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A new Rajah Dodger story - The Couple from Bruges (M, F, M)

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The Couple from Bruges, by Rajah Dodger (c) 2022

     "Hon, did we really need to start working again so soon after our vacation?"  Corinne was walking around the apartment, breasts swinging, full cheeks jiggling as she set up the special massage room.  "I'm barely over my jet lag, and you didn't exactly let me get a lot of sleep last night!"

     Renard came into the room and swatted his wife on the ass.  "Guys love that half-sleepy look in your eyes.  It's always good for extras.  And yes, we need to be working again.  New reviews get us new clients, and the exchange rate in Europe wasn't friendly this year."  He stifled a noise as Corinne bent over the table, tucking the sheet in, her legs parted like an invitation.  "Now get everything all nice and inviting.  Did you brush your teeth?"

     Corinne turned around and stuck out her tongue.  "You get the drinks and cheese tray ready and get dressed; I'll take care of my jobs."  Laughing, she set the massage oils into the warming tray, turned the light halfway down, and pulled on a loose maroon silk gown to wait for her signal.

     The doorbell rang, and Renard took a look through the peephole before opening the door.  A middle-aged man stood there, rocking from one foot to the other, his sport jacket unbuttoned.  Renard opened the door to the chain and the man introduced himself.  "Hi – I'm Jerry."  He held out a driver's license, and Renard checked it before handing it back and opening the door.  A quick glance around the community pool reassured Renard that nobody was watching.

     "Welcome to our home, Jerry.  We're glad you had the time to spend with us.  You can hang your jacket on the coat tree in the corner and get comfortable.  Do you want something to drink?"

     Jerry took off his jacket, ran fingers through his short brown hair, and stretched.  "Just a glass of water, thanks."  He set a business envelope on the table next to a dish of mints, and picked at the cheese tray.  "It's dry outside, and I try to stay hydrated."

     "Well, you're preaching to the choir."  Renard chuckled as he went to the kitchen and returned with a bottle of water.  "Corinne and I are religious about water, moisturizing, keeping the body in shape.  Which reminds me," as he cupped his mouth, "Corinne, dear!"

     Corinne stepped through the beaded curtain and into the living room, the silk robe hiding her nipples but not the curves of her breasts, the sash loosely fastened and dangling between her thighs.  She looked at the client – the guest, she mentally corrected herself – and liked what she saw.  Judging from the flash of color in the gentleman's face and the shimmy of his hips, the pleasure was returned.

     Corinne crossed the floor and slid her hands under Jerry's arms to give him a close fleshy hug, feeling the answering quiver from his crotch.  This one would be good, she could tell.  "We really prefer to start your massage in the nude, so you don't have to break focus to remove your shorts.  Do you have any objection to that?"  Jerry just shook his head as Corinne's fingers deftly loosened one button and then another, working her way down his shirt toward his slacks.

     Renard watched from the refreshment table, admiring his wife's style, sipping his water, and checking the contents of Jerry's envelope.  Soon enough, and without ever relinquishing skin-to-skin contact, Corinne had their guest standing naked and expectant, his cock uplifted and bobbing ready for attention.  Renard followed the two through the arched doorway into the massage room.

     The table was their own design – a capacious padded-leather straight section, capable of splitting at head and foot into Y-shaped foldouts to support arms or legs.  Jerry followed Corinne's lead to lie face-down, then Renard and Corinne took the heated oil and started a firm massage from either side of the table, their hands crossing over in the middle.  Jerry looked up briefly when he felt the third and fourth hands, but let his head drop as their attentions dissolved the tensions in his muscles.

     Slowly, in rhythm and in counterpoint, the couple moved around their guest.  Oiled firm fingers probed into yielding flesh, hands slid firmly down one side and lightly up the other.  For his part, Jerry sank further into the padded leather and the pillow supporting his face, unable to tell or even care whose hands were on which part of his body.  Only when two hands gripped his ass and started a hard massage, trapping his cock between his stomach and the table, did he open his eyes.

     The hands pressing his crotch against the table had to belong to Corinne, because a thick cock and heavy hairy balls swung side to side in his field of vision.  Staring at the other man's cock didn't actually bother Jerry, but it did make him more aware of his own confined erection growing while Corinne molded and squeezed his glutes.

     It was hard for Jerry to actually think about anything while four hands and twenty fingers moved everywhere over his body, now firm, now lightly brushing.  Another moment of zoning out, another blink, and his eyes landed in the open moist folds and curls of Corinne.  His mouth sagged open as she bent over his upper back and slid her nipples against his shoulderblades.  Meanwhile, her husband's hands replaced hers on Jerry's ass and teased at the narrow strip that led to his taut balls.

     Four hands cooperated to turn Jerry over onto his back, his every muscle warm and relaxed and loose – every muscle except one.  The table underneath him sprouted extensions, his legs angled outward and his arms spread out.  His balls dangled free, and Corinne cradled and caressed their growing weight while Renard turned the room thermostat up then came back to massage Jerry's temples.  Corinne looked a question at her husband, and got a smile and an approving nod in return.

     "Are you good for us, Jerry?"  Corinne's fingers were enticing and intimate, her voice honey-thick, oozing through the man's ears into his brain.

     "Uuuhhhh?"  Jerry nodded, vaguely.  His cock pulsed toward his stomach, precum already visible.

     Corinne palmed and rubbed that erection, and looked into her husband's eyes.  "You wrote the last ad for the website.  It's your turn if you want."  Her finger teased around Jerry's anus, eliciting a strained moan and a wet pulse.

     Renard gave her a wide smile, teeth visible.  "You're so thoughtful, love.  Thank you for the present!"  Renard removed his clothes, splayed his fingers wide, and picked up the massage with swooping strokes as low as Jerry's abdomen and as high as his nipples, smiling wider to see how Jerry liked that attention.

     Corinne sucked on her finger, then slowly and deliberately rimmed Jerry's anus, smiling wider as his cock responded.  From beneath the table, she brought out a ribbed plug, coated it with lube, and twisted it slowly into Jerry's ass, listening carefully to his shallow breathing and watching the small dripping pulses of his erection.  She lifted her eyes back to her husband.  "You'll enjoy this, dear."  She set Jerry's legs out, compressing the plug into place, and waited for Renard to come around.  She took her time playing with her husband's balls, then kissed him and went to the head of the massage table.

     Between the two of them, they raised Jerry's legs and pulled his knees back to his chest, where Corinne held them in place and slid teasing fingers along his calves.  For his part, Renard worked Jerry's full balls and eased the plug out of his ass.  The strained groan from their guest was silenced when Corinne kissed his open mouth and reached down to tug his cheeks wide.

     Renard worked a condom on, then slowly but insistently pressed into Jerry's now loosened ass, moaning at the squeezing grip inside.  "God, he's tight!"  He watched Jerry's cock buck and drip, then flexed his hips with short in and out strokes to push deeper and deeper.  The sound of flesh smacking against sweaty flesh echoed in an escalating pace, until a threshold was crossed and Jerry cried out, spurting all over his stomach and chest.  With that, Renard quit holding back and fucked that ass fast and furious until he finally emptied his own balls deep inside.

     Minutes passed, the three locked together in a sweaty tangle, before Renard withdrew to clean himself up.  Corinne laid Jerry's quiescent body out and reached for the unscented baby wipes to clean the mess off his stomach and out of his chest hair.  Then she pulled on a pair of nitrile gloves and gave Jerry's ass a final deep cleaning, his closed eyes barely twitching.  Corinne observed that and smiles, then fetched a warm sheet from the dryer to drape over him.  After setting his clothing onto a chair, she set bottles of water and juice onto the adjacent table, then went to join her husband.

     A short time later, while Corinne and Renard were clothed and nibbling on snacks in the living room, Jerry came out of the side room looking happy and perhaps a bit embarrassed.  They gave him a joint hug, pressed another bottle of water into his hand, and waved him out to his car and his own thoughts.

     "What do you think?"  Renard looped a hug around Corinne, cupping her right breast as he posed the question.  "Do we have a new return client?"

     Corinne shook her head.  "Not for us.  For someone, perhaps, when he can admit it to himself."  She slapped her lover sharply on his ass.  "What's your hurry, anyway?  It's only ten at night, and you know what a good massage does to me!  Get out of those damned clothes and let's see how many ways you can make me scream!"

     It was a good thing their bedroom was on an outer wall of the apartment complex.

/ END /

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I would definitely have fun with that couple. Bisexual experiences are by far the best