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GWTW MF, NC. Is there a code for mildly salaceous?

Jaime Austin · 117

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on: November 01, 2022, 09:54:47 PM
Gone with the Wind

Codes: MF, NC (sort of), MS (Mildly salacious)

At first, I thought Jane was full of shit. Drinking wine and watching porn seemed like the last thing we should be doing. We needed to stay on guard and not just rely on the men around us. I was starting to get a Godfather vibe. We were like the Corleone family holed up in the Don’s mansion, constantly on watch for a raid. But then I thought about that world-class porn collection. I have to admit I was intrigued.

Now when most people talk about porn these days, they are referring to the Internet and all the various and sundry sources of prurient material that are out there. But before the Internet, there was cable TV, and before that DVDs and VHS cassettes. There are some who say that the entire home video industry owes its success to porn.

But back in the day, the only porn to be found was on film. From the earliest days of motion pictures, there was always someone who would pay to see naked women and naked men engaging in life’s most basic activity. There were even rumors Hollywood filmmakers would turn a blind eye when someone used their cameras and film sets to make sex films that could only be shown in the most private of circumstances.

Over the years, men of wealth — we’re talking the Sultan of Brunei, the Shaw of Iran, Rockefeller, Roosevelt, Rothschilds, and even members of the House of Windsor — would commission films that the public never heard of. That could only be shared among the wealthiest, most powerful men in the world. I wondered if Otto might have had access to such films.

According to Hannah, modern titans of industry fight bitterly to acquire copies of these long-rumored but seldom-seen productions. When found, they hire companies to digitally restore them to a better-than-new condition. Now Otto was a wealthy man, but I couldn’t imagine he was able to travel in such circles. Jane explained that there were digital effects shops all over Los Angeles that reconstructed historical films, cinema classics in color, black and white, and even silent cinema. These companies were always long on projects and short on funding, which allowed them to be tempted by the extravagant sums these well-heeled collectors were willing to pay.

Hannah confirmed that Otto had been involved in bringing collectors, sources, and restorers together. He was modestly paid for his services, but he usually managed to get a copy of the results. First, it was DVDs. Then Blu-rays and now either 4K UHD Blu-rays or 8k golden masters. The latter was hard to find and you had to have an elaborate setup to screen them.

Ron knew how to work Otto’s equipment. The four of us sat front and center on seats that were intended for one couple but we made it work. Hannah sat on the far end away from me, but Jane was practically in my lap. Ron took control and the room went dark and the strains of orchestral music filled our ears. The music slowly devolved into the classic “Tara’s Theme” from Gone with the Wind. On the screen, there were still shots of Vivian Leigh, Olivia de Havilland, Leslie Howard, and Clark Gable. Then there was silence and the film faded into the grand staircase from the scene where Gable says, “This is one night you’re not turning me out,” and he carries Scarlett up the stairs where everyone over the age of 12 assumes they have non-consensual sex.

But tonight, the staircase is empty. Someone who looks a lot like Vivian Leigh as Scarlett O’Hara begins to climb the stairs, followed close behind by someone who looks a lot like Clark Gable playing Rhett Butler.

Rhett delivers his line, sounding much like Gable, but instead of picking her up, he begins to tear at her gown. Scarlett turns to the camera, her breasts exposed, her nipples a pink that only technicolor could render. Her breasts, were milky white, rising and falling with each breath.

Rhett tears at her gown until she is naked, struggling to cover herself. “Rhett, no! Stop.”

Rhett laughs and undoes his trousers. A large pink-tipped penis emerges.

Scarlett covers her face with the back of her hand. Rhett pulls it aside, grabs Scarlett’s face, and presses his erection against her ruby-red lips. Lips the color of Dorothy’s slippers. He forces his way in and says, “I’ll not be denied tonight.”

Rhett takes a step back to fully remove his pants. Scarlett says, “Rhett, you’ll ruin me. Where will I go, what will I do?”

Rhett says, “Frankly my dear, I don’t give a fuck.”

Then the camera shows us Miss Scarlett’s meticulously groomed pussy. She covers it with a hand, but it is quickly batted away. Then comes Rhett's member, hard and strong and ruthless as it penetrates the lovely opening. Skin so pink and white, hair so full and brown. No MGM makeup artist could have dressed it up better. And then Rhett was in. Just a few frames of his member sliding in and out as Scarlett, no longer screaming in anger now calls, “Oh, Rhett. Oh, Rhett.”

There is a long shot of the two of them on the stairs, Rhett’s ass grinding away, Scarlett eagerly receiving him. While I watch, I can’t help but wonder who all was involved in making this? The Technicolor cameras of the day were huge devices, holding three reels of black and white film. Each reel advanced in sync, and the image from a single lens was split three ways by a prism. And then a red, green, and blue filter allowed them to record the effects of the full-color spectrum. It required a small army to load, operate and move these beasts. Plus, teams of technicians to operate the lights because, believe you me, it took a lot of light to capture a filtered image split three ways. And this sequence alone had three or four set-ups. Our twenty minutes of delightful titillation cost someone a bloody fortune.

I took my eyes off the screen long enough to see that Jane and Ron were well along in undressing each other.  This little bit of cinematic history was working its magic on them! Hannah and I briefly locked eyes. She stood up, picked up a bottle of wine, and then extended a hand to me. Who was I no say no?

“You two have fun, but I’m taking this chap to bed.” We left the room with our arms around each other.

“I think Gable’s ears were bigger,” I said to Hannah.

“Who was looking at his ears?’”