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A Memorable Family Reunion (Mf, cons, mast)

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on: November 10, 2010, 10:08:13 PM
A long time ago, in the thread Kristen’s Board > Talk > Sex talk > “When was the first time you got a hard on or wet?” I wrote:

“I think I was about 10 when I found a porno book in my dad’s closet.  I got hard looking at the pictures but didn’t really know what to do about that.

Not too long after that I found out, thanks to my 13-year-old male cousin.  He offered to give me a hand job, my first masturbation experience.  It felt good but I didn’t cum; too young, I guess.

Or maybe he was the problem because, about 25 years later, I learned that his daughter gives one hell of a hand job.  She sure didn’t learn to do that from her father.  That was nearly 30 years ago and I get aroused to this day just thinking about that one-time encounter.”

EgeBamyasi replied to that post, “There’s a story here.  How did you find this out?”

Well, yeah, EgeBamyasi, there is a story there.  Here it is.

It happened after a family reunion around August of 1981.  Our reunions were always (and still are) held at a privately owned park in the woods.  The park has a playground and pavilion, plus fireplaces, trails, a pond, a creek, wildlife, etc.  It’s a really nice, secluded place.

My first cousin’s daughter – I’ll call her Sarah – and I volunteered for clean-up duty after the reunion.  Our job was to clean up the area, stow the trash, make sure the fires were out, and so on.  Then I planned to take her home and that would have been the end of a fun day with relatives.

Sarah is 19 years younger than I am.  At the time, she was pretty naïve when it came to sex … human sex, that is.  We grew up in farm country so she had seen cows, horses, goat, dogs, and cats fucking.  But she didn’t know much about ‘the birds and the bees’ as those lessons applied to people.

I had thought for a long time that Sarah had a thing for older guys.  Whether it was some kind of a ‘daddy fixation,’ I don’t know, but she seemed more at ease around older guys and had little time for boys her own age.  I doubt she and her dad ever had anything going although I’m sure that old horn dog had thought about it a time or two.

Anyway, it was pretty clear to me (and probably to others) that Sarah was being pretty flirtatious towards me during the whole reunion.  I thought little of it, just a young girl trying to get an older guy’s attention.  I gave it to her (as I try to do to everyone), paying close attention to whatever she said, listening to her, showing interest, asking questions, and generally treating her like the young woman she was becoming and not like the kid she no longer was.

Everybody left and we got the place cleaned up; I thanked Sarah for her help and then asked if she was ready to go home.  That’s when she said, “Can we like take a walk or something?  I don’t want to go home just yet … it’s nice out here … and you’re fun to talk to.”

She was right about it being nice out there and I have to admit, looking at her only enhanced the scenery.  Sarah was about 5’1” or so, proportional in weight, with long brown hair, brown eyes, clear skin, a pretty smile with naturally straight teeth, cute little boobs, and (I couldn’t help noticing) a very nice ass.

I agreed, so we ambled off down a path for a while, talking about home, school, things we saw on the trail, and whatever else came into her adolescent mind. 

The subject soon turned to boys … specifically her 17-year-old boyfriend.  (I think it was ‘Jared’ or ‘Jeremy’ or some name like that.  How come there are no Franks or Mikes or Bills around anymore?) 

Anyway, the gist of her comments was that the boyfriend wanted more sex from Sarah than he was getting.  And he wasn’t getting it because she really didn’t know what she should do.

“Like what?” I asked.

“Well, he always wants me to like … I dunno,” she hesitated, then continued, “you know … to like suck him off or give him a handjob or something.”  Just having this conversation with Sarah was making me about as horny as the proverbial ten-peckered billy goat.

“Okay,” I said resisting the impulse to act parental (and also the impulse to jump her bones), “So suck him off or give him a handjob or something.  Just be sure you get something in return.  Don’t let him use you and don’t do anything you’ll regret, if you know what I mean.”

“But that’s the thing … I don’t know how to do anything … and I don’t want him to think I’m like a dork or a dumb little kid or something.”

“You don’t know, what, how to give a blowjob … or a handjob?”

“Yeah … or no.”

It took me a moment to process this turn in the conversation.  Was I really going to talk to my comely adolescent cousin about oral and manual sex?  And who was the joker who decided to apply the word ‘comely’ to a girl like her? 

I pressed on …

“Well, there’s not a lot to it.  Now, blowjobs are kind of a specialized art, I think.  But handjobs are easy … you can just stroke him up and down ‘til he cums … (long pause) … or anything else you can think of that he likes … (another long pause) … that makes him feel good … (pause) … anyway, if you ever need a practice dummy, I can’t think of a better dummy than me.”

She laughed at the humor but I noticed that she was walking closer to me than when we started out.  Then she twined her fingers loosely in mine as we walked on, enjoying the forest.

At length she looked up at me and said, “Really?”

“Really, what … that I’m a dummy?” I laughed.

“No! You wouldn’t tell anyone, really?”  She was serious.

“I wouldn’t tell anyone what, if you practiced giving me a handjob?  Good God no, of course not … who would I tell, your dad?  The only question would be which one of us he’d kill first.  No, I wouldn’t tell anyone.  And, like I said, don’t let yourself be used; be sure you get something in return.”

We walked on a little farther, this time with our arms loose around each other’s waists.

“And you’d tell me if I was like, a total dork at it …?”

“Sarah, I don’t think you could be a total dork at anything … but yes, I would tell you if you’re a total dork at it.  I will be your coach, so to speak.  And I think I can personally guarantee you will not be a total dork at it.”

We walked on, then she stopped and nodded toward a clearing: “Where?”

I was more than a little surprised that she was even considering this seriously.  But I found myself replying with something like, “Wherever you think you’d be comfortable.”

We found a place in the clearing off the trail, under a tree. I laid out on my back under the tree.  Sarah stretched out next to me, facing me.

“Okay, what should I do?” she asked.

“Well, a kiss usually helps break the ice … like you’d kiss Jared, not your dad … or your cousin.”

She smiled, leaned over, closed her eyes, and touched her lips to mine.  Then her mouth opened into a cum-in-your-pants quality French kiss.  I couldn’t help reaching up to caress her young boob and felt a hardening nipple under her bra.

She broke the kiss a few moments later.  “Wow,” I said, “That’s one thing I don’t have to teach you how to do.  Jared is a lucky guy.”

She smiled and blushed as I continued, “Now if you want to learn to do this right, kiss him just like that while you reach down and feel his cock through his pants.”

She complied willingly and I nearly did cum in my pants right then. “Am I hard … er, is he hard, I mean?” I asked.

“Yeah,” she giggled.

“Yeah, you’re damn right he’s hard.  Now you gotta take his cock out of his pants.  You can do it or he can do it … or you can work on it together.  Here …”

With that, I unfastened my belt and unzipped my pants.  “Now your turn … you can pull ‘em down.”  I raised my hips so Sarah could ooch my pants down to my knees.  My cock was probably as hard as it’s ever been.

Long seconds passed and she sat and stared at my erection. “Wow … it’s so big,” she said in a quiet, husky voice I had not heard from her before.

“Aren’t you a love?  It’s not really that big … but guys love to hear a girl say that.  Now, touch it a little – gently – and get used to how it feels … then wrap your hand around it … not too tight … and stroke it slowly from my balls up to the head and back down again.”

Her soft hand touched my cock, tentatively at first.  “Like this?” she asked, wrapping her warm hand around my bone.

“Oh, God yes … like that.”  A softer hand had never touched my cock.  She did that a few more times until I stopped her.  “Oh wow, stop a sec or you’ll make me cum.  Now, there’s only about three things you need to know to give a good handjob … one, lubrication is good.”


“Uh huh … ‘cause then … well, I’ll just put it right out there … ‘cause then it feels more like … well, like being inside a real pussy.”

“Ohhh…”, she said with a glimmer of recognition.

“And if you don’t have any real lube around, you can always lick your hand and use your own saliva.  You may have to do that a couple times until he gets off.  Want to give that a try?”

She licked her palm and fingers a couple times until they were sloppy wet and went back to what she was doing.

“Is that okay?”

“Oh yeah, it’s beyond wonderful!  Now squeeze my cock a little harder and milk it … like a cow.”  She knew how to milk a cow and as she milked my cock, a large glob of precum drooled out the end.

“Oh wow, is that like … pee? cum?” she asked. I couldn’t help thinking ‘oh my god, my little cousin Sarah is so naïve … she doesn’t know a fucking thing about boys!’

“No sweetie, it’s ‘pre-cum.’ You know how you get wet, uh, ‘down there’ when you get turned on?”

She giggled and blushed, “Yeah …” Her squirm told me that same thing was happening to her at that very moment.

“Well, guys get wet too … it’s lubrication.  Touch it and rub it around the head with your fingers.  And you can lick your hand again too … pre-cum doesn’t taste bad.  Then slide your hand up and down like you were doing before.”

She tried that to great effect; I thought I was going to cum right then. I had to stop her, or myself, and continued: “Okay, another thing: the most sensitive part of a guy’s cock is right under the head, on the underside …”

“Here?” she asked as she made tentative circles with her wet thumb in exactly the right place.

“Oh god … yes, right there.  But not too much yet … you’re so good at this you’ll make me cum in no time.  Are you sure you haven’t done this before?”

She giggled, appreciating the compliment.  “Now,” I said, “you can just stroke his cock up and down … just kinda jerk him off until he cums … that always works.  Or you can try an upward and downward twisting motion with your lubed-up hand and play with his balls – gently – with the other hand. I love it like that. Give that a try.”

She licked her hand again, milked out some more precum and, trying to keep her wet thumb close to the underside of the head, stroked my cock up and down in a twisting motion while caressing my balls.

“Oh, fuck … oh god, that’s wonderful.”  I had to stop her again.   “Whoa, whoa … and remember to look into his eyes a lot, and smile … like you’re studying his pleasure, not his cock.  You can study his cock later.  Okay?”


“And when the guy gets close to cumming, don’t stop or change what you’re doing.  Just keep doing that until he cums, and then keep doing it some more after he cums, ‘til he says stop.”


“Okay, all together now … final exam.  See how long it takes you to make me cum like that.”

I leaned back and closed my eyes as she set to her task.  For a little more tactile sensation I stroked her back under her T-shirt and let my hand wander down into her shorts to her ass crack as she stroked my cock. 

I must be a good teacher because Sarah had become an expert at this in the time span of half-a-handjob.  After only a few minutes, I moaned, “Oh fuck Sarah, I’m gonna cum.”  At that, my cock swelled and hardened even more, my body tensed and, with an, “Ahhhh!”, a large gout of cum surged forth from my cock … and landed on my face.

I didn’t care.  I continued moaning and cumming as second, third, and fourth spurts landed on my neck and T-shirt. A fifth pooled in my belly button and a sixth drooled out of my cock and oozed down over her hand and wrist.

“Oh wow…” she whispered.

“Okay, okay … enough,” I panted as I flinched away from her touch. “Oh my fucking word … that … was … oh my fucking god … incredible,” I finally managed.  She kept her cum-covered hand loosely around my wet cock as I pulled her toward me for another kiss.  That kiss was almost enough to get me fully erect again.

“It didn’t hurt?  You moaned like it might hurt.”

“Oh, no,” I panted, “It definitely didn’t hurt … it was wonderful.  Unbelievable.”

We lay there for several minutes kissing, while I caught my breath.  “God damn, girl, I think I’ll marry you myself.  The was the best hand job I have ever had in my life.”

“It was, really?  You’re sure.  I was okay?”

“You were so okay, I can’t tell you.  Well, maybe you could work on your aim a little bit,” I teased, as cum ran down my face.  “I think I won’t come into the house when I drop you off, if that’s okay.” Sarah laughed. 

At length, I regained my composure and tried to wipe some of the cum off with my hands.  Sarah was wide-eyed as I licked my own cum off my fingers and offered her a taste: “Try it, it’s okay.” 

She hesitated, then took a quick lick, considered it, and wrinkled up her nose.  “It’s an acquired taste, I guess, like wine.  Anyway, it’s okay to get it in your mouth … just keep it away from down here,” I said as I lightly touched her warm and obviously wet pussy.  “That’s how babies get made.”

“I know that,” she said with that kind of eye-rolling disdain that seems the exclusive province of teenage girls.  I knew she knew that, but I wanted to signal to her that I had no intention of trying to fuck her that afternoon.  I think she got that message.

We cuddled for a few more minutes, just enjoying our time together.  Then I broke the silence:  “Hey, Sarah?” I asked her.


“Remember how I said you should get something in return?”

“Mm hmm?”

“Well … I’m offering.”

“Oh wow … really?  What are you gonna do?  Do you think we have time?”  Her second question told me the answer to her first question was irrelevant; she wanted to do more.

“Yeah, I think … we can make the time … we’ll tell your folks we … we stopped off for something to eat (which was definitely my intention!).  I mean, they’ll know we didn’t run off into the woods and have wild sex or anything.”  She giggled and rewarded me with another of her wonderful kisses.

We did indeed have time.  But since you are probably out of time to read more of the story, I’ll end this chapter here.  Let me know if you’d like to hear more.


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Reply #1 on: November 11, 2010, 12:16:27 AM
I'd definitely like to hear more and i wouldn't mind meeting her 29 years later... ;)

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