence or anything, so it can get bad if we don’t stay on top of it. If he is retaining then we…”

Melanie interrupted, saying promptly, as if she new the answer with certainty, “Send him to the ER?”

“Oh no, no sugar,” Sasha retorted. “We don’t want to do that.”

Melanie’s face turned sour. “But I thought it was considered a medical emergency.”

“Maybe it is for some places, but this is totally within our wheelhouse sugar,” she explained. “If he went to the ER, they would most likely hurt him attempting to get a catheter in him. They might use Lidojet gel to numb and lubricate the urethra, but that is only if he had a good nurse. Even then, that lubricant or just dipping the catheter in numbing gel isn’t ideal. They are in such a rush there sweetie that half the time they don’t even use proper sterile technique. Really, he is much better in our hands. We know him best.”

“Oh okay,” Melanie replied, nodding her head. “Well, he has 650cc’s in there.”

“Do you feel like you have to pee Bob?” He nodded. “Have you tried this morning?” He nodded again. “Yeah, it has been three or four days. I’m surprised you made it that long. That is too much Bob. We are going to need to get that out.” Sasha turned to Melanie, “Do me a favor and go to the Clean Utility Room. Get me a Foley kit and a separate sixteen-French, coudé-tipped catheter. Also, get a few hand towels and some warm wipes, and that should do it. Thanks dear.”

Melanie scurried off. It took her a minute or two to find the Clean Utility Room and get the appropriate supplies, but once she did she promptly returned. As she opened the door and closed it behind her, she could hear Sasha coaching Mr. Johnson. Melanie came into the room and found the bed up at hip height with Sasha slightly leaning over the bed, which showed off her tapered waist and curve of her behind. She was moving her arms rhythmically. As Melanie circled to the foot of the bed, she almost went slack jaw when she saw Sasha stroking Mr. Johnson’s erect johnson with both of her hands.

Sasha turned towards Melanie and looked over the supplies to make sure nothing was missing. “That’s perfect,” she announced. “You can set them over there. Just grab the hand towel and a thing of warm wipes, would ya?” Melanie did as she was told and moved to the opposite side of the bed. “My forearms could use a break. Would you mind taking over for me?”

Melanie was kind of lost for words. ‘What kind of place is this,’ she was thinking, but she wanted the job, so she didn’t hesitate. “Of course. How can I help,” she said robotically.

“Get some of that ultrasound gel on your hands, and you can take over,” Sasha instructed. Melanie did as she was told and warmed the gel between her hands. “Here. I’m going to wash my hands,” Sasha said, as she handed off Mr. Johnson’s cock to Melanie. Sasha turned around and headed to the bathroom.

Melanie looked over at Mr. Johnson with his arms cupped behind his head, seemingly waiting for her to start. Melanie looked back down at Mr. Johnson’s engorged cock in her hands. He was about seven inches and fully erect. His cock was surprisingly firm for an old man, even curved slightly towards his navel. It wasn’t anything too thick, but it filled Melanie’s petite hand. She slowly began to jerk on his cock. ‘What the hell am I getting myself into,’ she asked herself?

“Mmmm, two hands dear,” Sasha said, as she reentered the room. “You are just getting the shaft.” It was true. Melanie was just stroking his shaft and barely was touching the rim of his mushroom tip. The instant she wrapped all her fingers around his shaft, she realized she was going to stroke him without loosing her grip and fumbling the erect appendage. Mr. Johnson immediately responded to the heightened sensation of her lubricated, silky hand stroking the head of his shaft by stiffening his body. “See,” Sasha gestured. “That is much better technique.” Sasha began to don some gloves, and then she lathered her hands with the lubricant once more. She explained in a very institution way, “See, what we are doing here is self-lubricating Mr. Johnson’s urethra the natural way, using his cum. This way, we ensure the whole urethra is lubricated, and in the end, we are inserting less foreign product into his bladder.” Sasha moved to the side of the bed. “Okay Bob, open up,” she instructed, and he slightly frog-legged his knees open. “Okay, pause for a second Mel,” Sasha asked, as she worked a gloved hand between his cheeks. Melanie could see her circling her fingers and slowly working the digit back and forth. She took a good thirty seconds to a minute, all the while, Melanie continued to hold Mr. Johnson’s erection up in the air, slowly giving him a little, gently tug to keep him erect, as Sasha eventually inserted her third digit deep into his anus. “There we go,” she announced. “It is in. You can start stroking him again.” Sasha continued, “The other thing we want to do when someone has benign prostatic hyperplasia is really empty that prostate as much as possible, don’t we Bob?” Mr. Johnson nodded. “Sometimes we just need to milk that prostate a little, which can make all the difference in guaranteeing that the catheter insertion will go as smoothly as it can, right?” He nodded once more, but he was visibly more preoccupied with Melanie tugging on his cock. “Yeah, Bob. You feel especially large today. Maybe we need to make this an every-other-day thing instead of once every three to four days, so this doesn’t happen again. What do you think?” He nodded, as he was wincing from the pleasure. “Maybe Melanie can help you out with that,” she continued, as she winked at Melanie. “What do you say Bob? How do you like Melanie? Should we keep her around?” He nodded more enthusiastically, which only enhanced how blush Melanie was. She could feel her cheeks bright red. “You are doing an excellent job sweetie,” Sasha said encouragingly. “Let’s just pick up the tempo a little.

“Mmm-kay,” Melanie uttered. She was working hard. She looked down at Sasha’s contracting forearm and tried to match the tempo with Sasha’s strokes against Mr. Johnson’s prostate.

“Are we close Bob?” Right as he nodded he tensed himself, as streams of cum shot from his cock. It surprised Melanie, so she tucked her head back, but Sasha tugged down on his balls, as she continued to stroke his prostate. “That’s it Bob! Keep it coming!” Melanie could feel Mr. Johnson’s cock spasming in her hands, as she continued to jerk him off. Streams continued to shoot from the tip, coating her hands and then eventually oozing from the head. It was a lot more than she was suspecting. It kind of took her breath away. Sasha slowly withdrew her digit from his anus and inverted her gloves, doffing them. “Why don’t you go wash up? I’ll clean him up,” she said, and with that, Sasha gently set his cock on his pelvis, and with fixed arms, walked to the bathroom. As she walked to the restroom, it was at this moment that she could feel the moisture between her legs. “Okay Bob. I’m going to clean you up,” Melanie could hear Sasha saying.

As she walked, she could feel moisture had collected between her lips because the tissue was sliding back and forth against itself with ease. She widened her legs some, as she waddled to the bathroom. She could tell she was wet too because she could feel moisture had worked its way from the base of her pussy to her taint and was tacky near her sphincter and where her cheeks met. She considered cleaning herself up, but she moved with haste to clean off her hands and get back into the room where they were waiting.

As Melanie came back in the room, Sasha had Mr. Johnson all cleaned up and was waiting. “Okay Mel. Now, go ahead and grab the Foley kit and coudé, and I’ll guide you through the process. I’m sure you have only done a few of these.” Melanie nodded, grabbing the supplies and returning to the bedside. Sasha leaned in whispering, “And by the way, you did an amazing job. Mr. Johnson was very impressed with your technique, rolling your wrist, as you topped off each stroke. I might just have to keep you around after all, but seriously, you are doing amazing. Just keep it up.” Melanie was blushing from Sasha’s candor, but also was excited to hear she was doing well. Sasha began to instruct Melanie on inserting the catheter, “And what is also so nice about taking care of him first before we started is that he is much less tense or likely to get an erection during the process, right Bob?” Mr. Johnson nodded. Melanie realized it all was really making sense. She wondered why these techniques weren’t taught in her book or standard practice, but of course she realized there was an ethical grey area; it couldn’t be the standard, and yet, it seemed to be the standard here.

The two women finished draining Mr. Johnson’s bladder before wiping him down and cleaning him up. “Feeling a lot better I bet,” Melanie said.

“Thanks to you, a lot better,” he stumbled saying.

“I’m just glad I could be of service,” Melanie replied. Mr. Johnson stood up and picked up his underwear and bottoms. “Let me help you get these on. Is there anything else I can help you with today,” she asked, as she finished securing the bottoms in place.

Mr. Johnson gave her a little pat on the butt, shooing her away, “I think that will be fine ladies.”

“Okay,” Melanie said, as she scuttled away from the spank. “I’ll hurry along, but don’t hesitate to ring your call light if you need us. Okay?”

“Sounds good ladies,” he said, as he sat back down in his recliner and turned on the television.

“You did amazing,” Sasha said encouragingly. “Now, I have to ask. Have you ever performed a prostate massage like that?” Melanie shook her head. “Well you probably have inserted a suppository or performed an enema in your clinical rotation or even at home ever?” Melanie shook her head disappointingly again. “Well, Mrs. Santiago probably needs her suppository in thirty minutes, so I guess we can go to her room next.”

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Chapter 4

“Okay, go ahead and pull her suppository. It is the large pill there,” Sasha said, as the two nurses went through Mrs. Santiago’s medicine drawer. “Let’s get her Colace and Norco too, while we are in there. Those are due in the next hour, so let’s just give them now. Mrs. Santiago is here because she has bad Alzheimers and some osteoarthritis in her knees, both of which, makes her a fall risk. She is an 82 year old, but you won’t believe that when you see her. She could pass for being in her 50’s. You know, she has those good Afro-cuban genes, and besides that, she comes from a very wealthy family, which is also why she has so much gold jewelry; it is a little audacious. Anyways, she doesn’t speak much English, so she has a hard time communicating her needs, irregardless of the Alzheimer’s, so I think we should go over giving the suppository before we get in there, since you have never done it, and I don’t want you to hurt her.”

“That works for me,” Melanie agreed. “So I’ll have her roll on her side into Sim’s position, and I’ll use some lubricant to insert the pill into her rectum where I will place it on the anterior wall, and I will hold her glutes together, so it has time to absorb and won’t be immediately ejected.”

“That is a wonderful book answer, but I think we really need to go over it,” Sasha said. “Why don’t you drop your drawers and bend over?” Sasha turned as she said that to grab some gloves and a soft, gelatin capsule filled with a lubricant, which would be good for practice. She turned back around after donning the gloves and was surprised to see Melanie still standing there looking perplexed.

“Excuse me?” Melanie said, as if her ears had betrayed her.

“Oh don’t be such a prude. Just turn around and drop your drawers. How do you expect to do something to someone if you have never had it done to you? You can’t right? You don’t know how it feels, so just turn around. This will only take a second,” Sasha explained, as she spun Melanie around, who looked to be dazed. “Come on girl. I don’t have all day.” Melanie reluctantly turned around. She reached under the skirt of her uniform and lowered her cotton panties to her knees. “That’s a good girl. Now lean forward on the counter,” Sasha said, as she gently pushed Melanie forward against the counter. Melanie then felt her dress come up over her hips, exposing her backside. “Well, what a perfectly-cute bubble butt you have—teardrop shaped to such a small waist. You must drive the boys crazy with an ass like that.” Melanie blushed. “Hold your skirt up sweetie, while I get this in.”

Melanie grabbed her dress with one hand, while she steadied herself on the counter. She looked between her legs and was horrified to see an obvious wet spot in the middle of her white panties, and there was a dewy string of nectar just hanging between her legs. She didn’t realize that her last two patients had gotten her that wet. She hoped Sasha wouldn’t see, as she was already feeling embarrassed and exposed enough. Suddenly she felt Sasha’s gloved hand between her cheeks, working her fingers deeper between her crevasse. She tensed herself with anticipation.

“Okay, so I am going to do this two ways. I need to do it the wrong way and…” Sasha announced, but they were interrupted when the door to the med room opened. Melanie reflexively tried to lift up, but Sasha kept her pinned to the counter with a hand on her back. It was Katie.

“Oh! Sorry ladies! Awww, I see someone is getting the suppository lesson,” she exclaimed. “I’ll be two seconds. I just need to grab Mrs. Murphy’s inhaler.” Melanie was even more red and embarrassed now, and peaked through clenched eyes, as Katie smiled in her direction, but she was also that much more at ease that this lesson was apparently somewhat of a routine around here. Katie left saying, “Have fun ladies.”

“Okay, anyways, as I was saying, I am going to do this two ways. I need to do it the wrong way, and I need to do it the right way, so you know the difference, so just bare with me for a moment,” Sasha explained, as she worked her digit against Melanie’s sphincter. Melanie could tell it wasn’t lubricated at all. Thankfully, she still had a smearing of her own secretions that had worked down her taint and between crack because suddenly she felt the strong pressure of Sasha’s finger pushing past her clenched sphincter and slamming into her inner sphincter causing a sharp, cramping spasm worse than any cramp she had ever felt.

“Fucking A!” She had instinctively puckered her glutes and postured up, ripping Sasha’s digit from her anus. “What the hell was…”

“Exactly!” Sasha exclaimed. “Oh sorry sweetie, but this was for your own good. You needed to feel that, so you know exactly what not to do, and so you will never, ever rush the process.”

“Well, dam, you could have warned me,” Melanie said, as she looked over her shoulder, giving Sasha a scornful stare.

“It loses the effect if I do,” Sasha explained, with a little more empathy in her tone. “Okay, enough fussing. Now turn around and get that skirt back up,” she ordered, as she pushed the young nurse back to the counter. She flung her dress up over her ass again, and Melanie gripped it like before. She was still feeling the after effects—the painful burn of the almost dry digit and the muscles still sore and spasming. “Try to relax,” Sasha said, as she pushed down on Melanie’s lower back, so her arched back would stick out her ass, giving her better access. “This is going to feel much better.”

Melanie could hear Sasha ripping open a lubricant packet and lathering her gloved finger. Then she suddenly felt Sasha spread her cheeks and work her fingers between her ass. Sasha’s finger quickly found Melanie’s sphincter, but now Melanie could feel the warm gel being smeared in slow, gentle circles over the tender ridges of her puckered sphincter. It felt a million times better. This released the tensed muscles in her hips, and her back naturally sank into an arch, rotating her ass up in the air and opening her hips to the intruding digit. “Yeah, that’s it,” Sasha said. “That is much better, right?"

“Mmm, uh huh,” Melanie slightly whimpered, still in a bit of shock at the idea that her coworker was circling her sphincter. Melanie could feel her sphincter losing its tension too, as Sasha’s digit was working closer to the center and touching virgin, tender tissue that was parting open like a blooming flower. Then she felt Sasha’s finger slowly penetrate a centimeter into her anus, slowly moving back and forth, so her anal canal had a chance to adapt to the foreign digit. Sasha’s gentle touch was so relaxing, soothing and effective, even Melanie found herself pushing her hips back against the digit, wanting more. “You’re good at that.” When Sasha’s finger found Melanie’s inner sphincter, only for a moment did her sphincter purse up and tighten around Sasha’s digit, but Sasha just paused for a moment, which was enough to prevent any reflexive cramp, and if anything, her bunghole immediately dilated back up, and that is when she felt the digit pass into her rectum. “Mmm, I think you got it in,” Melanie said, sounding impressed.

“Of course,” Sasha said, as she continued to slowly work her digit back and forth, giving Melanie’s inner sphincter time to fully adapt to the digit. “Okay. I think you are ready,” she said. “Just hold that position,” she instructed, as she slowly inched the digit out. “If I just jerked it out, you might have a rebound contraction and that could hurt, and then we would have to start all over to get you relaxed again,” she explained. “Okay, now, here is the pill. A little pressure…” she warned, as Melanie felt a smooth, oval-shaped, gelatin fluid-capsule slide into her anus. Sasha’s finger followed the pill, moving it to the back of Melanie’s anus. Her previous efforts to calm Melanie’s sphincters worked like magic. The round pill dilated her inner sphincter with ease. As it passed, the pill was pulled into her rectum when the muscles gripped around it. Then Melanie felt Sasha’s finger follow the pill, easily passing through her ring of muscles and into her rectum. Melanie could feel the slim digit locate the pill and guide it against the side of her rectum, pressing into her vagina, which made Melanie aware of how it ached. She would need to take care of that after work. “See,” Sasha said? “It is as easy as that.”

“Mmmm, yeah, easy,” Melanie replied.

“Okay, now I’m just going to slide…” Sasha said, as she slowly began to withdraw her finger, but Melanie put the brakes on that by pressing back some and blurting out a question.

“Should I keep my finger in there for a few minutes when I do it? It seems like a good idea, right, so it doesn’t come out?” Melanie arched her back as much as possible, opening her hips like a cat in heat, spreading her heals some and pushed back slightly against the digit, so Sasha’s finger fully buried itself all the way to her knuckle. Melanie had acclimated so well to Sasha’s tender touch that she was feeling beyond just comfortable; she was enjoying the lesson. She had never taken anything in her back door before, and she realized she kind of liked the new sensations she was experiencing. She wasn’t ready for it to end so soon.

“That’s right,” Sasha said. “The whole pinching the butt together thing just doesn’t work. You really need to keep that area plugged, and this is best, but we are just practicing now, so hold still, and I’ll slowly slide my finger out, so you don’t get a rebound cramp.” Melanie was kind of bummed, but she did as she was told and was at least able to savor Sasha slowly working the lubricated digit out of her asshole. “Here, you can wipe up,” Sasha said, handing Melanie a packet of sani-wipes.

“Thanks. I’m glad you showed me that. It was a real eye opener,” Melanie said with a smile, as she wiped the secretions collecting on the edge of her slit before wiping her crack. She pulled up her cotton panties and adjusted her skirt back in place.

“Oh, no problem sweetie,” Sasha said. “We genuinely want you to succeed here, but again, it is all about the residents, so I’m thrilled this was a good learning experience for you. Speaking of residents, let’s see if we can get that suppository into Mrs. Santiago.”

After Melanie finished giving Mrs. Santiago her oral pills, they worked her pants and underwear over her hips and down to her ankles, and Mrs. Santiago eventually kicked them off her feet. They positioned her on her side into Sim’s position with her knees tucked up into her bosom. She had a good sized posterior, so Melanie had to really work her hand between the woman’s cheeks, so much so, that it looked like her whole hand was up the woman’s ass. She found Mrs. Santiago’s clenched sphincter just as Sasha had found hers earlier, and like Sasha, she slowly worked her lubricated finger around the thick ring of muscles until it dilated to Melanie’s probing digit. Eventually, Melanie worked the gelatin capsule into Mrs. Santiago’s rectum, all the while, Mrs. Santiago was peacefully relaxed throughout the process. Melanie could feel the pill breaking down when she heard loud voices in the hall and the sounds of people running, which made Sasha’s ears perk up too. “I wonder what that is all….wait,” Sasha paused to think. “It is Thursday, isn’t it? That is probably Mrs. Kennedy. Wait here,” Sasha said, as she pulled off her gloves and headed to the exit. She paused at the door. “Just don’t forget to pull out…slowly,” she said with a look of playful seriousness. Then she left.

“How are you doing Mrs. Santiago? You hanging in there,” Melanie asked, as she rubbed Mrs. Santiago’s leg to comfort her.

“Mi amor. Mr amor,” she said under her breath with closed eyes.

Melanie figured she must be confused. “I think we are all done Mrs. Santiago. Just hold still sweetie,” Melanie said, but the second she backed away with her finger, Mrs. Santiago pushed her hips back. It was only enough to match her withdraw speed. Maybe Mrs. Santiago thought she was going to hurt her, ripping out her finger, so Melanie tried to calm her down by saying, “It’s okay. I’ll go slow, so it won’t hurt,” but the moment she tried to withdraw, Mrs. Santiago pushed back again.

“Mi amor. Mi amor. Más mi amor,” she said again.

Melanie paused her position. She was perplexed. She didn’t speak a word of Spanish, so Mrs. Santiago could be saying anything, but then she felt Mrs. Santiago push her butt back against Melanie’s finger, and the digit slid in Mrs. Santiago’s ass all the way to Melanie’s knuckle, which caused Mrs. Santiago to let out the most subtle moan of approval. ‘Are you enjoying this you old bird,’ Melanie asked herself, as she smiled? She moved her digit slowly back and forth with it deep in the old, senile woman’s ass, and the woman didn’t budge, but out of her mouth came another whimpering moan. Melanie was taken back, but her curiosity got the best of her, so she used her thumb to swipe along the slit of Mrs. Santiago’s vulva, and sure enough, Melanie found a collection of secretions. Melanie slid her finger up and down the slippery slit of her vulva, smearing the juices along the tips of the old woman’s tender lips. Mrs. Santiago let out a few more whimpering moans. Melanie slowly worked her thumb between Mrs. Santiago’s lips to the entrance of her vagina where she could feel the wet, hot hole that must have been aching for release. ’Well, I can’t just leave her all worked up,’ Melanie figured, remembering how she was feeling just moments ago in the med room with Sasha’s finger up her own ass.

Melanie braced a hand on Mrs. Santiago’s ass, so she wouldn’t push back, and she slowly worked her finger out of her asshole against Mrs. Santiago’s protests. The moment Melanie removed the digit, Mrs. Santiago started whining and acting restless. “Just a second,” Melanie said, as she removed both of her dirty gloves and tossed them on the bed. Melanie spread Mrs. Santiago’s ass and returned her hand to Mrs. Santiago’s damp, shaved vulva. She lathered her fingers in the woman’s secretions and slid her second and third fingers deep into the old, woman’s hot vagina. Melanie was impressed with how slippery and hot it felt, as if the woman had been teased for years.

“Oh, mi amor. Mi amor,” she moaned at Melanie’s touch, pulling her knee up and stretching out her leg into a figure four to give Melanie better access to her pussy. She even arched her hips in the air a little, as Melanie began to finger fuck her, slowly sliding her petite fingers back and forth. “Más mi amor. Much más,” she begged.

‘What,’ Melanie thought? “More?” She was already had two fingers in the woman’s cunt buried to her knuckles.

“Sí, sí! Mucho más,’’ Mrs. Santiago begged, as she restlessly wiggled her hips, as if she was needing release. Melanie slid her fourth digit with little resistance and then she passed her fifth digit. She then used her thumb to find Mrs. Santiago’s swollen clit, and she slowly stroked the woman’s clit and vagina causing more moan’s and bucks of approval from the old woman. “Más mi amor!” Melanie was besides herself. What more could she do? She lifted the woman’s large cheek, and she could see the cream from Mrs. Santiago collecting on the back of her hand. She looked over Mrs. Santiago’s body, and she could see the stretch marks along the woman’s abdomen and the long, erect nipples tenting her braless, string top, which must have all come from having multiple children. She wondered. She moved her thumb from Mrs. Santiago’s clit and tucked it into her palm. Her petite hand all folded together had no more girth than a large man’s cock. She slowly worked it back and forth, stretching the woman’s cunt, but with barely any resistance, her hand slid into Mrs. Santiago’s aching cunt. “Ohh sí, sí! Mi amor,” she winced with pleasure, pushing back against Melanie’s arm, which slid deeper into the woman’s cunt. “Mucho más,” she still called out. Melanie couldn’t believe she had her whole hand and wrist in the woman’s wet pussy, and she was still aching for more. Melanie balled up her hand into a fist, as she slid half of her petite forearm into the woman. “Ohhh sí, sí,” Mrs. Santiago moaned, as Melanie began to work her arm back and forth. Mrs. Santiago was arching her hips and pushing back against each thrust. Melanie could see the dewy perspiration building around Mrs. Santiagos neck, as her breathing was quickening. Her eyes were still clenched tight, as she winced from the painful pleasure. Melanie found Mrs. Santiago’s clit with her other thumb, and then Mrs. Santiago really started moaning.

“Not so loud,” Melanie said, not wanting to get caught, but the message didn’t get through.

“Much, mucho,” she moaned. “Rápido. Rápido por favor,” she begged. Melanie increased the pace of her thrusts and furiously rubbed on Mrs. Santiago’s clit. It caused Mrs. Santiago to brace herself in a spinal arch with her ass popped out to maximize Melanie’s access to her soaked cunt, which was lathering cream along Melanie’s wrist. Suddenly Mrs. Santiago’s hips spasmed and clenched. Melanie could feel the woman’s cunt gripping her arm in rhythmic contractions, as Mrs. Santiago buried her face in her pillow to muffle her loud moans. Her ass contorted and jiggled against Melanie’s arm and ground against the heel of Melanie’s palm that was pressed against her clit. As Mrs. Santiago’s hard orgasm subsided, she emerged from the pillow still moaning, while catching her breath. “Oh, bella, bella,” she whispered in appreciation, clearly exhausted from the whole thing.

Melanie pulled some of the curly hair off of Mrs. Santiago’s face, so she could see the look of euphoria and serenity that was on her face. She rubbed her back in soothing circles, “You did so well Mrs. Santiago.”

“Muchas gracias mi amor,” she said in appreciation. Melanie patted her, as if to ask if it was okay. “Sí, sí,” she responded, as Melanie slowly uncurled her hand, as she slid her arm out of the woman’s sore cunt. “Aaayeee, aaayyee,” she moaned from the painful withdraw, not wanting to feel so empty. Melanie lifted Mrs. Santiago’s asscheek, and she slowly slid her hand from the woman’s gaping hole, which caused the cunt to clench back shut. Melanie’s hand was covered in Mrs. Santiago’s musky, creamy juices, but she didn’t leave the bedside. She reached for some warm wipes and gently wiped the accumulated juices from Mrs. Santiago’s vulva. Then she temporarily covered Mrs. Santiago’s exposed lover half, so she didn’t get cold, and she went to the bathroom to clean up before returning and getting Mrs. Santiago’s bottoms back on. By the time she was done, Mrs. Santiago was already passed out asleep. Meanwhile, Melanie’s heart was still raised from the event. She tucked Mrs. Santiago into bed, pulled back some of the curly hair on her face over her ear, lowered the bed and turned off the lights, so she could nap.

As she left the room, she took note of her own pussy that seemed to be aching more and more. She could feel her own juices collecting between her lips and dampening through her underwear, so much so, that the cotton material seemed to be suctioned to her vulva, and the skin of her inner thighs were noticeably damp and slick, as the tissue rubbed together when she walked. ‘At least I am wearing a dress,’ she thought, thinking of the wet spot she would undoubtedly have in her crotch if she was still in her pants. “How do people make it all day,” she whispered aloud to herself?

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Chapter 5

Melanie could see people gathered around a room down at the end of the hall, so Melanie went to explore. She looked over their shoulders to see several people around the bed of a combative resident. They were holding her down and putting her in soft restraints, as Sasha was injecting a syringe into the woman’s thighs. As the final restraint was secured, the group at the door lost interest and dispersed, which allowed Melanie to enter the room.

She could see that the woman was half naked and all twisted up in her clothes and her blankets. She was calling the staff obscenities and calling out aloud for someone named John, as if he was in another room of the house.

“Oh good,” Sasha said, clearly a little out of breath. “I was wondering where you were.”

“Oh yeah. Sorry about that,” Melanie replied with a blush coming to her cheeks. “Mrs. Santiago just needed a little extra time and attention.”

“I’m not surprised. She usually does,” Sasha bluntly said, while holding the hips of the woman in position, so she wouldn’t toss about. “Can you hold her thighs down? Just don’t push too hard. We don’t want to bruise or hurt her. The B-52 should work pretty fast to calm her.”

“That is 50mg of Benadryl, 5mg of Haldol and 2mg of Ativan, right,” Melanie clarified?

“Yeah, that’s right. But more like half of that. I should have called it a B-21. We don’t want to snow her completely,” Sasha confirmed. “Okay ladies. I think Melanie and I can take it from here,” and with that order, the rest of the staff departed the room and shut the door behind them. The lady was still fairly agitated and worked up. She was still calling out for John and struggling to pull off her tangled clothes and free herself from the restraints, but she clearly didn’t have the clarity of mind to accomplish the task. “Mrs. Kennedy, Mrs. Kennedy,” Sasha said. “Settle down, calm down.”

“Why don’t you calm down you bitch,” Mrs. Kennedy replied, sounding sharp and nasty? “Let me out. I need to find John. Let me out,” she continued, as she struggled about.

“Mrs. Kennedy, Mrs. Kennedy. That isn’t very nice,” Sasha said to scold her. “We are just trying to help.”

“I don’t need your help you nasty bitch. You, you, witch. You ugly cunt. Just leave me alone,” she yelled back. “I just need John. Jooohhhnnnnn! Joooohhnnnn,” she yelled out!

“Mrs. Kennedy. Mrs. Kennedy,” Sasha sternly said back. “I’ll find John. I’ll get him, but you need to relax first. You need to be patient.”

“Well, well, you would do that? You could find him for me,” she said, totally changing her voice to an appreciative tone.

“Yes, of course we can do that for you, but you have to calm down and help us out. Look at you. You are all tangled up. John can’t see you like this,” Sasha explained. “Try to relax, while Melanie and I fix you up, okay?”

“Well, of course not. Yeah, you better straighten this all up for John,” Mrs. Kennedy insisted. Her pulse and breathing was still up, and there was an underlying anxiety and restless energy still tensing her body.

“Okay, just try to focus on your breathing and relaxing,” Sasha continued. She leaned into Melanie, “Help me get her out of these sweaty clothes.”

Melanie and Sasha slowly uncovered Mrs. Kennedy, working her free of the tangled sheet. She was half naked. Her pants were down at the bottom of the bed, and her underwear was tangled up around one ankle. Her legs were pinched together to hide her hairless crotch. Her shirt was twisted up over her breasts, exposing her tapered waist and full breasts. Her pupils were dilated and fiery with adrenaline, as were her erect nipples. Her energy was slowly calming, but she was far from relaxed. Sasha unclasped one of Mrs. Kennedy’s arm restraints, so she could free the arm from the woman’s tangled shirt. She leaned into Melanie again, “Would you believe this woman was a debutante with a mouth like that? She gets worse than drunken sailor when she gets all worked up.”

Melanie also freed the restraint from the bed and fished Mrs. Kennedy’s arm through the shirt. “She has gotten like this before,” Melanie said with surprise.

“Ohh yeah,” Sasha replied. “Over her head,” she instructed, as they took the shirt off and tossed it aside. “Sometimes she just gets so worked up on Thursdays that she gets like this. Yeah, tie her back down. Just watch out; she is a grabber,” Sasha instructed, and they secured her restraints back to the bed. Mrs. Kennedy had her arms secured to the top corners, but she was able to still extend and bend her arms; she just couldn’t move them lower than her shoulders. Her ankles were secured to the corners of the bottom of the bed, but she could still pull her knees together. “Not bad for seventy-five, right,” Sasha commented, as she looked over her body?” Melanie nodded. She was five-four and maybe a hundred and fifty pounds. She had good muscle tone still on her body with a firm layer of fat. She had a nice hourglass shape to her and a beautiful face. She was thicker in her breasts, hips, arms and thighs with tapered, flat waist that complemented her small torso and ample, enough breasts. She was still putting up a little fight, but the meds were kicking in. “Help me cover her up,” Sasha asked, as the two girls put a sheet and blanket over Mrs. Kennedy’s naked body.

“When am I going to see John,” Mrs. Kennedy insisted? “Jooohhhhnnn!”

“Okay, okay Mrs. Kennedy,” Sasha replied. “Just don’t yell. I’ll get him right now. Geez.” Sasha gathered the clothes from the bed and floor. “You horny old windbag,” she said under her breath, but it was loud enough that Melanie heard.

“What do you mean by that,” Melanie asked?

Sasha set the clothes in the laundry basket and then returned to the bedside. She leaned into Melanie, “She gets like this when she gets sexually frustrated.”

“You mean it isn’t her dementia or maybe confusion from a UTI or something? See seems a little delirious to me like she is sundowning,” Melanie questioned.

“Oh no sweetie. This is fairly routine,” Sasha explained. “I mean, there might be a little sundowning as a factor, but here is the thing. She gets a visit from her husband once a week. He comes every weekend, so she gets a little worked up by Thursday or Friday and gets like this. I mean, it isn’t every week that she needs to be physically and chemically restrained, but if she doesn’t get her therapy regularly, she gets like this. Let me show you,” Sasha said, as she pulled the sheets back over Mrs. Kennedy’s pelvis, exposing her body. “Relax Mrs. Kennedy,” Sasha said, as she guided Mrs. Kennedy’s legs apart, exposing her sex for Melanie to see. “See the problem?”

Mrs. Kennedy arched her head up and looked down between her legs. “Well, yeah, of course that is the problem. John fixes problems. Joooohhhhnnn!”

“Mrs. Kennedy! Don’t yell,” Sasha said. “I’ll get him. I’ll get him. Just be patient.” She turned back to Melanie, “See what I mean?”

Melanie could see Mrs. Kennedy’s angry pussy. It was bright red against the woman’s pale skin. Her lips were swollen something awful, and there was a dew of moisture running down her taint. Melanie could almost feel the severity of aching the woman must be feeling in her hips, considering the aches going on in her own pelvis. “Ohh yeah,” Melanie whispered with wide eyes. “She looks pretty bad.”

“I know. Apparently the two of them were going at it all the time like a pair of bunnies,” Sasha said, giggling in the process. “The woman has the strongest libido I have ever seen. Anyways, stay here and keep her relaxed while I change,” Sasha said, as she pulled some clothes from Mrs. Kennedy’s closet and went into the bathroom, leaving Melanie waiting and a little perplexed. A few minutes later, Sasha emerged from the bathroom. Melanie was wide eyed, taking it all in. Sasha was wearing a white, button up shirt with a striped tie. It was clear to Melanie that Sasha wasn’t wearing her bra by the hang of her breasts in the shirt, and Melanie could see the outline of Sasha’s areolas and the tips of her erect nipples too. She no longer had on her nursing cap or earrings. Her hair was pulled back into a tight knot behind her head, and she had on a pair of thick glasses. She wasn’t wearing pants or her thigh-high stockings. She had on knee high black socks that a gentleman might wear and a pair of white jockeys with some package to fill them. “John has arrived,” she said giggling.

Mrs. Kennedy immediately looked over with delight. “Oh John. My dear John,” she said with resounding relief. Melanie could see the cataracts in her eyes, but the delirious, doped up, senile woman wasn’t reliable enough in her mentation to really tease out whether the costume was truly convincing or whether she was just confused. Mrs. Kennedy looked over at Melanie and said with haste, “You let me out, so I can show him. Let me out, and he will fix it.”

As Sasha walked over, she said, “Melanie can show me Mrs. Kennedy. Don’t you get all worked up.” Sasha nodded in Melanie’s direction.

“Oh well, in that case,” Mrs. Kennedy replied. Melanie uncovered Mrs. Kennedy’s lower body, and Mrs. Kennedy immediately spread her legs. “See John, see? Look what they did.”

“I see. I see,” Sasha replied. Sasha moved her hand to the woman’s hot vulva and stroked the swollen tissue. “Yes, I see.” Mrs. Kennedy arched up and looked between her legs. “You’re going to fix it John. I told them you would fix it like you do, you know?”

“Yes dear,” Sasha said, as she worked her finger between the woman’s swollen lips and moved her lathered finger up to Mrs. Kennedy’s tender clit. Mrs. Kennedy winced from Sasha’s touch. She whispered over to Melanie, “Undo her restraint from the rail. Just keep a hand on it.” Melanie did as she was told, so Sasha could lower Mrs. Kennedy’s hand, guiding it to her package. “Is this what you were wanting?” Sasha stroked the woman’s hand along the package of Sash’a jockeys.

“Well, of course that. Oh John, can I have it now, or do we have to wait? Now, right,” she asked?

Sasha lowered her jockeys, and to Melanie’s shock and amazement, Sasha’s erect cock stood proudly in the air. Sasha moved the woman’s hand to her erection, as she squirmed out of the jockeys. “I think now is a good time Mary,” Sasha said, as she smiled at Mrs. Kennedy. “What do you think? I think you are ready,” she continued, as she rubbed Mrs. Kennedy’s burning hot pussy. She leaned into Melanie, who was still wide eyed and in disbelief. She whispered, “Once I give the all clear, you can start removing her restraints, okay?” Sasha didn’t get a reply, so she turned to look at her in the eyes and noticed the look on Melanie’s face. “What? You have never seen a girl with a cock before?”

As a matter of fact, Melanie hadn’t. She might have seen a few older men dressed awkwardly in drag or someone who must have transitioned later in life, but this was different. Sasha’s bone structure was entirely feminine. Yes, she was tall for a girl, but she was still petite and soft in her features. She had full, hanging breasts that were exceptional for a cis female. Melanie realized that she must have transitioned really young. “I don’t think I have,” Melanie replied. “I’m sorry for staring.” She was also shocked to see Sasha’s erect cock. It was only five to six inches and terminated into a small pair of balls, but it was still a typical male cock and looked a little foreign sitting between curvy hips, thick thighs and an apple-bottom posterior.

“Don’t be,” Sasha replied with indifference. “Everyone is a little shocked when they first find out.” Sasha loosened and removed the tie, tossing it aside. She unbutton the top of her shirt to get more comfortable. “Okay, keep her legs spread, while I climb on the bed,” Sasha instructed. Melanie did as she was told, still shocked she was about to help her coworker fuck their patient. Her heart was racing. Her ethics had already been torn down from the activities throughout the day, but this was on a different level. Before Melanie knew it, Sasha had crawled up on the bed and had worked herself between Mrs. Kennedy’s legs. She was propped up on her knees with Mrs. Kennedy’s spread legs draped over her thighs. She was rubbing her cock up and down Mrs. Kennedy’s aching vulva, lathering her mushroom tip in the woman’s juices.

Mrs. Kennedy was staring between her legs at the cock, eagerly waiting to be penetrated. “I’m ready John! I’m ready for it,” she said impatiently. Then Sasha slid her cock to the base of Mrs. Kennedy’s vulva and slid her cock in the woman’s wet cunt. “Ohh John yes,” Mrs. Kennedy said, licking her lips. Sasha pressed forward, sliding her whole cock into the old woman. “Ohh that’s it. I knew you would fix it. You can fix it John.” Sasha uncovered the top of Mrs. Kennedy, exposing her breasts and erect nipples, as she slowly began to fuck her cunt. Mrs. Kennedy’s breasts began to glide up and down on her chest, as Sasha fucked her. Then came her moans.

“You can release her legs Melanie,” Sasha said, and Melanie unclasped the soft restraints from around the woman’s ankles. When she did, Mrs. Kennedy bent her knees up more and spread her legs to her sides to give Sasha better access to her wanting hole. “Her arms too.” Melanie untied her restrained arm first and then unclasped the wraps around her wrists. Mrs. Kennedy wrapped her hands around her breasts and immediately began to tug on her own nipples, as the tissue still tossed about from Sasha’s thrusts. Melanie looked a little taken back by the old woman’s horniness. “Yeah, she is a horny one,” Sasha said behind her breaths, smiling back at Melanie’s face of disbelief. “It is getting hot in here,” she said, starting to unbutton her shirt. She freed herself and pulled off the top, tossing it to the floor, never slowing her short thrusts. Her own breasts were now moving about. They were soft and supple breasts that sloped like a ski ramp, terminating in lovely nipples. “How does that feel Mary,” she asked.

Through Mrs. Kennedy’s moans she whimpered out her pleasure, “Yes John! Come here my love,” she said, as she pulled on Sasha’s arms, pulling her down to her body. “I love it,” she continued. “More.”

Melanie wanted to intervene, but Sasha stopped her. She looked over. “She does this,” Sasha whispered. “It’s fine. It means she is close.”

Melanie was feeling hot herself while watching the two of them fuck. She had never seen two people have sex right in front of her before. She didn’t know if everyone had the same reaction, but she was feeling pretty hot and bothered. She could feel her heart beating out of her chest, and she was feeling short of breath enough that she had to keep her mouth opened, as if in shock and awe. Sasha had picked up the pace and was pounding Mrs. Kennedy’s pussy. Her ass was clapping with each thrust. Mrs. Kennedy moved her legs up in the air and hooked her heals around Sasha’s thighs. Her arms were wrapped around Sasha’s torso, gripping her back and shoulders, as their breasts rubbed together.

“Ohh John! Ohh yes,” Mrs. Kennedy moaned aloud, and then she leaned into Sasha and kissed her. Sasha kissed her back, keeping up the rouse. And then suddenly Mrs. Kennedy ripped her mouth away from Sasha and began to buck underneath her. “Oooohhh Jooohhnn,” she moaned! Sasha didn’t slow. “More! More!” Sasha’s pace quickened until she too began to buck and moan, finally releasing her orgasm into Mrs. Kennedy. “Ohhh John, that’s it!” Mrs. Kennedy was giggling, as she sounded blissfully euphoric.

Sasha soon slowed to stop, and Mrs. Kennedy found Sasha’s lips again and planted a kiss of gratitude. “How was that Mary,” Sasha asked?

The release washed away the delirium and brought Mrs. Kennedy to clarity, but not entirely. She was still confused, but much calmer. “Are we going to have a baby,” she asked?

“We might,” Sasha said with a smile. “Do you think you all done Mary?” Mrs. Kennedy nodded. Her grip had lessened, and her legs had gone soft in her exhaustion, falling to the bed, so Sasha slowly worked herself off. “Hand me those warm wipes Mel,” Sasha instructed. Sasha slowly withdrew her cock from the woman’s wet, gaping cunt. A stream of cum came rushing from the opening that Sasha quickly cleaned up with the wipes. Melanie could see the white cream that had collected at the base of Sasha’s softening cock. It was impressive. Sasha continued to clean Mrs. Kennedy up. “Does that feel good Mary,” Sasha asked, but Mrs. Kennedy was already dozing off. Freed up from her horniness and delirium, the sedatives were taking effect. Sasha looked over at Melanie, “I think she is ready for a nap. Help me up get her into something comfy.” Melanie nodded, as Sasha climbed off of Mrs. Kennedy and down off the bed. Sasha was still naked and looking gorgeous, as the girls got Mrs. Kennedy into a t-shirt and pajama pants and wrapped up in her covers. “You know what. I think I am going to hop in her shower to freshen up a bit before I come on out. Why don’t you do this: directly across this room is Mr. Jacobs. He is a widower who dementia and is lonely. His wife Bethany died like five years ago or something, but the poor man thinks it happened recently. He has been dealing with depression ever since, so he could use some company. Why don’t you hop over there and just introduce yourself? He gets a little confused at times and grabby, so just be careful.” Melanie nodded and left Sasha to clean up.

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Chapter 6

Sasha knocked on the door to Mr. Jacobs room. “Hello. Knock, knock. Mr. Jacobs. It is just Melanie, one of your nurses,” Melanie said, announcing herself, as she slowly opened the door. “I’m just coming in to check on you.” There was the bed in the center of the studio unit, and there was a recliner on the far side next to a small sofa. Mr. Jacobs was laying in his recliner in the dark room with only his bedside light illuminating his paper. When she entered, he put the legs of the recliner down and sat up to see who it was.

“Is that you Bethany,” he asked? As Melanie came into the dim, warm light of the room, his gaze saddened, and Melanie felt bad.

She could see that Mr. Jacobs was in his robe and had a newspaper on his lap. He had pulled his reading glasses down on his nose to look over. “No sir,” Melanie replied, sounding sweet and sincere with her hands clasped together in front of her. “It is just me.”

He turned back to his paper. “Well, of course it is you. My wife is dead,” he grumpily muttered. “What do you want?”

Melanie swallowed the lump in her throat, preparing herself for a tough patient. “Well, I came to check on you.” She was going to turn on the lights, but she didn’t want to agitate him further. “How are you doing today? How was your breakfast? Did you get enough sleep,” she asked, as she walked over to the sofa next to him and sat down.

He was a pleasant looking man in his late seventies. He had a thick head of white hair, a white, thick mustache and white and grey chest hair that stuck out of his robe. He had a belly that suited his age and was typical of a geriatric patient. He had a thick build to him and decent muscle tone. He was probably near six foot Melanie figured and a couple hundred pounds—much larger than her. He had a serious, dismissive and closed-off affect that Melanie wanted to break down to see if he would open up to her. As she talked with him, he kept both eyes on his newspaper and didn’t say much, but he seemed to acclimate to her.

“Is that your wife in that picture,” Melanie asked? “Wow, she is gorgeous.” It was a black and white of the two of them on their wedding day. She was very young like Melanie was now with a similar petite body, yet feminine silhouette. She was a blonde with a short bob with a lighter complexion than Melanie’s tan skin, but they were similar.

“Well of course she is,” Mr. Jacobs said, as he lowered his glasses and looked over at her picture. He got quiet for a moment and lowered his newspaper. Tears collected at the corners of his eyes and ran down his face, but he didn’t cry. He just stared at the picture.

Melanie felt bad. She got up from the sofa and grabbed his tissue box on the nightstand on the other side of the bed and brought it over to his position. He picked up the box and grabbed a few tissue before setting it back down. The box didn’t quite make it and fell behind his chair and the nightstand. He moved to the edge of the recliner and turned to get the box. “Allow me Mr. Jacobs,” Melanie said, as she leaned over Mr. Jacobs and the arm of the chair to get the box. Before she could grab it, she felt Mr. Jacobs’ hand pinch her butt, which made her pop right up. She gave him a scornful smirk, “No no Mr. Jacobs. What would your wife say?” She realized the second she said that, that it was probably not the best comment because then his face filled with shame and sadness, as he began to tear up again. “Ohh no. Mr. Jacobs,” Melanie said, biting her lip. “I didn’t mean that. Here,” in a panic, she moved his hand back to her butt. She squeezed his bear paw of a hand, so he would squeeze her butt. “It’s okay. Really.” He was holding her cheek, cupping her butt, but his tears were still there, and he looked over at his wife’s picture with continued sadness, which conjured more tears. “I’m really sorry Mr. Jacobs. I bet you did that out of instinct. Did you always pinch your wife’s butt when she bent over? Here, let me get the tissues, and we can talk about it,” Melanie said, as she leaned back over. She felt his hand slide down to the bottom of her ass, as she bent forward. Then she felt him reach under her dress and squeeze her ass through her cotton underwear. She almost postured up, but instead she strained herself further and grabbed the tissue box. “Got it,” she said, as she postured back up. He was still cupping her butt under the skirt of her dress, but she didn’t pull away. He wasn’t grabby or gross about it. It was more like it was just something he had always done. She removed some tissues and blotted Mr. Jacobs tears. “Let’s take off these glasses,” she said, as she set them on the nightstand, so she could wipe his eyes. She was still acutely aware of him kneading her ass with his thick fingers. As she clenched her cheek, more of her underwear was working its way into her crack, so much so, that he was practically squeezing Melanie’s young, shapely, bubble butt. While it felt good to have a hand on her ass, she was trying to engage with his emotions. She put a hand on his wrist to pause him, “I’m sure your wife felt similar, huh?”

“I can’t remember,” he replied. “I just can’t remember. I’m just so sad all the time, and I can’t help it.” More tears welled up.

Melanie blotted the tears. “Please continue. It’s okay. This is good for you. It can be cathartic to let it all out,” Melanie said, as she rubbed his arm and upper back, standing toe to toe with him. His hand had fallen down to the back of her thigh below her cheek, lingerie his finger along the clammy crevasse where her ass met her thigh.

“I just wish I could remember more of our lives,” he explained. He looked over at the picture. “I can’t even remember this day. I recognize her picture, but I just can’t recall the sound of her voice saying ‘I do’. I can’t remember the smell of her hair in my face when we embraced. I can’t even remember our honeymoon.” He began to sob. He moved more to the edge of his recliner, causing Melanie to take a step back, and then he covered his face with his hands and sobbed.

Melanie’s heart broke seeing the man in such pain and so vulnerable. She leaned over and put a consoling arm around his shoulders, but he continued to sob. “It’s okay Mr. Jacobs. I understand why you're hurting,” she said, trying to lessen the pain. She didn’t know what to do to ease his sorrow. Her instincts were to give him a hug, so she wrapped her arms around his shoulders and pressed her head into his body. He postured up, and she was able to embrace him, as he continued to sob. She slowly worked her body around from his side to his front, so their embrace was less awkward. She was still bent over, so she got down to her knees in front of him, so they were more natural in their embrace. He was bent over with his face buried in the small of her neck, as she wrapped her head over his shoulder and soothed his sobs with circular rubs on his back. “It’ll be okay. It’ll be okay,” she said. “We just need to find something that might jog your memory.”

He postured up when he heard that. He leaned back in the chair away from Melanie crouched between his legs, so he could reach for some tissues to clean the snot collecting on his white mustache. His legs spread, as he reached for the tissues; they spread enough that the dim light of the room illuminated down his leg, and it was at this moment that Melanie realized he wasn’t just shirtless in his robe, but pantless too. His robe was still tied at the waist, but the top had parted more, exposing his white and gray fury chest and belly, and Melanie’s eyes had followed the light down her hands that were resting on his knees, down his thighs and between his legs, where his exposed manhood was hanging a few feet in front of her. In the darkness, she could see that his cock and balls were hanging there like an apple on the branch of a tree. There was four to five inches of flaccid cock originating from a mound of thick, curly-grey pubs, and it was  resting in front of a pair of large balls that hung below his cock. Melanie’s eyes strained to see the details in the darkness of his crotch, but she thought that it was an attractive, thick penis that complemented the old man’s thick build. He was uncut with smooth, soft foreskin that made his cock look clean and attractive. Melanie could almost make out the outline of his mushroom tip hidden beneath the thick skin. 

Under different circumstance on a different day, Melanie wouldn’t have been bothered by such a sight. In fact, a nurse might see many genitals on her shift, but Melanie’s own pelvis was aching from the day’s activities, so his cock—his beautiful cock—was looking appealing. In fact, it was looking downright appetizing, so much so, that Melanie could feel her mouth watering, as she inhaled the musky aroma of his crotch.

“What do you think could jog my memory,” he asked. “Nothing has worked in the past, I think.”

“Well,” Melanie said, as she considered her options. She tried to think of something constructive, and she tried to keep her eyes looking at Mr. Jacobs, but her aching pussy was keeping her mind fixated on his cock, and she kept glancing down at his cock. She began to rub his thighs, as she was feeling antsy. “I got an idea. There are things that husbands and wives do together, on their honeymoon for exampe, for each other, that is special and private, something they keep between themselves and don’t tell anyone about.” She was rambling in her nervousness. “We could try something like that.” He had a look of confusion, but slowly nodded, nonetheless. She moved her hands down his thighs, opening his legs more, as she inched closer between his knees. “Close your eyes Mr. Jacobs and try to think about your wedding and your wedding night. Think about where you went on your honeymoon. Try to remember what your wife wore to bed that night. Just try to relax and think,” she said. He laid back into the recliner and allowed Melanie to guide his knees further apart. She could tell rubbing his bare thighs was having an effect, as his cock seemed more engorged and the tip of his head now peaked beyond his foreskin. “Just relax and think of Bethany.” She moved her hands closer to his inner thighs just inches away from his cock, and it twitched in her direction. She looked up at him. “Just try to relax,” she said, as she wrapped her hand around his shaft and lifted it towards her direction. She stroked it a little, which caused the pink, mushroom tip to free itself fully from his sheath. Melanie looked at the cock with lustful intent, salivating just thinking of it in her mouth. The adrenaline was coursing through her veins, making her lips quiver with anticipation. She inched her knees into the chair and looked up at Mr. Jacobs with his eyes closed, peacefully straining to remember his wedding night. “Does this feel okay,” she said softly? He nodded. She leaned forward and pressed her pursed lips to the head of his cock. His hips flexed in the chair, and he winced from the jolt of pleasure. “Just try to relax Mr. Jacobs. Think of Bethany on your wedding night.”

Melanie slowly wrapped her lips around the head of his cock and gently sucked on the end to gage his reaction. She flattened her tongue and ran it along the length of his shaft, sampling his salty, musky skin, which caused her mouth to salivate more. She continued to stroke his cock. She could make out clear dew collecting at the tip. His cock was more engorged now, but it was still flexible and only six to seven inches, with more to go, she figured. She leaned forward and parted her lips and slid his cock in her mouth. She held the shaft in her petite hand, pulling the foreskin down, so she could slowly suck and savor the mushroom tip. She rolled her tongue around the head, and then backed off. “Mmmm, how was that Mr. Jacobs? Did your wife do it like that?” She could see him still working intently to find the memory. “I’ll try some more. Maybe it’ll eventually jog your memory,” Melanie said. She lowered her head back down to his crotch and swallowed more of his cock. She sucked on the shaft for a while, and then she pulled his cock out and moved her mouth down to his balls, licking on his balls and gently drawing them into her hot mouth. She returned to his cock and swallowed what she could.

Suddenly, he opened his eyes and tilted back up. “I remember,” he announced! He almost began to tear from the flashback. “Oh my god! I remember. I can see her between my legs like you are now.”

Melanie withdrew his cock from her mouth, and said encouragingly, “See! I knew you could remember. You just needed some help jogging your memory.” Her success with her therapeutic communication only strengthened her enthusiasm. “Let’s see what else you can remember Mr. Jacobs,” she said, and with that, she returned to his cock and slid it back into her mouth, but as she did, she could hardly hold back the smile, looking up at the happiness on his face.

“I remember! She would do it like that, but deeper,” Mr. Jacobs said, as he cupped Melanie’s head and pressed her down on his cock. Melanie wasn’t prepared for that, so she was forced to swallow it all. Fortunately, his flexible cock was able to easily pass down her throat, if only for a second.

Melanie pushed back against his hand and spit out his cock. “Mr. Jacobs! I wasn’t ready for that,” she said scoldingly, as she coughed and tried to catch her breath. “Maybe Bethany was a little more talented than me.” She looked up and saw his expression change, but wanted to see him happy again. “Or maybe I just need more practice, okay? You can help to teach me, but just be gentle with me, okay?” He nodded. She angled his cock back up towards her mouth, took a moment to gather herself and then leaned forward to swallow all she could. She tried to relax her throat, as he guided her head up and down his cock, but he was long and filled her small mouth.

“Ohh yeah, that’s how she did it,” he moaned, as Melanie sank her nose into his pubs, sliding his cock down her throat before returning to the tip. Even when she felt herself wanting to gag, his hand pushed her down on his cock, sliding his cock down her throat again and again until Melanie could hardly take much more. “Oh god, you are so sweet child. You’re just like my Bethany. Oh I remember. She was so good to me just like you.”

Melanie’s hands were dancing and tapping on his thighs, for she could feel her lungs were burning, and she needed air. She patted him to let him know before pushing herself off of his cock, so he didn’t force her head down. “Oh oh, I gotta catch my breath,” she said. “We gotta pause.” She looked down to see his cock hovering in front of her, bobbing in front of her face, soaked in bubbly mucous and slobber. It had already engorged in her mouth, but now it seemed to be growing to a firmer erection in front of her face. As she caught her breath, she clasped his shaft and stroked his cock, encouraging it to an erect state, sampling the firmness and size. His cock was seven to eight inches long at least and practically the thickness of Melanie’s petite wrist, which was saying something. It was a little too firm to swallow now. “Oh Mr. Jacobs. Mmm, you are so big,” Melanie giggled, kissing his hard erection. She had an idea. “I bet you and your wife did other private things together. I think I know what else might jog your memory.” He looked intrigued considering Melanie had just performed a blow job to jog his memory.

Melanie stood up and kicked off her shoes. She reached under her skirt and dropped her panties to her ankles and stepped out of them. “Give me your hand,” she said, as she guided it under dress to her aching pussy. She pressed on his thick digits, and with no effort, his finger slid through her soaked, swollen lips. She winced from the painful pleasure. “Mmmm, I bet you made your wife this wet too. Remember?” He strained to recall. “Well, let’s see if this will jog your memory.” She pushed him back in the chair and climbed up on his lap. Her knees straddled his hips, and she pinned her toes on his thighs, spreading them open. His eyes were wide, as she reached behind her rear and clasped his cock. She angled it up and swiped the head over her wet pussy, spreading her lips with the head of his cock, and positioning it at the burning, hot entrance of her cunt. Without warning, she sank her weight down on his cock, and the lathered shaft easily slid into her wet, hot hole. “Ohh god dam that feels good,” she quietly moaned. She slowly worked her cunt up and down the top four inches of his cock. “Doesn’t it feel good Mr. Jacobs.” He nodded enthusiastically, seemingly in disbelief. She slowly sank her hips down on the cock, inching her cunt further down the shaft, as she stroked it with her wet cunt, but she knew there was more. She steadied herself on his hairy chest, as she rocked her hips back on his cock. She leaned into him and whispered in his ear, “Was your wife’s pussy this tight too?” She moved his hands under her dress to her ass. He instinctively clenched her ass, squeezing her booty, which spread her cheeks. “Mmmm, that feels good.”

Melanie was feeling really hot and horny. The day had been torturous to her young pussy. Her breath was getting hot, and she was craving to be kissed. She couldn’t help herself and leaned into Mr. Jacobs mouth and slid her tongue passed his lips. He kissed her back. The sensual kiss was pushing her over the edge, but then Mr. Jacobs broke free of their embrace, as memories of him kissing his wife in a lover’s embrace sharply flashed in his mind. “Ohh Bethany,” he cried out. “I remember her. I remember us in bed on our wedding night. Her hair was in my face, as we made love. I remember.”

“Do you want to go on the bed Mr. Jacobs and continue there,” Melanie asked, taking a moment to catch her breath? He nodded. She dismounted and helped Mr. Jacobs off the recliner. “We don’t need this,” she said, as she took off his robe, tossing it on the recliner. She unbuttoned the neck of her dress. “Can you unzip me?” He obliged and then crawled into the center of the bed. Melanie tossed her hat on the recliner and crawled out of her dress with haste. She unclasped her bra, freeing her young breasts and tossed it next to her dress before letting her hair down. She bent over the bed and slid Mr. Jacobs’ cock in her mouth, sampling her own juices, as she worked his cock up to a full erection. “Mmmm, I think you are ready for me,” Melanie giggled. She hopped up on the bed and straddled his hips, rubbing her wet cunt on his beautiful cock. She reached behind her ass and found his cock. She swiped it along her slit before finding her entrance, and then she sat back on his cock, plunging it deep in her wet cunt. “Mmmm feels so good,” she moaned. She worked her knees back and pressed her hips as far back as she could, burying his cock all the way in her pussy. She slowly worked her ass back and forth for a few seconds, but then she moved her feet under her body, so she could squat over his cock and really bury it all. She sank her self down, stretching her tight pussy. “Oh my god! Your cock is so big Mr. Jacobs! It is the biggest I’ve had. It feels so good,” she moaned.

“I’m sure it does feel good,” Sasha said. Melanie jumped, but then froze with horror and shock. Sasha had startled her. The second she had heard her she dropped down on her knees and flashed her head towards the doorway. Sasha had her arms crossed and was tapping her foot on the ground, as if she caught a child with their hand in the cookie jar. “What do we have here?”

Melanie’s mouth got dry for a moment, and she was lost for words. “Well, I was working on my therapeutic communication, and, well, one thing led to another.” Sasha raised her eyebrows, clearly not buying the excuses. “Well, see…he was feeling sad about his wife, and this was helping him to remember her, so…well…so, it seemed like the right thing to do. I was just trying to cheer him up.”

Sasha’s scornful look morphed into a playful smile, letting Melanie know she was just kidding. “I think you just got the job. Just make sure to clean up once your are done. Meet me at the nursing station after sweetie,” she said with a wink and a smile, as she left the two of them to continue.

Melanie was feeling full of glee at the realization she solidified the job, and she was ready to celebrated. “Hold on Mr. Jacobs,” she said, as she got back up into a squat and began to bounce up and down on his cock. A minute or so in, and she was recalling how good it felt to have Sasha’s finger in her ass, and it got her thinking. His cock was long and thick, but it wasn’t rock hard like a young man’s cock, nor was he on top or capable of thrusting up into her. If anything, she reasoned, it was now or never.

She got back down on her knees and reached back around, as she lifted off of his cock. She guided the soft, mushroom tip to the entrance of her puckered asshole. She smeared her juices over her sphincter, remembering Sasha had placed a lubricating gelatin pill in her ass earlier, so she was ready for him. Mr. Jacobs was being compliant, but Melanie reassured him, “Bare with me Mr. Jacobs. This hole is a little tighter.” She could feel her hole dilating against his soft head. She pressed her hips down on his cock, and she felt the head of his cock slide into her anus. She gripped him tight and slowly worked the head against her inner sphincter, probing it gently, so it would acquiesce to his cock. It took a minute, but the muscles eventually parted, and Melanie felt the head of his cock slide into her rectum. Mr. Jacobs must have felt the her burning, hot core too because he tightened his hips, causing another inch or two to slide into her ass, stretching her hole over his thick shaft. “Ohh shit, that is thick.” She released his cock from her grip and braced her hands on his soft stomach. She inched his cock back and forth, seemingly lubricating it with the juices from her rectum until his cock was easily sliding over the tender, stretched muscles of her anus. “Mmmm, that is feeling so nice. Mmmm yeah, it is feeling better.” Melanie sank her ass all the way down and buried his cock deep in her hole.

She was feeling ready. She leaned forward and found Mr. Jacobs’ mouth, kissing him passionately. Her hair was draped over his face, as she released her embrace. He looked up, saying his wife’s name, and Melanie could see the flashes of memories in his eyes. “You can call me Bethany,” she moaned, as she continued to rock on his cock. She felt so small against his big body, wrapped and pressed to his chest with her breasts rubbing against his hair, teasing her nipples. “Here, remember these,” she said, as she postered up and moved his hands to her breasts. He squeezed them in his thick hands, as Melanie continued to ride his cock and grind her clit and pussy against his crotch. She had a thing for getting her nipples pinched, so when Mr. Jacobs started to twist and tug on her nipples, as he clenched her breasts hard, this really kicked her into high gear. “Ohhh, ohhh, oh yes, just like that,” she moaned loud, but she didn’t care if she was loud; she was smitten with lust. She started grinding on his cock, thrusting her hips back and forth fast, causing her ass to clap on his shaft in the process. Seconds later, she felt his cock spasming, rhythmically, as he began grunting and bucking beneath her. She could feel his cum lathering his cock, making her hole so slippery, which heightened the sensation. She begged him not to stop, “I’m almost there. I’m almost there,” she moaned, gripping his hands against her breasts, so he didn’t stop. She was so close to having her first anal orgasm. As she kicked her hips into top gear, she felt Mr. Jacobs tug hard on her thick nipples and that sent her over the edge, releasing her orgasm. “Ohh, ohhh,” she moaned, as she felt her asshole and cunt spasming in rhythmic contractions on his cock. Her stretched asshole made her contractions that much more obvious and visceral. Waves and euphoric pleasure washed over her body, as she contorted and spasmed on top of his hips. “Ohh my god. Mr. Jacobs. How? Ohhh, you are…” she tried to catch her breath, but she was still basking in waves of orgasmic pleasure leaving her giggling and giddy. “Your cock is amazing.” She was in disbelief.

Her past boyfriends weren’t so well endowed. They were young and selfish. They came too fast, never let her be on top the whole time or control ever aspect of the thrusting, and she never, ever was so built up like she was today. This was a new perspective—an eye opener.

“Ohhh Mr. Jacobs,” Melanie said, as she wrapped her arms around him. “Thank you so much! You are my new, favorite patient!” She found his mouth again and kissed him with appreciation. Their bodies were soaked in perspiration, and she still had his cock in her ass, as she sat on top of him. Her hair was a mess. “Did you have a good time?”

“Oh yes hunny,” he replied. “You were just like my beautiful Bethany. I remember!”

“That is so good to hear,” Melanie said with pride. “That really does make me so happy!” She looked around at the room and at both of them. “I think we need to clean up. Why don’t I help you to the shower, and I can help you wash off,” she suggested. He nodded. Melanie gently lifted her rear off of his cock and it fell from her hole onto his pelvis with a thud, and immediately a stream of his cum came gushing out, running down Melanie’s ass and legs, causing her to giggle. “I guess we both need to clean up,” she said, as she crawled off the bed and helped Mr. Jacobs up. They both walked to the shower, and Melanie entered the shower with Mr. Jacobs. It was going to be easier that way to clean him and remove the sweat and cum from her body too. She lathered the soap in her hands and worked it over her body, and she let him do the same to her. As he worked the suds between her ass and over her erect nipples, she could see his cock getting firmer. She reached out and stroked his cock with the soap, saying, “We need to keep this especially clean and healthy.” Her touch got him hard again, and she couldn’t help but embrace him again in a passionate and lustful kiss. She pulled herself away and quickly turned around, bracing herself against the wall with her legs spread, back arched and ass sticking out, posturing herself, so he would take her. He didn’t hesitate and moved right behind her and plunged his cock in her hot pussy. He gripped her hips and began pounding away on her ass until the two of them came hard from a second orgasm.

After that, Melanie dried him off and got him dressed before moving him back to his recliner. “Lunch should be coming soon Mr. Jacobs,” she said, as she put back on her uniform. “Is there anything else you need before I go?”

“Well, you’ll be coming back, of course? Won’t you dear,” he said, with deep concern in his voice and on his face.

“I don’t think they are going to be able to keep me away. I might just become your private nurse,” she said with a giggle. “But don’t you worry. My training is over in an hour, but I’ll be back tomorrow!”

As she left the room, she paused to synch up her thigh-high stockings and situate her dress over her ass. She saw his garbage by the door. She tossed her bra and panties in the garbage. “I won’t be needing these,” she said with a smirk, as she closed the door behind her.

The End