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                                                                                                                           DREAMS OR REALITY

    It was happening again.

    I could not discern if I was dreaming or awake. My mind could not take in everything going on around me. The same visions appeared to me each and every night. In the beginning it was a horror a nightmare upon which I could not wake. Those around the bed stripped me bare spreading my legs wide as a huge shadow moved over me. Then came the pain. His massive member penetrating me making me cry out as others held me down.
    When I awoke I thought that I had imagined everything. My mind playing tricks on me. But my pussy was red and swollen. The bed sheets spotted with blood. So whatever took place included me and kept me captive throughout the night. I could not control what was taking place right in my own house. Not only that, who would believe my story. I had a hard time believing it.

    Now it was happening again. Living in the house for the last six months I experienced so many unusual things that one questioned ones sanity. But in the evenings I knew now what was expected of me. When the shadow came I spread my legs wide waiting for my lover, whatever it may be. I felt the initial pain of penetration. The huge member sliding into my wet pussy and the immense pleasure I received during the nights ritual. His body overshadowed mine. His heat almost scorching me. The deep hard thrusts filling me completely. The hot spurts of his semen filling me to overflowing.

    When he was finished many hands touched and cleaned me. Then peace came as my weariness overcame me and I fell into a deep dark sleep.

                                                                                                                         SIX MONTHS EARLIER

    I left the lawyers offices bewildered and happily surprised. It seems that I inherited a very large house on the coast of California. A house that had belonged to an Aunt that I didn't even know existed but it was obvious that she knew me and gave all her worldly possessions to me. The timing was perfect as far as I was concerned. I had just lost my job, was being asked to vacate my apartment and had a hundred dollars to my name. With the property came a half million dollars that had to be used to maintain and keep the mansion in proper repair with another half million in trust if I spent the next five years in residence.

    How could I refuse. Why would I refuse?

    My name was Dani and I was only 18 years old with little to no real experience in life thus the many troubles I had with money and work. But now I had both money and a roof over my head forever if I wished. I was very petite at only five foot two and a trim healthy body that was firm and toned from plenty of exercise. Since exercise was free I did a lot of it. I had short blonde hair and green eyes like my mother. I liked short skirts and very tight jeans. Many times I shopped in the children's section of the store when buying clothing.

    When the taxi driver delivered me to Coldbrook Mansion I sat in wonder in the back seat just staring at how huge the place was. But what took my breath away was its location on the edge of a hundred foot cliff with nothing but ocean beyond. It was a million dollar view if there ever was one. I grabbed my bags paid the taxi driver and climbed the hundred or more stairs to the front door. The key in my possession fit snugly in the lock and when I turned it the click and opening of the door was like being set free from my pitiful worldly prison. I had come home.

    From what the lawyer told me, my Aunt was a recluse and spent her life inside the house with little contact with the outside world. From what I could see of the house from the massive foyer I could understand why she loved living here. There was little history about her and other than her minor contact with the estate lawyer she knew very few people and they in turn knew next to nothing about her. Throughout the house were incredible portraits of what I guessed were family members as well as rare paintings from known local artist probably worth a fortune. Statues filled the corners and shelving of all types of nudes. Some were small while others were full size and very lifelike and detailed to perfection. My Aunt was obviously a lover of the arts despite her self isolation. I moved from room to room in wonder at all that attracted my eyes to see.

    I finally found a picture of my Aunt that showed several sisters along with her standing in what must have been the back yard of the house. What made me laugh was that all were quite naked holding hands as the photographer snapped his picture. All were very attractive and had beautiful bodies. It appeared that my Aunt was a shameless little hussy who like sexual things. From what I could see of the art around the house she liked it all around her.

    Still the question arose as to why she left all this all to me? Not even my mother made mention of her. It was her sister after all. I stood in the living room or parlor wondering why I was chosen to care for this magnificent home.


    I was exhausted and wanted nothing more than to climb into a bed, any bed and fall asleep and sort things out in the morning with a fresh outlook. I climbed the winding staircase that led to the many bedrooms in the house and chose the first one I could get into. The room was beautifully furnished and there against the wall was a huge inviting bed calling out to me. It was a suite with attached bathroom, unusual for that period but it seemed my Aunt wanted all the luxuries of the period. I cleaned up and finally climbed into the most comfortable bed.

    I wasn't used to the house and every noise stirred me to wakefulness. Finally I drifted off into a deep sleep and dreamt throughout the night. But it was one dream that seemed to be too powerful to awake from. It was so very real that I wondered if I was actually awake. Around my bed were several robed people whose faces I could not see in the darkness. I was afraid to move, to speak in case they wished to hurt me, but that was not the case.

    The sheets were pulled back revealing my near nakedness. I was only wearing a t shirt to bed and nothing else. That was taken off me and I was naked before them all. Hands touched me, stroked me making me moan as they touched my nipples and fingers trailed along my pussy and clitoris. I could not speak and I felt paralyzed not by fear but through some power of theirs. Suddenly all hands went to my legs spreading me wide revealing my sex to them more fully. The room seemed in shadow and that darkness moved over me. I could smell spices and felt heat upon my body.

    But it was the entity's penis that rubbed against my sex. Up and down it went touching my anus to my swollen clit making me moan aloud despite the strangeness of the situation. My dream was so powerful that it gave me all the feelings of reality. Soon the penis head pushed into me making me cry out in pain. The robed individuals held me still pulling my legs back even further allowing my invisible lover more access to me. His cock drove deeper making me squirm under his sexual advances. But there was little I could do but allow him to finish and allow me to go back to sleep without dreaming.

    When I awoke the next morning I felt as if I had been drugged and could not seem to focus on any one thing. I had coffee which helped but a sudden memory of what transpired in the night, sex and all made me look at my pussy to see it was red and sensitive. Going back upstairs I saw light spots of blood on my sheets. Whatever happened seemed all to real with what I was finding. My invisible assailant had fucked me and I had no power to stop whatever it was.

    Now I was worried and contacted the attorney who contacted me about the property. He had no knowledge about any incidents on the property or in the house. When I went to the local town hall facility no known record of incidents were recorded and left me baffled. Had I dreamed the entire thing? My first night in my new home and I was already concerned about things that go bump in the night. How foolish it sounded. I left the matter alone as I went back and ate lunch while looking up any history on the house. It was well over a hundred years old. Yet nothing came of my investigation other than obituaries on the past residents. I gave up and decided to take a tour of the house. I went from room to room amazed at the beauty of the place. The fine rugs, artwork, wooden ceiling beams all gave the viewer a sense of opulence. The statues seemed to resonate with me as I went room to room. So much nakedness sent out a sexual aura that permeated the entire house. Especially the life sized statues that were anatomically correct in every detail. The mans penis was fully erect and standing straight out. I would imagine such a thing would offend someone, but not me. I stared at it thinking how hot it looked. The female statues were similar with detailed vagina's and breasts. I felt my temperature rising with each new sight before me. By nighttime I was quite horny and decided to take care of matters by masturbating. I love to masturbate and found myself on my bed legs wide with my fingers rubbing my swollen clit. Everything on my body seemed overly sensitive and just the mere touch made me moan and arch my back as I squirted making a mess of the blanket beneath me. I could not get satisfied and decided to walk the house naked visiting all the sexy statues that got me in this condition to begin with.

    What was happening to me? It was if a fire had been burning within me setting off an insatiable appetite for sex. I approached the male statue licking my lips and teasing it as if it were a real man. I got on my knees staring at the perfect cock and began to suck it. My body was burning up with desire and if that cock was real he would not have lasted another minute as I sucked and licked it. When I finally stood I turned around aiming my ass against the stiff smooth stone cock pushing hard and feeling it slide into my very wet pussy. I groaned and began to fuck it in smooth deep strokes.

    It went all the way inside me making me cum almost instantly. I began to ram back against the statue feeling the hardness penetrate me deeper than anything I've ever had before. When I finally pulled away from it I saw my juices dripping off the stone penis onto the floor beneath. I moved on still not satisfied and very aware of my insatiable condition. When I approached the female statue I moved against her, breasts to breasts her nipples pressing against mine our lips meeting in a hot kiss of desire. I licked my way downwards to her pussy licking and kissing it as if it were real.

    Never had I ever desired to make love to another woman and yet here, in this place, I could not resist her. My mind was a haze of passion and sought only whatever pleasure it could take. I licked her as I masturbated and soon began to orgasm in heavy squirts all over the feet of the statue. I felt my body shaking as I came so hard. I made my way upstairs to my bedroom and lay upon the bed breathing hard but hardly satisfied. I wanted more and fought against it. Soon I was closing my eyes and dreaming.

    They were about me again. The robed figures three to each side of my bed as I lay naked before them. They began to touch me everywhere making my body gyrate on the bed from the pleasure of it. Then a shadow filled the room. They opened my legs wide as before and I felt the huge cock push inside me making me groan in pain. It went deep and soon began to fuck me. The pain was dwindling and the pleasure mounting quickly. The robed figures moved back releasing me as I moved my body with the rhythm of my invisible lover. I ground my body against his feeling his muscles and especially his massive cock that was still thrusting deeper inside me until I finally felt his balls slapping against my body. He held my waist lifting me driving harder as he did so. I felt helpless and at his mercy as he fucked me faster. My cries of pleasure rang through the room and I could hear the robed ones moaning as they touched themselves.

    Soon I could feel the hot cum shooting inside me filling me over and over dripping out of me as he continued to fuck me. When he pulled out I felt the hot rush of his seed spilling down my thighs and begged him for more but his shadow had gone and I slept until morning. I awoke refreshed and confused as to what I had done the day before. It was if all memory of events simply disappeared like a wisp of smoke.

    I went grocery shopping and tried to buy everything I needed which I hoped would fill the refrigerator and cupboards. I stood before the cucumbers staring at their shape and size and it wasn't until another woman interrupted my sexual thoughts did I turn away from them. Was I going mad? Something was affecting me badly to the point of blackouts. What else could I call an entire night without memory of the events? I picked out two very large cucumbers and went to the checkout.


    I was glad to see the food packing every little corner and nook in the kitchen. I was well stocked. I left the two cucumbers out to stay warm. I knew why and questioned my ability to maintain some kind of stability. I was doing nothing but sexual things and it began to concern me. Though I must admit that my many friends would have gladly traded places with me for I was not normally this way. They would have been shocked at my sudden change.

    I walked through the house checking that everything was as it should be touching the male statues cock as I passed it and kissing the woman statue on the lips. It was beginning again. I could feel the urges stirring up inside me. My pussy was dripping wet. I needed satisfaction. I went to bed bringing my cucumbers with me. One was larger and thicker than the other and I had reason for choosing them this way. I pulled my nipples making me groan in sudden pleasure. I grabbed the larger cucumber teasing myself with it as I rubbed it up and down my pussy lips especially over my clit. I spread my legs wide as I pushed the cucumber inside me. It was big and I slowly inched it forward humping it as I did so until all but a few inches stuck out of me.

    Then I began to fuck myself in smooth steady strokes. The cucumber was glistening wet with my juices. I orgasmed quickly creaming around the thick vegetable. I reached for the smaller cucumber rubbing it over my wet pussy getting it nice and slippery them pushed it inside my asshole. Something that I had never done before.
It hurt as I pushed the end of the smaller cucumber inside me and I could only get about a quarter of the vegetable inside my ass. I worked both inside me as I began to cum hard loving the feelings i was giving myself.

    My body shook as I orgasmed squirting hot juices all over my hand and the cucumbers. After several minutes of masturbation I pulled the cukes from me dropping them to the floor in frustration. I wanted more. My body was not getting what I needed and I went back downstairs facing my tall dark handsome stone man rubbing myself on his extended cock. I wanted it in my ass and went to the kitchen to get some oil to pour over the stone cock and rub on my asshole. I backed up onto it feeling it slide past my tight asshole and inch its way into me as I pushed back. I stopped feeling the slight pain and began to fuck it. The oil had worked its magic making my asshole slippery.

    I moved quicker now feeling the pain fade and the pleasure begin the more I moved. Deeper went the stone cock making me moan and cry out in pleasure. Finally I felt the base of the cock hitting my ass. I knew I had accomplished my goal of fucking it all in my tight little ass. I drove my body back grinding against the cock that filled my ass. Soon I was cumming hard. I squirted each time I slid onto the cock loving the feeling of it in my asshole.

    When I finally pulled away I turned to see the cock covered with my bodily fluids dripping onto the floor beneath. Still I wanted so much more. I could not be satisfied. I went to bed hoping to sleep, hoping to fight against these wild sexual feelings that were overwhelming me. I closed my eyes and drifted into a deep sleep.

    I was suddenly aware of them around me, my robed figures. They reached out to touch me and I wanted their hands on me. They rubbed me everywhere making me horny and needing fulfillment. Fingers probed my pussy and ass sliding deep and making me arch my back pushing against them. I felt hands on my legs opening them wide. I knew what was coming. I wanted it so badly. The shadow filled the room and I felt its huge cock pressing against my pussy lips. Then it slid inside me so easily now. I groaned and pushed up to meet its every thrust. It was fucking me harder now that it could penetrate me easily.

    I still could not see my lover. It was if I were blinded to him. Suddenly I felt him pull out of me making me groan in protest but soon felt his cock pressed against my asshole. I could not imagine taking its cock inside me there. It was to big but it did not stop him as he pushed inside my ass. I cried out feeling as if he were splitting me in two. Deeper he went until I felt those large testicles slamming against me.

    He fucked my ass hard stretching me until his large member slid easily in and out and I was moaning in absolute pleasure. The brutal fucking of my asshole was finally giving me the pleasure I desired. I begged it to not stop to drive it deeper and he did so until I cried out in orgasm. Within seconds the shadow was gone and the robed figures had suddenly disappeared. My body ravaged, my mind in a haze of sexual pleasure I closed my eyes and knew that come morning all this would be nothing more than a distant memory.

                                                                                                                      A FRIENDS VISIT

    Julie called me later the next day to tell me she was in the area and wanted to visit. She was a very close friend in college and I hadn't seen her since I left and moved out here. Like me, she was petite and almost pre teen looking being carded wherever she went. Frustrating as it seemed to be for her she would only laugh and accept that looking that young would be a benefit in the future. Men loved looking at her and women too. She had always wondered if the men hoped she was an underaged Lolita looking for love in all the wrong places. We would often joke about the perverts that hit on her for that very reason. She was stone cold cute in every way looking like the girl next door. She was also sexy as hell and knew the power she had on people. Her long black hair and those big brown eyes with her perfectly shaped body only enhanced her beauty.

    "I want to see you, Dani. It's been to long. I heard about the house and I'm so happy for you." Said Julie.

    "Visit for a few days, Julie. It's not like I don't have room for you. You have a dozen to chose from." I said laughing. We spoke for another twenty minutes catching up on all the things we had been doing since last we met. I expected her the next day and cleaned the house that never seemed to get dirty and made sure I bought some goodies and lots of liquor like we use to do in the past.

    Julie showed up early the next day bag in hand and looking beautiful. We hugged and I felt her warmth setting me off as soon as we touched. I was so horny throughout the day. It was like the house emanated a vibe that made one think of nothing but sex and I could see that Julie was feeling it to. Her movements were sensual and her fingers fumbled with her clothing. She wanted to take them off. I wanted her to also but worked hard to keep my cool.

    I gave her the grand tour and she did not fail to notice the two life size statues.

    "My god, Dani how do you not want to have sex all the time with all these sexy things throughout the house." She said running her fingers along the mans penis.

    "It's really hard." I said jokingly making her laugh as she gave the stone cock a gentle squeeze before we left the room. We drank and talked about all the fun we had in college. We were getting royally drunk and I could tell Julie was feeling the houses vibe. She rubbed against everything. One time she put a sofa pillow between her legs moving slowly not caring if I were present in the room. I watched her feeling my own temperature rising. I started to take my clothing off until I was completely naked before her letting her see me as she humped the pillow.

    "Ohhhh, Dani, what wrong with me?" She whispered. I moved to her kissing her waiting warm mouth our tongues twisting against each others. Soon her clothing lay on the floor and I had a perfect view of my friends body. She was so sexy hot with large pendulous breasts and stiff nipples. Her flat tummy led to her shaved pussy that was rubbing against the seam of the pillow sliding along her wet slit. She moaned as we kissed her hand palming my breast flicking my nipple. I groaned in pleasure happy that I was not the only one affected by the house. It wanted both of us. I wondered if my invisible lover would want Julie? No doubt it would. She was beautiful and obvious ready for fucking.

    "Fuck me." Whispered Julie leaving the pillow on the floor as I led her to the male statue. She gave me a wicked little smile as I turned her around backing her up to what I knew would be an experience she would never forget. She pushed against the stone cock moaning as it slid into her wetness. Then she began to fuck it. I licked her nipples and rubbed her clit as she did so driving her into a frenzy of lust.

    "God, Dani I love this so much. I want to fuck everything in this house. Ohhhhhh...damn" She cried out as she started to orgasm. I felt her squirt cover my hand and splash over my bare feet. I went over to the fireplace and found what I wanted on the mantle. It was a smooth statue of a wolf no more than ten inches tall but thick and solid. I placed it on the floor before Julie letting her see what I had for her. Her body was fucking hard against the mans cock and when she saw what was on the floor before her she stopped and pulled away.

    We kissed hotly melting into each other. Our breasts were mashed together nipple to nipple.

    "Is that for me, Dani?" She asked running her fingers over the marbled smoothness from tip to bottom. I nodded and she straddled it and soon it was disappearing inside her stretched pussy. "Oh fuck that feels so good."

    I pulled her nipples and watched as the ten inches was lost from sight as her pussy met the floor. The wolf was gone and she was fucking it. We went from room to room finding objects to fuck and Julie was like a sex junkie wanting anything that would fit inside her pussy.

    "I don't ever want to leave this place, Dani. I want to do nothing but fuck." She said in a sensual voice that made me want her all the more. At the moment she was rubbing herself against the stairway banister leaving a wet trail along the wood.

    "I think its time to go upstairs. I promise you'll love what's coming." I said knowing that she would love to have the invisible lover and wanted very much see her take him. We held hands climbing the stairs. She stopped to kiss me and run her fingers over my pussy. 

    "What hot surprise do you have up here?" Said Julie as I led her once more towards the bedroom. I didn't know if she could take my invisible lover. He or whatever it was, was huge and stretched my pussy as wide as it could go. I loved it once I got used to it but I wasn't sure Julie could handle it. We would find out. On the bed we made love and no sooner had my tongue licked her pussy the robed strangers arrived surrounding the bed. I licked my way up Julie's luscious body making sure to suck her nipples making her groan in delight. That was when she noticed the robed guests. But she said nothing, like me, she was like one hypnotized by pleasure. I turned over taking her with me placing her atop me as she began to rub her pussy against mine.

    Then it happened. I felt her body stiffen and her moan as the invisible lover was entering her.

    "Oh my god. What is fucking me?" She cried out as its cock slid ever deeper into her tight pussy stretching her to her limit. "Dani....I can't take it all. Please...stop it." She whispered urgently as I felt her body moving against her new lover. Despite her protests I could soon feel her relaxing and moving against her lover.

    "That's it, Julie. Fuck it hard take every inch of it." I whispered as I began to lick her nipples that were hovering above my face. She continued to moan in pleasure and Grind her body back against the shadowy lover. I could hear the wetness of her as it fucked her. Soon she cried out, stiffening and shaking as she orgasmed hard. Her juices all but exploded out of her covering me beneath her. Then she started up again fucking her invisible lover who was bringing her to another orgasm.

    "Fuck me....please fuck me..." She cried out as he started to ram her harder. Several of the robed people moved closer touching me and Julie. They had oils and cremes to apply and soon Julie nodded as if answering some command. I felt her stop her gyrations waiting for whatever they had in mind for her. Then her groan as they held her in place while her lover pushed into her asshole.

    "Ohhhhh, Dani. Fuck that's so good." She whispered as the robed people reached under her pulling on her swollen clit and sliding fingers deep inside her pussy. The invisible lover began to fuck her in long even strokes making Julie moan with each thrust. I loved watching her fuck. She was experiencing all that I loved and knew she would want to be part of this house as I was.

    "Yes, Julie let him fuck your ass. Take all of him, baby." I said in her ear as I began to pull on her nipples and twist them. She nodded driving her ass hard against her lover. The slap of its body against hers was loud and forceful. She orgasmed and kept going. As the night went on we both shared many pleasures.

                                                                                                                       TWO BECOMES THREE

    Rarely did Julie and I leave the house. It seemed that it needed us as much as we needed it. But as needs must we would go shopping and even during those times felt the pull of the house beckoning us to return. We were about to leave the store when an attractive older woman approached us. She was gray haired but stunning to look at. Her blue eyes took us in and we waited as she shook both our hands.

    " I know who you are. You live at Coldbrook. I envy you. I hope you will invite me one day. I wish to participate in all its desires." She smiled and left us without even giving us her name. We looked at each other in amazement. Had we been marked in some way that others could see so that they wanted all that we did from the house? She knew. So we must assume others did also. When we got back Julie immediately shed her clothes as did I. We were always naked within the house. We kissed and fondled as if we hadn't seen each other in years. Yet we both knew it was the house making us so.

    I went upstairs to shower while Julie volunteered to put away the food. When I returned I saw her in the living room on all fours her ass high in the air and her face a mask of lust filled pleasure. Something was fucking her from behind and she was loving it. I could see her hands reaching behind her as if coaching whoever was fucking her. Soon her tongue came out licking at the air near her. I knelt on the stairs watching through the stair rails rubbing my pussy as Julie moved back to capture whatever cock was sliding inside her pussy. I could see her ass cheeks juggling and her nipples scraping the floor beneath making her cry out in orgasm. Then she stopped dead her body still. She was moaning and begging whatever was giving her pleasure to not pull out of her. But alas it did and I could see hot cum pouring from her pussy.

    This was how each day went for us in the house. It led the both of us to imbibe in its many diverse pleasures. Nothing was out of bounds for us. Now it had two to play with. At night we were the slaves of the invisible lover. First Julie who loved its cock in her ass and then me in my pussy making me squirt endlessly.

    The next day we heard the doorbell ring and rushed to see who it might be. Of course we put on robes and opened the door to see the older woman we met at the store who wanted very much to be invited to the house. Julie ushered her in smiling and looking at me with those devious eyes and licking her lips. She knew the house wanted this woman and I liked it that it could choose whoever it wished for us.

    "I'm sorry to be any trouble to you but I had to come. I cannot get the house out of my mind. My name is Loren. I've known about the house from your Aunt, my dear, many years ago. But I was never called to it, if you know what I mean." Said Loren. She was beautiful with an infectious smile and beautiful eyes. She was probably 60 + years old but looked more like 40. We both understood what she meant and brought her into the living room where she immediately stared at the anatomically correct male statue. We brought in tea and sat near her.

    "Can you feel it?" Asked Julie staring at Loren.

    Loren nodded, her breathing fast and excited. One hand rested on her breast as she closed her eyes.

    "Is it always like this? So...sexual?" She asked in awe of the place.

    "Yes." I said. She smiled at me and squeezed her breast making her sigh. Julie nodded to me and stood removing her robe letting it drop to the floor as she approached the statue. Loren watched her seeing how beautiful the girl was. "Watch." I said to her as Julie knelt and began to suck the stone cock. Her tongue circled the head of it then she took it fully into her mouth. Loren moaned at the sight.

    I took off my robe then letting Loren see me as I spread my legs wide for her. She stared at my body and began to remove her own clothing until she too was naked. She licked her lips and moved between my legs.

    "May I, Dani?" She asked her mouth within inches of my pussy.

    "I want you to." I said as she lowered her mouth on my pussy. Her tongue shot out darting over my clit and licking down slavering over my pee hole and open pussy. I cried out in pleasure making her lick faster. I arched my back as I grabbed her head pushing it against me as I came. I her her gag as my cum squirted into her mouth. Julie was fucking the statue now and watching as Loren ate my pussy. Soon Julie came over and took my place letting Loren feast on her wet pussy. Then we all but attacked Loren licking and fingering her to numerous orgasms. We were entangled together our bodies sweaty and covered in our own juices.

    Then the house took over. Loren moved to the center of the living room on all fours her perfect ass high and inviting. I heard her groan as her pussy opened wide with an invisible lover using her. She moved back accepting it like Julie did. Her pussy was dripping wet and running down her thighs as the lover fucked her. We watched our new friend being fucked hard. There were tiny scratches on her legs and thigh. Loren put her face to the floor raising her ass even higher as the lover drove its cock deeper. Soon she cried out her body still as the lover came inside her filling up her pussy.

    We all showered together cleaning each other. We invited Loren to live with us and she accepted. Now three rooms in the house were filled and the invisible lovers were happy. Each night they had there way with us and we gladly allowed them. Loren was open to anything and it seemed the house knew making her do perverted things that made us want to join in.

    There were six bedrooms in the house and three were spoken for. The house wanted three more to join our happy family. We ate together and fucked together. Many times I would wake up to find Julie or Loren downstairs being used by the house. No part of the house was left out in our  sexual adventures it seemed. I once found Loren using the fireplace poker to slide up her ass as she masturbated. Another time I found Julie in the bathtub running water over her clit. No matter what we did to get satisfaction we always ended up in my room being used by the invisible lover.

    Three days later we found our fourth member.

    I heard the knock at the door first. It was very light and I almost didn't hear it at all. When I opened the door there stood a very young girl with short cropped blonde hair with jeans and a tight t shirt showing off her small breasts and hard little nipples. I was captivated by her fresh look.

    "Hi." She said looking past me into the house. "It's really real." She said looking about the place when I invited her in. "I dream about this place every night. Then one day I see it online in a news article written about twenty years ago and had to come see it for myself."

    I had her sit down. I brought drinks and waited for the others to show up.

    "What was the article about?" I asked giving her the drink.

    "Something about the house being a landmark in the town. Why it was in my dreams is truly weird." She said. The others appeared sitting and introducing themselves to her. "Oh, yeah, my name is Samantha. All my friends call me Sam for short."

    "Did I hear correctly that your getting dreams about this place?" Asked Loren who was wearing her robe as was Julie. I smiled realizing that they were both having sex before Sam arrived.

    "Kinda Stephen King shit, right?" She said drinking her glass dry. "All I know is that my dreams are really detailed in every way. Really graphic if you know what I mean."

    "Yes we do." Said Julie. "Sex stuff?"

    "Wow, intense sex stuff. I'm starting to like every dream. Can't wait to go to sleep at night." Said Sam.

    "Well," I said, "you came to the right place, Sam." I said.

    "Mmmmm, lots of hot sex here." Said Julie taking a good look at Sam's body.

    "I knew it had to be real. I wished for it to be real. Do you really have lots of sex here?" She asked.

    "All day and night." Said Loren. "Would like to spend the night and find out?"

    "Fuck, yes." Said Sam.

    They drank heavily listening to Sam's life story and her living on the streets. She had run away from home because her step dad wanted to fuck her and her mom wouldn't do anything to stop him. She had been homeless for over a year. Then the dreams came to her. Soon the house wanted her. It was not difficult to see the change in her. Her breathing quickened and her movements were very sensuous. We began to take her clothes off admiring her tight little body and her small patch of pussy hair. We introduced her to the male statue then the female one letting her natural instincts take over. She fucked them both paying special attention to the woman statues pussy that she licked in the most tantalizing way.

    We all took her to my room to make love to her getting her pussy ready for the invisible lover, our master of the house, whatever it might be. She came strong and fast making the bed a wet mess but one we loved. Soon the shadows darkened and we knew it was time.

    "Spread your legs, honey. That's it nice and wide." Said Loren knowing that a huge cock was already opening her vagina. Sam moaned as she felt the cock penetrating her and cried out as it slid several more inches into her. But finally she began to moan in pure passion as she started to fuck. She brought her legs way back loving what she was feeling. Th rest of us began to make love watching Sam being used. Her smallish body was being fucked hard and her pussy was opening and closing fast. Soon she was squirting and her body writhing in passion.

                                                                                                                       FULL UP

    Within a month we found the last two women to complete our group. They were Sasha and May. Both stunningly beautiful women. Whatever was choosing us had good taste and knew the right kind of woman to have within the house. The six of us were lovers and satisfied the master whenever he wished. To this day we do not know what he or it is. All we know is that it regularly satisfies our sexual needs and more. The house has control over us and we did not mind at all. All we want is to be pleasured.

    Through our own curiosity we wondered what was using us, our bodies. Who were we actually fucking? Each woman had a theory. Ghosts inhabiting the house from days past. Unknown creatures that have always been in the house and aliens. That was Sam's idea. We all had a laugh at that one. But when the house wanted us we were willing participants with no boundaries.

    One night Loren approached me as I was going downstairs. She was naked and had obviously just had a sexual encounter.

    "Well, I think I just had sex with a dog." She laughed wiping the semen from her ass. I asked her how it was. "Incredible. Think I'll be back for seconds later." We hugged, kissed and I went to the kitchen knowing that the house wanted me tonight. Maybe I was to experience what Loren did. Someone upstairs cried out. It sounded like Sasha who was being fucked by the master. The others were scattered about the house being used for the houses pleasure. When I entered the kitchen I noticed a wine bottle on the floor. It had a long neck and a wide body. I knew what it wanted me to do for it. I knelt down over it letting the neck of the bottle enter me.

    I moaned as I squatted down pushing the neck as far as it could go. I moaned and began to fuck it loving the intense feeling as it was stretching me wide. The body of the bottle was entering me and it felt exquisite making me cum hard. I heard the cries of my fellow house mates, my lovers knowing that the house was in full swing as it intended itself to be from now on. I moved faster feeling the bottle slip deliciously deeper inside me until I felt the kitchen floor beneath me.

    Every day was the same for all of us. The pleasures never abated. We were a happy family at Coldbrook Mansion.

                                                                                                                                 THE END


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So happy to see you back again. You write the best online stories

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There is always an undercurrent of dark sexuality in Gothic stories. It is great to see you bring it out into the "light" so to speak in this one FHG.

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Thank you all. I appreciate your encouragement.