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Miranda (MF, fantasy/magic)

Vela Nanashi · 2313

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Online Vela Nanashi

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on: May 09, 2011, 02:47:45 AM

I am a sinner (@ some of "the seven deadly sins of writing").

I tend to write my stories rapidly, without much of a plan, while the events unfold in my mind. I do use a spell checker, I however rarely edit my stories, as they are in their most true and pure form raw. I really don't know how good my grammar and punctuation is, or how consistent the stories will be, so I hope reading these stories won't be too painful.

I have a really hard time staying within our mundane real world, preferring fantasy and/or science fiction, so if you are looking for the real mundane world look elsewhere.

I might not make just pure plain porn/erotica, I might sometimes try to weave a story around things, and sometimes not.


This story was written after I joined this forum, and it is not done yet, more will come eventually, probably. It is based on a few old characters of mine that seemed to want to come out and play today.



It is a warm day, some fluffy white clouds dot the blue sky, and high up above the clouds flies Miranda, looking down upon the world below, between the clouds she sees patchwork farmland surrounded by mixed woods, and mountains in the distance.

The flowing air feels wonderful against her warmly golden naked skin, and under her sky blue gold rimmed feathered wings, and as it pulls her long golden hair behind her, the sun feels warm against her back.

Laughing with joy she dives between two clouds, the wind howls past her ears as she reaches really high speed, her wide pupils surrounded by deep emerald green irises reflect the image of a small boat out on the calm lake below her, a fisherman is calmly smoking his pipe under his large straw hat and watching his fishing rods, waiting for some fish take the bait.

Just as she is about to collide with the fishing boat she spreads her wings wide and slams them down, turning her speed into upward momentum, and causing a blast of air all around the boat, the water splashing away, and the fisherman's hat leaps off his head. She giggles and shouts in a amused tone "hi Bob! I will come by later for some fish."

The fisherman grabs his hat before it manages to fly into the water, and shakes his head as he looks at Miranda flying away, it is not the first time she has done that to him, although she can be a bit annoying she is one of his best customers too.

Miranda flaps her wings at a steady pace, flying up stream, towards the mountain. The sun is illuminating the side of the mountain, and making a strong upwards air stream, that allows her to more easily gain altitude, she circles the pool that the small waterfall has dug out of the base of the mountain. After a short while she reaches the clouds again.

She flies through one of the clouds, her entire body getting glazed with cool water, her wings getting heavy, and her hair sticks to her back reaching all the way to her butt, her tail moves side to side to balance her flight path as her wings get unevenly wet. She finally exits the cloud. Flapping her wings hard to get all the water out of them, shaking her head and giggling.

She faces the warm sun, altering the way she flaps her wings, she spreads her arms and legs as the warm sunlight embraces her with its comforting heat. Her eyes draws light from the sun and starts shining like two green stars, as she recharges herself from the sun. She tilts her head backwards and sees the floating isle, surrounded by clouds, her home amongst the clouds, it looks like a really large mountain from this angle.

She turns the proper way around and flaps her wings harder, just barely avoiding crashing into the ring of snow clad mountains that surrounds the huge fertile caldera. She dives towards the stone circle that surrounds the circular pool where all the mountain streams meet and lands upon one of the horizontal stones that form the circular arch on top of the standing stones. She runs a lap around the pool, enjoying the smooth texture of the polished and patterned granite stones. Where her feet touch the stone they leave golden glowing footprints that fade slowly.

Miranda dives into the pool, breathing the water as if it was air and flies under water using her wings, it is different than air, but still similar, the sweet water of the pool is mostly free of fish, except near the edges, and is clear all the way to a shimmering layer that looks almost like a mirror, she swims through it, ending up in cooler salt water, the edges of the pool widen out of sight yet leaving a ceiling slightly below the mirror like layer, where there are crystal formations that glow with captured sunlight, illuminating the underground sea, she flies through a school of tiny fish, they only give her enough space to fly through them, showing no fear of her, and they tickle her as she flies through them.

Miranda flies over beautiful coral formations, inhabited by many colourful fish, she reaches a the entrance to a tunnel and swims through it, it is lit by more of the beautiful glowing crystals, around each crystal grows seaweeds and corals.

A nautilus and a cuttlefish swim up to her, greeting her and she gently cuddles them as they grab onto her and giggles, her voice much deeper now as it is made in water. They follow her for several hundred meters and then suddenly they swim away as fast as they can. She looks around to see what scared them off, and then feels one of her dolphin friend's nose bump into her side, and she feels the tingly buzz of its ultrasound and hears its giggle. She smiles and hugs him "can you take me to my home?"

The dolphin nods his head and she hugs him tightly and he swims much faster than she can fly under water, quickly reaching a pool inside a large underground chamber, she caresses him and then swims to the edge of the pool and picks up a rope toy she made for her dolphin friends, it has a few stone and wood blocks between knots making it easy for her to throw. She spends an hour throwing it out into the water and he swims out and grabs it and brings it back to her, both giggling and having fun until her arms hurt from all the throwing "now I need to rest sweetie, you should go back to your friends." she says and kisses him on the nose and then gets out of the water, he watches her for a few moments and then swims away.

Miranda walks into a small alcove and touches a magical symbol on the wall, and fresh water leaps out from the walls, in tiny vibrating droplets, and swirls around her, she leans against the wall, stretching her wings, arms, legs and tail, and sings softly matching the tone of the vibration in the droplets, it feels so wonderful, like a thousand humming lips and tongues moving across every inch of her, and at the same time a deep relaxing massage. She leans against the wall, closing her eyes, pressing another magical symbol, the water droplets change shape and vibration, becoming more intense, her song turns into moans, her entire body trembling and shaking as the orgasmic waves pass through her, she finally slides down to the ground as she loses nearly all ability to control her muscles, she stretches a shaking arm up to yet another magical symbol, this one is much calmer, warmer, and slower, it feels like being wrapped up in a warm embrace.

It takes her a long time to fully calm her breathing and she pushes herself up from the ground and presses another magical symbol, the water gets replaced by air that quickly pulls all the water from her wings and hair and skin, she walks out of the alcove and yawns, she reaches her bed, she leaps onto the silk blankets, sheets and many pillows hugging a long round pillow and looking at the beautiful marble carvings that make up the frame of the circular bed and holds up the canopy, the carvings are of herself and men and women and animals and plants, and many depictions of acts of passion and love. She smiles and closes her eyes falling into wonderful sleep.


The light of the chamber shifts slowly as the glowing crystals start to fade from golden sunlight through deep red, orange and purple of the sunset and finally into faint silvery light of the moon and stars.

The rough granite wall of the chamber near her bed opens its eyes and looks at Miranda as she sleeps, slowly it flows out of the wall, forming a large man of polished granite. He walks up to her and gently and lovingly caresses her back and wings. Caressing her hair away from her back and neck, and then tracing his fingers along her scale like golden patterning that starts under her hair and goes all along her neck, and spine, out along her wings, and then becomes part of her tail, all the way to its heart shaped tip. As he caresses the base of her tail her legs spread and she pushes her butt into the air and her tail wraps around his arm, and she moans softly in her sleep "mmm Grom mmm."

Grom smiles and pulls his arm free and gently caresses her tail while doing so and then leans over her caressing her hair and cheek and kisses her cheek, he then takes a step back to take in her beautiful visage. He looks at her beautiful feet, long softly muscular legs, cute ample round butt, her wet and inviting pussy lips. He pauses there for a while, looking at her tail moving in rhythmic waves. He gently caresses her feet, calves and thighs, spreading her legs a little further as he does so, he then caresses her butt cheeks and along her sides and back, admiring her soft yet muscular build, he kisses her neck again as he leans over her.

Miranda moans softly in her sleeping state, having made a dream to match what her body is telling her. Her tail caresses him, sliding between his legs, Grom knows what she is looking for, and his granite form changes shape to oblige, growing a cock and balls, her tail wraps around his cock and tries to pull him into position.

Grom let's her squirm a little bit, trying to reach him with her pussy, but when he hears her moans getting frustrated he slowly pushes himself into her dripping wet pussy, sliding in just a few inches and then pulling out and then sliding in a bit deeper, repeating slowly going deeper each time and while he does he kisses her neck and back.

Miranda moves with him trying to get him deeper sooner. She moans "mmm Grom harder" and starts to rub her clitoris.

Grom notices what she is doing and grabs her hands, holding them above her head with one arm, and then wraps his other arm around her hips and sliding it down along her trimmed pubic hair, sliding his fingers on both sides of her pussy, feeling his cock through her pussy lips, and getting his fingers wet with her juices, he then slides his fingers back exposing her clitoris and pushing it against his cock and gently rubbing it. He is always a bit worried when handling her, as he is made of stone and she is made of flesh, he could easily crush her, yet he has never hurt her.

Miranda moans deeper and louder, breathing faster, her wings, arms and legs quiver and she cries out "aaah Grom don't stop!" and wakes up.

Grom feels her pussy grab onto his cock really hard, he waits till he can move without hurting her, but continues to move his fingers over her clitoris, using its hood to massage it safely. He keeps going changing his angle slightly to give her some new sensations.

Miranda suddenly spasms violently against him and he feels several hot squirts around his cock and against his balls and legs, the bed gets soaked in warm liquid.

Grom pushes himself really deep and then starts to stir her and move in and out slowly, he has noticed she likes that.

Miranda screams, spasms and squirts and pulls her hands from his grip, pushing herself up with shaky hands.

Grom moves his free hand sliding it to her stomach and then up along her chest to her breasts, grabbing one and pinching its nipple and pulls her up against his chest, holding her to him in a tight embrace.

Miranda moans and her wings hurt as they don't quite like this treatment, but she likes being held this tightly to him so she never told him that, she turns her head and kisses him, and her eyes shine with love as she looks up into his eyes. She moves one hand to his hand that is massaging her clitoris.

Grom stops massaging her clitoris and slows down and finally stops, staying deep inside her and feeling her pussy muscles spasm around him. "Welcome home." he says with a smile as Miranda breaks their kiss.

Miranda giggles exhaustedly and moans softly "mmm Grom mmm." and smiles, she enjoys how he makes her feel, and having him fill her so completely, and he learns what she wants quickly, she pulls at his hand that is on her clitoris still and pulls it up to her mouth and she licks his fingers clean.

Grom enjoys the way she feels against him and around him, but this is not really his natural form, he does not get the same type of pleasure from it as she does, but he loves hearing and seeing and feeling her pleasure, it makes him happy. When she is done licking his fingers he grabs her other breast, and hugs her a little tighter and kisses her until she has stopped having chaotic spasms around him inside, he has learned to feel the difference between those contractions and her voluntary ones.

Miranda relaxes in his embrace, she again wonders if she could ever make him feel the same kind of pleasure like the other men in her life, as she wants him to truly know how it feels, and to get that pleasure.

The light changes around them mimicking the dawn.

Grom relaxes his grip and caresses her stomach "I should make you breakfast." and his shape changes as he shrinks his cock and balls, and he gently sets her down on the bed and kisses her and then walks off to the kitchen.

Miranda giggles and collapses on the bed hugging the pillow, she had tried to tell Grom several times, that she won't starve to death without breakfast at dawn, but he seems to take feeding her very seriously when she is here. So she has given up on telling him that.


Grom enters the kitchen and opens a granite cabinet, inside it stands various foods, he made the actual cabinet for Miranda, and she placed her magic on it, so when one has no hands poked into the shelves time stops flowing preserving anything exactly like it was when it was put into the cabinet. He does not know how that works, but it is good he guesses, he knows Miranda does not like things that have gone 'bad' whatever that means. He takes seven slices of bacon and six eggs from the cabinet and places the slices on the granite stove in a circle, and cracks the eggs inside it, touching a magic symbol and the stove gets instantly hot, he watches the bacon and eggs cook and his hand turns into a thin flat spatula and he turns the eggs and bacon over, and then moves them over to a plate in the cabinet when done, he then grabs some fruits from another shelf and a bowl, and squeezes out the juice from the fruits into the bowl, tossing the dry fruit remnants into another bowl, then he pours the juice into a tall glass and takes the plate and glass placing them on a tray and then walks back to Miranda.

Miranda smiles at him "mmm that smells lovely." she says and sits up on the bed, the wet spot has now gotten cold and she snaps her fingers, her eyes flash green and the bed and she gets cleaned up instantly. Her stomach grumbles and she giggles.

Grom sits down next to her and notices that he forgot the utensils, so he grabs the granite tray, and it shrinks a bit and then he grows a knife and fork from polished granite from himself and gives them to her and holds the tray at a suitable level for her.

Miranda grabs the utensils and quickly cuts the food up and then seems to inhale it while making happy eating noises and then inhales the mixed fruit juice just as quickly, her eyes glowing softly green as she does "mmm yes that was good. Thank you Grom." she reflects on that difference between Grom and other men too, she does not need food when she makes love to normal men, as she gains energy from them when having sex, they don't die or anything, but they do all fall asleep afterwards, and need to sleep at least half a day before they have fully recovered, none of them have ever complained about that though.

Grom enjoys watching her eat and listening to her happy sounds "you are welcome sweetie." he says and takes the tray and walks back out into the kitchen.

Miranda let's him do that, he likes keeping things orderly and neat, she tends to not really care about that, being far more chaotic in nature. She walks to one of the passages leading out of the chamber and walks up a spiral stairwell, finally reaching a beautiful garden, Grom made it for her, and keeps the plants happy, she never was much of a gardener herself, she lies down on her sun stone, it is a stone Grom shaped for her, making it perfect for resting her back on without her wings being uncomfortable, and at the same time allowing her to stretch her back out fully. She made it face the sun all day long. She lays back against it and stretches her back and wings and places her feet on the higher footholds, spreading her legs and she caresses her pussy lips and spreads them apart enjoying the heat of the sun and falls asleep.

continued here
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Reply #1 on: May 11, 2011, 01:10:48 AM

This post contains some non sex related violence...


Miranda part 2

Grom enters the garden and smiles as he sees Miranda, and then looks around the garden to see if there is anything that needs doing, and he spots several weeds that are popping up among the flower beds, and moves to clear them away, he considers them weeds only because they seem able to kill off the other flowers if left to their own devices, or at the very least they push them away.

Miranda hears Grom working and turns her head and sees what he is doing "Grom, I can help you with removing the weeds today, just bring me one of each kind so I know what you want me to remove, and I will."

Grom turns to Miranda "alright, but you don't have to, I can do this."

Miranda smiles "I want to" she says and stays there on the sun stone enjoying the warmth and waits for Grom to bring the weeds she asked for.

Grom does as instructed, collecting one of each type weed from the flower beds and walks up to Miranda "be careful a few of these sting you, I remember."

Miranda sits up and smiles "I know, I told you what ones do." she moves her hand near the weeds and her irises glow a cold green and her pupils expand making her irises turn into tiny radiant rings around deep pitch black pupils. The colour of the weeds fade turning a crisp white and the weeds dry up and then disintegrate, as they do glowing rainbow coloured star like particles leap from them and into Miranda's eyes and she inhales deeply "mmm tasty life." her irises burn with cold green fire illuminating Grom and herself with its unnatural light and all the weeds growing in the garden disintegrate the same way and a vortex of rainbow glowing particles swirl around Miranda's eyes before being swallowed up by them. Her irises stop glowing and her pupils shrink back to their normal positions and she cries out with the ecstasy of consuming all that life.

Grom watches her with awe and fear, she had done this on one or two dandelions before, but never on this scale "you can be very scary my beautiful sweetie."

Miranda giggles nervously and then says "I... I have not eaten enough of life force to quench my thirst and hunger for it, normal food only sates me briefly. Making love to normal flesh people sates me for much longer, but this will last for at least a week." she says and smiles.

Grom tilts his head "you don't hurt the other people I hope."

Miranda shakes her head "they just become very tired, exhausted, but also it feels good for them too. I really wish I could give you that type of pleasure."

Grom nods "I would like to know how it feels, I like giving you pleasure though, but it seems very desirable for you and good, almost I think like dissolving oneself into one of the hot underground mineral pools, yet not exactly."

Miranda tilts her head looking at Grom "do you think you could take me to one of those pools? I want to understand how you work, maybe then I can create a magical item so you can briefly turn to flesh, so you can experience what I do, and maybe I can turn into stone like you and experience what you do."

Grom shakes his head "the mineral pools are deep underground, there are no passages there, they are hotter than fire, and the pressure is intense enough to keep them liquid, the air is filled with gasses that would wilt any of the plants here in moments. The only way I get down there is to swim through the mountain, through the stone."

Miranda sighs frustratedly and thinks for a few moments "I can survive those conditions with my magic, but I can't swim through stone..." her tail moves in a somewhat irritated fashion as she thinks more then suddenly changes to its calmer smooth wave from base to tip and she smiles "oh! you can change shape, do you think you can form a shell around me while you swim through the mountain?"

Grom tilts his head "encase you inside me? But you are claustrophobic, won't you panic, are you sure you want this?"

Miranda nods "I am quite sure I want this yes, I will just have to endure, and besides it is not the same as when there was a cave in, I would be inside you, and I trust you, I know you love me and always take care of me."

Grom smiles and nods "alright I will take you there, if you promise you will be able to handle it, I don't want you hurt." he caresses her cheek and down her neck and shoulder "just tell me when you want to go and I will take you there, but we better start as close as possible, you know near the hot springs below your vault."

Miranda nods and bounces to her feet, and kisses Grom "let's go!" she says and skips inside and then heads towards the place he told her to go.

Grom walks to the nearest rock face and flows into it, reaching the hot springs just as Miranda does.

Miranda shakes her head "how did you get down here that fast?"

Grom smiles "I move fast through stone."

Miranda walks up to him and seems a bit uncertain "so... um... what do I do now?"

Grom considers and then says "I know you seem to like sleeping on me sometimes, so does that mean I am a comfortable shape to lie on top of?"

Miranda smiles "not exactly comfortable, but... I like having someone near me, someone I like and who likes me, it feels safer and nicer than sleeping alone."

Grom nods and lies down on the stone floor "let's start with you getting as comfortable as you can on top of me, and then I can shape myself around you before we get going."

Miranda nods and her eyes flash green and her skin, hair and feathers shimmer green for a brief moment "there now I should be able to walk on lava or through fire without burning or getting damaged, and breathe fire and smoke." her eyes keep having a faint green glow to them. She straddles Grom and then adjusts herself to lie comfortably on him, she hugs him with her wings too, forming a screen around their upper bodies, and kisses him "I am ready now."

Grom partially merges with the floor and then slowly his granite form flows around Miranda's feet, and up her legs, he leaves a little bit of space for her muscles to be able to flex, though he forms a rather tight shell around her, he flows around her butt and up her back, around her wings, along her hands and arms then forming a bubble around the part enclosed by her wings, he gazes up at her to see if she is still alright and asks "are you still sure you want to go?"

Miranda bites her lip and nods saying with a slight tremble in her voice "mmm I am alright." she feels how Grom begins to move they start sinking through the stone, and then start moving faster. Her eyes flash and a few small dancing lights appear in the small bubble and then she uses her magic again and Grom becomes partially transparent. She sees something moving inside him, looking like lightning dancing between the surfaces inside him, yet branched a lot more than normal lightning and shimmering in all the colours of the rainbow "what is that inside you?"

Grom smiles "what does it look like?"

"Like lightning." Miranda says and points at it "what is it?"

Grom chuckles a bit making her entire body shake "that is my spark, the real me, what makes me able to shape stone and move, I need my stone body when I am not dissolved in the hot mineral pool." he says this as if it was obvious.

Miranda smiles "you are really beautiful." and then she looks beyond Grom, and sees all the minerals sparkle as her dancing lights and Grom's spark illuminates them, crystals and gems also move past, and many different types of rock, veins of metal "this is amazing..." she says and watches all the beauty hidden within the mountain, inside the stone.

The temperature rises, and Miranda gets covered in sweat, her magic protects her from getting damaged, but she still feels the heat just like before, she does not show that it is getting painfully exhaustingly hot though, managing to keep a smile on her face, and it is still amazingly beautiful. She tries to adjust her position inside Grom, but can't and briefly panic tries to grip her, but she closes her eyes and takes a very slow and deep breath and exhales and then opens her eyes and gazes at Grom's spark, she sees how it has two permanent points it hits where his eyes are, the other points dance around inside him, she recognizes the way the his eyes colour shifts in the spark, it has a very distinct order of shifting that she learns during their trip. She is so focused on it that she fails to notice that they enter a large cavern.

Grom starts to slowly open up letting the hot intensely sulphuric and salty tasting air filled with smoky flavours enter the bubble he held open for her. Hoping she actually knows what she is doing with her magic.

Miranda coughs briefly and then takes a few deep breaths, they sting but her magic protects her "I am alright" she says with a slightly coarse and deeper voice than normal. She waits for Grom to release her from himself and then stands up stretching her limbs. The rocks are scorching hot, and had she not had her magic going she would have been cooked and burned to a crisp in moments. She sees the pool ahead of them and smiles at Grom as he finally returns to his male form beside her "is that the pool you were talking about?"

Grom nods "yes one of a few of the mineral pools, it is where my kind go when we want to reproduce, or just relax, one or more of us gather enough minerals to form another of us and take them into the pool, then we merge with each other and the minerals dissolving them into the pool and then split into as many as we want or as many as we have the minerals for."

Miranda smiles "oooh that is interesting" in her mind she flashes back to a few orgies she had been part of and imagines merging with the ones she loves, more completely than when having sex and then separating with a baby being right there, without the complexities of pregnancy and giving birth, she likes the concept on some level, yet it also scares her a little bit "when you do that how do you know you can extract yourself from all the merging?"

Grom shakes his head "you don't really, when we do that we share memories and feelings, and those who step out of the pool are not exactly the same as those who entered it, we all get aspects of each other when we do that."

Miranda shudders a little bit "I am not sure I could do that..." she says, her individuality is very important to her, and she is not at all sure she likes the idea of losing part of herself, she does not so much mind gaining things from others though. She walks up to the pool dipping her toes in the really hot and mineral rich water, as she pulls her toes out they sparkle with deposited minerals.

Suddenly a stalagmite next to her melts and moves as a wave up to her, the wave turns into a spiky tree as it pierces through her flesh, ripping into her, ripping apart her inner organs and heart and exiting in several places, then just as quickly it retracts, the stone forms a sphere and rolls up to Grom "how dare you bring a foul flesh creature here!"

Grom screams "no Miranda!!" and for the first time in his life experiences rage, he slams into the other stone creature using hands shaped like scary dwarven picks and hammers and a few moments later the shattered remains of the other stone creature lies there around him and he runs up to Miranda's corpse, he tries to wake her, but she does not move, she just lies there. He forms a dome around her to make sure nobody can violate her body.

Grom does not notice, but slowly Miranda's wounds heal, starting inside her, and working their way out, he only notices, a day or an eternity later, when Miranda's skin rapidly finishes the job of healing and she gasps loudly and coughs up lumps of cooked blood. She then screams and panics as she is encased in a really tiny space and does not really remember where she is.

Grom quickly opens up forming his male form and Miranda latches onto him in a tight hug crying against his chest, her memories sorting themselves out in her head "what was that! It really hurt!" she suddenly screams. "It was another of my people, he is one of those that hate all flesh creatures, ever since the foul dwarves killed nearly all of us."

Miranda holds on to Grom "where did he go?"

Grom looks ashamed and says in a very sad tone "I... I killed him... I was so angry, I thought he killed you, but that is no excuse, we should not kill each other."

Miranda feels the need to comfort Grom and caresses his face "I know you don't like hurting things, at all, you even had trouble with killing the weeds in the garden at first, but sometimes you have to kill things, if they threaten the ones you love or yourself, or if you need to eat them to survive." she then asks "where is his body anyway?"

Grom points at the pile of shattered rock. "There."

Miranda lets go of Grom and walks up to the pile of fragments and picks one up and makes it transparent "there is a tiny spark in this fragment" she then looks at the others "each of them has a tiny spark, but they don't move as much as in you, and are a lot fainter." she says and then puts the pieces back on the ground "Grom... can you check that we are alone in here?"

Grom nods and quickly surveys the cavern to make sure there is nobody else there and then goes back to her and says "we are alone."

Miranda smiles "did you say you could relax in the pool without changing?"

Grom nods "yeah I do that all the time, when you are not around, it feels very nice."

Miranda nods "I would like to, if you want to, feel your spark, can you move it freely in the pool?"

Grom nods "yes, but won't that hurt you, I have seen lightning start fires above ground."

Miranda giggles "I need to feel your spark inside me to understand how it works, and maybe I can then use that knowledge to make that item I talked about, and maybe I can even heal this stone person you did not want to kill, but I don't really want to, but I will if I can and you want me to."

Grom looks at the pile of fragments and then at Miranda and nods "I really want to, but I will have to protect you from him and if he tries to hurt you again I will smash him again."

Miranda smiles and shakes her head "alright, get into the pool now."

Grom enters the pool and he dissolves into it, his spark making it glow as it dances through the hot mineral rich waters.

Miranda walks up to the edge of the pool and watches for a while and then walks straight into the pool until she is fully submerged, it is really scorching hot.

Grom moves his spark around Miranda till she seems to be where she wants to go and then carefully touches her hand with one of the tiny edge sparks.

Miranda's eyes glow a brilliant green and she feels Grom's spark enter her.

Grom feels pulled towards Miranda and his spark arcs through her in several spots, he feels her intense power and love, her passion and life.

Miranda is surprised at how her magic interacts with Grom, it hurts yet at the same time she feels his love for her, and a myriad of memories flash through her, she sees Grom's memories of her, and scattered memories from before he met her, from before the floating magical isle became floating, memories of fighting dwarves, running away from them in fear, hating them for killing your loved ones, your friends, your children, memories of a time before flesh creatures reached the area, back when the mountains was a huge volcano, when the skies were clouded by smoke and lit from below by lava flows. Lightning striking the mineral waters around you, making more sparks, sparks merging and splitting. Miranda gasps and finally gets control of the magic again and pushes Grom's spark out of her, she felt like she was just about to consume him.

Meanwhile Grom had felt bliss, like if falling into beautiful golden light that is love, ecstasy and pleasure, he too had seen scattered memories from Miranda's life, hundreds of thousands of lovers, male and female humans, elves, and many different creatures he does not even know the name of. On many worlds and many places that are not really like the world they live in. Over a period of time unlike what he had imagined any flesh creature could know, and so much more eventful than his own existence.

Miranda leaps out of the pool after pushing Grom's spark out of herself and then looks at the pool, she sees traces of her own magic woven into Grom's spark, and feels part of Grom's spark still inside her, she breathes heavily and says in an exhausted voice "Grom sweetie, please be alright and come out of there."

Grom hears her voice, it takes him a while to recover from the tremendous loss of not being part of her, and to find himself again, as he returns to his male form and steps out of the water he sees her crying into the pool, he is not sure why, from his perspective her request that he should come out was just a few moments ago. He gently wraps his arms around her "I am alright, are you hurt?"

Miranda hugs him back "I thought I had hurt you, you were in there for hours!"

Grom shakes his head "no, that... that felt... really good, like when many of us merge into the same pool, yet so much more intense, I saw... your life, I think, so much, how did you fill nearly every day with so much activity?"

Miranda giggles and shakes her head "how could you just lie there for thousands of years watching the seasons move around you?"

Grom shrugs "for me it was normal till I met you, to just rest in one place watching the world move around me, or to stay in the pool here for equally long."

Miranda smiles "I guess that is just one of the many differences between us, I have lived a long time, so long that I don't really keep track of the years any more, but I don't slow down because of that. I like having fun, and need to have fun, it is what I do."

Grom smiles and nods "I know, now more than ever, it is sometimes hard for me to keep up with you." he then remembers why they did this to begin with "did you figure out how the spark works, and can you make that item you want to make and can you heal him?" he nods to the fragments.

Miranda looks at the fragments and then sighs "I think so... I just don't know if I really want to feel that... from someone who hates me..." she looks at Grom and closes her eyes and then says "but I will do it for you, you need to throw all the fragments into the pool for me, but let me get ready first." she walks into the water, her eyes glow green and she extends her magic into the pool, the water starts to shimmer green "now." she says.

Grom starts tossing the fragments into the water, each piece dissolves and each releases a small faint spark that flows to Miranda.

Miranda feels really intense pain as she pulls the many sparks into herself, flashes of much darker memories flow across her mind, she sees the hate the stone person felt for her, despite her never having done anything to him. As the last piece releases its spark to her she concentrates, merging the fragments into one, she flashes back to when it cut into her, feeling the pain anew, she nearly loses control of her magic, and part of her desires to consume this spark like she did the weeds, to destroy it utterly, but she loves Grom too much to betray him like that. She finally pulls her magic into her and then expels the restored spark, though it too is tainted by her magic and she feels the taint of its spark inside her, though she manages to expel much more of it than she did of Grom, and the part of him still in her more than make up for the tiny taint left by this other spark.

The stone person rolls out of the lake as a sphere and stops it changes into a ugly stone form vaguely like short man, and looks at the pool as Miranda moves out of it "why did you do that, why!?" it shakes with rage "your filth is inside me, I feel, I feel your disgusting love and compassion, how can you save me when I tried to destroy you!?"

Miranda looks at Grom and smiles at him and tries to hide her considerable pain and says "I did not do it for you, I did it for Grom, he did not feel good about shattering you." she turns to face it "And please, understand that all us ugly flesh creatures are not the same, I understand why you hate us, with what the dwarves did, I felt and saw all of that, I even hate them a bit too now, though those emotions are not mine... it is Grom's and yours, don't hurt other flesh creatures, alright?"

The stone person seethes inside with hate and rage, but feels that he needs to respect her "I swear I won't harm any flesh creatures except dwarves." he then sinks into the floor and leaves Grom and Miranda alone in the hot mineral pool cavern.

Miranda looks up into Grom's eyes and smiles "now I want to fly through the mountain inside you again."

Grom nods and they fly through the mountain together, Miranda enjoying it more this time, about midway she says "wait, go back, I saw a few crystals I think I can use for my magic." Grom swims back and she nods towards it "that large purple crystal" as Grom flows through it, it enters the bubble in front of Miranda "good, now we can continue to go up." she smiles at the large crystal that can hold on and enhance magical enchantments it will be the perfect material to use in crafting the item she is imagining, and several others.

They reach the hot springs again, though Miranda finds them almost cold compared to the hot mineral pool, she stops maintaining the protective magic as she steps out of Grom and picks up the large and heavy purple crystal "I need to get started on the magic item." she says and runs up the passage from the hot springs.

Grom watches her leave with a smile, and shakes his head at her seeming to be in a hurry to get things done a lot of the time, and really happy he did not lose her. He decides to walk after her.

As he reaches the surface he sees Miranda dancing on the stone circle around the central pool in the bowl formed by the mountains, she is singing in a language he can't recognize, and the stones get covered in intricate glowing symbols, small dancing lights leap out of the glowing stones and fly up into the air, the white fluffy clouds gather growing into a complete nearly black overcast, thunder leaps amongst the clouds.

Miranda picks up the purple crystal and flies up into the air, still singing, her eyes glowing intensely green and the purple crystal glowing purple, one stream of green light from each of her eyes braids themselves with a single purple stream of light and the braid flows up above her as she hovers over the centre of the pool in the stone circle.

The stream reaches the clouds and several really powerful arcs of lightning flows along the braid, hitting the crystal that glows purple as bright as the sun, the crystal gives off purple lightning that strikes Miranda all over, her wings catch fire and the lightning leaps from her legs and toes into the water below and licks the standing stones.

Grom screams "Miranda!" and runs towards her, but he can't fly so he can't reach her up there.

Miranda screams in intense pain, the weather sprites she had summoned were not at all happy with her it seems, or they would not hurt her like this, but she is stuck in the stream of lighting. She focuses her mind, pushing past the pain, she stops her own collecting streamers and the one from the crystal stops too, there is a powerful blast of air around her, snuffing out the fire of her wings and she falls into the pool.

Above the pool the clouds get struck by the blast of air, several blue glowing sprites appear from the clouds and fly in several different directions as the clouds scatter, leaving a clear blue sky, the sun just reaching its highest point.

Grom runs up to the pool looking into its depths, he has fallen into it before, he sinks like a rock, so he does not see how he can help Miranda by leaping in. The pool is covered with veils of mist.

Suddenly Miranda's hand deposits the glowing purple crystal on the shore and she pulls herself out of the water, her wings are naked, the burns seem to be gone though, Grom grabs her and helps her up to her feet. "Why did you do that, you could have been killed!" he says in a very concerned tone.

Miranda giggles and shakes her head "because I am insane, and I did not think the sprites would get so annoyed with me." she looks at her featherless wings and except for being rather chilly they feel more when Grom touches them than usual and she can feel the wind better. She gets covered with goosebumps. "I really needed more energy for my magic, and now I have one part of it, but I need sunlight for me and the crystal and I am really hungry now, could you make me some strong meat stew, really strong, with all the hot spices?"

Grom looks into Miranda's eyes and then nods "just don't hurt yourself more while I am gone, or ever again." he caresses her naked wings and admires the pretty golden scale patterning that covers all of them, yet they feel so very smooth.

Miranda closes her eyes and moans softly and giggles a bit as they are also ticklish now "mmm you have to give me a nice wing massage when I have eaten too."

Grom smiles and gathers from her behaviour that she is fine and kisses her and then heads inside to cook the stew for her.

Miranda waits for Grom to leave and her pupils expand and her irises glow a really cold green, a cone of green blue light expands around her as she picks up the crystal and lies down on the sun stone. She lays the crystal on her stomach as she stretches out on the stone. The cone reaches all the way up to the sun, casting the world outside into the equivalent of overcast light level, inside the cone the light becomes really bright and very warm. She coos happily and soaks up the light and forces light into the crystal.

A couple of hours pass and Grom returns with the stew and sees what she is doing "what are you doing?" he asks curiously and walks through the cone.

Miranda flinches a bit as her spell is disrupted by Grom's form and she gets enough control of the spell to end it in a safe way, and she looks over at him and smiles "oh just soaking up more wonderful sunlight." she puts the crystal next to the sun stone as she sits up and smiles, her stomach grumbles and wonders why she has not already eaten the stew her nose feels the wonderful aroma of. "Mmmm food give me!" she says and grabs the granite bowl and starts hurriedly spooning the food into her mouth, making happy eating sounds, the meat is so tender it can be chewed by pushing it up against the roof of her mouth with her tongue, and the spices and vegetables and aromas are very well blended. She wonders how someone who can't really taste things like she can, manages to make perfect food like this. "This was perfect" she says as she finishes and her eyes finally return to normal. She hands him the bowl and then grabs the crystal "I just need one more thing now, can you make a ring from the granite you are made of, and a little round sphere of this crystal, actually make two for me?"

Grom nods and instead of going back with the bowl and spoon he absorbs them and grabs the crystal and two small pieces of the crystal flows into his hand and he hands it over to her, the crystal pieces form small purple glowing spheres and then granite rings form with the crystal spheres as their only decoration and he hands them to Miranda "like this?" he asks.

Miranda smiles and nods her eyes glow brilliantly green and two green sparks leap from her eyes into the crystals, that briefly glow green before returning to their purple glow, the rings shimmer with green and purple as the magic stabilizes and the glow of the crystal fades, but does not completely go out. "Now put one on."

Grom puts one of the rings on and it shapes itself to fit perfectly on the finger he put it on.

Miranda smiles "now desire to be a real man."

Grom smiles and nods and it is not at all hard for him to desire that, as he does he turns from a stone man into a man with dark grey skin, metallic silver hair and a partially erect large cock with balls, with metallic silver hair above it. "Whoa" he says and shakes his head, his irises are have a silvery metallic shine to them, with rainbow shimmering reflections at certain angles.

Miranda walks around him, caressing his skin and admiring his muscles "mmm you are really handsome."

Grom feels her touch much differently now that he is a real man, and gets goosebumps where she touches him, and he feels her scent differently than before, he feels a heart beating inside him, faster due to her scent, and his cock jumps several times as it goes rock hard, well not as rock hard as it was when he was made out of stone, but still.

Miranda caresses his cock and kneels in front of him, and has to stretch herself up to get at a suitable height, licking his balls and sucking them into her lips, feeling his scent, it makes her pussy go wet with anticipation, she slowly licks up along his shaft and finally she pushes his foreskin back with her lips and tongue as she laps up his precum, her tongue swirling around the head of his cock.

Grom moans as he really feels the pleasure she had tried to give him several times before, finally grasping what she had tried to give him, and he caresses her hair and face, gazing lovingly into her eyes, seeing her love for him as she slides his cock deeper into her mouth, yet most of it can't enter her mouth at this angle, try as she might. He suddenly feels his balls tighten and his legs go wobbly and feels an intense rush and moans loudly and his cock jumps in her mouth as he explodes into her mouth.

Miranda is surprised at how quickly he came, yet reacts quickly sucking up every drop and keeps licking and sucking on his head, she grabs his hips as he tries to pull out of her due to it being too intense.

Grom feels the intense sensation, it borders on pain, yet as she holds him and prevents him from pulling out he trusts her intentions, and let's her continue, whimpering and moaning as she keeps going, then the pain fades and he can feel the head of his cock growing bigger and feeling like he is ready to go again.

Miranda notices and smiles slowly pulling his cock out and then licks and kisses the head of his cock and says "now it is time for you to fuck me."

Grom nods, and grabs her by the hips, lifting her up and impales her on his hard cock, he moans as the sensations are again a lot more pleasurable, he kisses her deeply and feels the taste of his cum on her lips and tongue.

Miranda wraps her legs around Grom, and moans into their kiss, she wraps her arms around his neck and her wings wrap around them making the kiss more intimate and private, though only the squirrels, rabbits, small monkeys, dragon flies, bumble bees and butterflies could have seen them here in the garden, and frankly most of them are way too busy with their own far more important lives to spy on them.

Grom grabs her butt and lifts her up and pushes her back down upon his cock and finds his hips bucking with his motion without having to think about it, as he pumps in and out of her hard and fast, he has to break the kiss several times to moan and breathe in heavily.

Miranda moves with him, and really enjoys the sensation of being filled fully by his hot throbbing cock, he is bigger than all humans she had been with, she is not really sure what species he counts as when using the ring they made for him, nor does she really care. She hears from his moans and feels from his energy how he is about to come again, she had been so focused on making this really good for him that she had not let herself come, she relaxes and lets herself really enjoy things now, and it only takes a few moments for her to come and she screams out "mmm Grom mmm!" as her pussy clamps down on his cock repeatedly.

Grom cries out "mmm Miranda aah!" and starts coming in her, her pussy pulls him deeper and her legs tighten around him, he feels intense pleasure as her pussy milks him and then he moves his hands up her back and holds her closer, and falls down onto his back in the flower decorated grass next to the sun stone. He feels truly blissfully pleasurably exhausted and feels himself slipping into sleep as he gazes into her eyes, he caresses her hair and cheeks and kisses her and says "I love you Miranda" just before passing out.

Miranda enjoys the kiss and then sighs happily yet at the same time, she would have liked him to be able to stay awake, but this being the first time he felt this, and with her draining him like she does her normal lovers, she understands, she lies down on him, pressing her ear against his chest and hearing his strong heart beating ferociously against the ribcage, though slowing down as he relaxes, feeling him remain inside her, though going softer, she moves her pussy muscles rhythmically to try to coax his cock to stay hard inside her while they sleep, but it only delays the inevitable and she feels him slip out of her, along with his cum. She closes her eyes and falls asleep, happy to have given him this experience and dreaming of their many future love making sessions.

continued here
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Thank you for reading and commenting, I am glad you enjoyed the story, I will be writing more parts soon, I just need to sort out some technical issues with my computer (hard drive near crashing... Luckily it seems I will be able to get my files copies off it to another drive).

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Miranda part 3

Grom has dreams for the first time, he had always otherwise perceived the world or memories, but now he finds himself on a huge pink cloud, he is in his male flesh form, around the cloud are stars of many colours decorating clouds of colourful gas, no sun or moon anywhere. He perceives a bubble of air around the cloud. Then as he looks back down at the cloud he sees Miranda lying on top of a pile of silk pillows, blankets and sheets. She waggles her butt to him and he feels his cock rise to the occasion and go really hard and he grabs her, pushing her over on her back, grabbing her legs and pushing them up against her shoulders and then plunges into her wet pussy hard and starts fucking her really hard.

Miranda is awakened by being thrown on her back and her legs pushed to her shoulders, and then Grom plunges his hard cock into her and starts fucking her hard. She is surprised by this, but it only takes her a few moments to really get into it. Crying out loudly as she comes over and over, squirting till she feels really dry.

Grom gazes into Miranda's eyes in his dreams and listens to her cries of intense pleasure, he then feels his balls tighten and he starts exploding into her, he does not slow down though, he keeps going pushing past the pain he feels and soon her wetness and his cum are whipped into a thick foam and he comes again.

Miranda screams in pleasure and some pain as Grom does what no man has done before, keeping it up and going for a second round, she is also starting to really feel the pain in her naked wings, as they are pushed nearly to the breaking point against the ground, as she is now forming an indentation in the grass with her shoulders and wings, she does not want Grom to stop though, because this is so intense and wonderful, and also feeds her energy from Grom's intense passion and life force.

As Grom comes again he screams "mmm Miranda aaaaah!" and wakes up, he sees what he is doing and notices the bruises on Miranda's legs where he is holding her, and her butt is reddening from him slamming against her hard for so long, his cock, hips and legs hurt from the impact too.  He alsos sees her wings trembling in the indentation in the ground. Yet as he looks at her face he sees her smiling and her eyes shine with love.

Miranda giggles and pants "mmm Grom mmm that was, really intense, and good." she then gazes at his lips "give me a kiss and then help me up?"

Grom places his hands on her sides, carefully avoiding her wings and leans down kissing her deeply and passionately, feeling her hot sweaty body against his hot sweaty body. After lingering for several long wonderful moments he breaks the kiss and takes her hands and helps her get up from the Miranda shaped dent in the grassy ground.

Miranda stretches her wings, making them make several popping noises as the bones align properly again and she rolls her shoulders and stretches her back and rolls her hips, feeling the foamy cum mixture run out of her pussy, coating her pussy lips and then run down both her legs. Her bruises fade rapidly and all the pain goes away by the time she is done stretching "we need a shower" she says and spots the other ring in the grass, and it flies up to her hand and she puts it on her right ring finger and it adjusts to her finger's size.

Grom feels relieved to see Miranda's bruises go away instantly, and smiles "I love you, and I am sorry if I hurt you, I don't know what came over me."

Miranda laughs happily and kisses Grom "I made the rings make sure you would have all the desires a male should have, you are not used to them that is all, I might also have gone a little overboard with how intense they are, but you did not hurt me much." she takes Grom's hand and leads him inside to the magical shower alcove. "You will like this." Pressing a few magical symbols two vortexes of singing water droplets swirl around them, cleaning them quickly and giving them a really deep muscle massage.

Grom moans and his cock goes erect again as the shower massages him.

Miranda smiles and kisses him deeply, placing her hand on his cock, gently pulling his foreskin back and forward over his cock's head, enjoying his moans, she then kisses his neck, nibbling and licking it and then trails kisses down his chest licking, sucking and nibbling each of his nipples in turn. She then continues kissing his stomach and finally licks and kisses his cock's head and then pushes herself down, angling her neck as she goes, taking his huge cock balls deep, and with a little pain in her jaws manages to make enough space to stick her tongue out to lick his balls.

Grom caresses her golden hair and then grabs it pulling her a little closer to himself and his hips move on their own and he fucks her throat. He moans deeply, gazing into her eyes.

Miranda moves with him short strokes deep in her throat while swallowing several times, she feels her lungs burn with pain as the air starts to be insufficient and her field of vision gets dark around the edges, her eyes fill with tears. She pushes gently against his hips to indicate she wants to pull him out, but he keeps holding her till she pushes him hard. She gasps and after a few quick breaths goes down on him again.

Grom fucks her throat harder this time, and while moaning and grabbing her hair roughly, he then feels his balls tighten and explodes just as he hits her deeply, he however fails to stop his motion and pulls out filling her mouth with cum on the way and then hits her lips and nose, left eye and hair, right eye and hair, and again on her nose and forehead, and then into her nose.

Miranda fails to react quickly enough as her eyes get sprayed with cum and it stings and she closes her eyes, and then feels him cum into her nose and sneezes and then laughs and shakes her head, and by touch finds his cock's head and sucks it hard.

Grom squeals as he is now very sensitive, but Miranda pushes his hands away and keeps sucking till his legs give way from the intense sensations, he also pees in squirts, only it is thicker liquid than urine.

Miranda lets him go and swallows and then helps the shower clean her face and hair, its magic makes it easy though.

Grom looks up at her a bit bewildered and seeming ready to pass back out.

Miranda says gently "desire to be a stone person again Grom."

Grom blinks and then does as she asks and instantly turns back into his granite form, the tiredness vanishing instantly, he then looks up at her and smiles and without really thinking about it he turns back to his male form and his cock bounces and goes erect again.

Miranda laughs "oh good it works like I wanted it to, you are not tired anymore right?"

Grom shakes his head and laughs "no, I want you again." he says and gets up grabbing her in a hug and pushing his cock up against her stomach.

Miranda giggles and kisses him "not yet, you owe me a wing massage remember? And I want you to get me off with your fingers, lips and tongue too. If you do that well I will make it worth your time."

Grom nods and lifts her up as if she weighs nothing "alright" he says and carries her up along a passage to a ledge overlooking the garden and sun stone, there are several granite shapes there, suitable for Miranda to rest on in various positions, they use it for massages. He leads her to one of her favourite ones.

Miranda licks the granite cock of the stone shape and drools on it, making a show of it for Grom, enjoying seeing his cock jump as it imagines being the receiver of what she is doing. Finally with the granite cock being dripping wet with her saliva she mounts it and leans against the sun heated smooth Granite, her breasts fitting nicely in two perfectly shaped indentations she wraps her legs around the stone and her arms, grabbing two nicely shaped handles, and then lays her face into a hole in the stone, her entire spine relaxing in that position, her wings easily accessible as well.

Grom walks over to a stone shelf and grabs a bottle of scented thick herbal and fruit oil, he coats his hands in it and dribbles some along Miranda's spine, and it runs down the golden scale patterning and around her tail, past her anus and along her pussy lips and down the stone cock's balls. He then drips oil on her naked wings.

Miranda moans softly in anticipation, and squeezes her vaginal muscles against the stone cock, and relaxes, and repeats over and over.

Grom gently starts spreading the lovely scented oil over Miranda's back and wings, deliberately doing so in a nearly ticklish way. Caressing her butt and tail and then sliding his fingers around her sides, and along her arms, then back down and along her legs and feet, tickling her.

Miranda giggles and squirms a little bit, but he holds her feet as he tickles and massages them, as she squirms she moves on the stone cock and gets all hot and bothered.

Grom briefly turns into his stone form and shapes the stone around her wrists and ankles into smooth cuffs, holding her in position. Due to the position she is in she can't really move her head out of the slot it is in either.

Miranda feels what he does and giggles "Grom what are you doing?"

Grom turns into the male flesh form again "oh just making sure you don't try to get out of there until I am done." he says and tickles her feet again and then traces her legs and up her sides, tickling her again in just the best spots to make her really squirm.

Miranda giggles and squirms and tries to pull herself free, though she is enjoying this so she does not really make an effort to get free.

Grom then starts giving Miranda a really nice massage along her spine, starting from her butt and working his way up, as he gets to her neck, he moves back down and out along her wings.

Miranda feels Grom gently yet deeply massage her wings, it is quite a different sensation when they are unfeathered than when they are feathered, a lot more intimate and a little bit more ticklish, and she moans, she already knew her wings were erogenous zones, but he really knows what is he doing "mmm Grom yeah there aaah!" she also feels his hard cock resting between her butt cheeks next to her tail, and can feel his hot precum dripping down on her back. She is sopping wet now, and her muscles are contracting randomly on their own around the stone cock.

Grom enjoys the feeling of helping Miranda's muscles relax and hearing her happy sounds of pleasure. His cock aches for some action though and jumps several times and he starts rubbing it against her butt as he massages her. Her oily tail seems to notice and wraps itself around his cock like a spiral, and the heart shaped head rubs itself against his anus. He feels a strange sensation of pleasure and knows that Miranda sometimes wants him to take her in the ass, and knows it seems to be different for her when he does. He pushes his cock's head against her anus.

"Mmm Grom mmm yes" Miranda responds.

Grom slowly pushes his cock past Miranda's tight anus, slowly going deeper, he feels the stone cock through the wall between the pussy and ass. He moans and starts moving in and out while massaging her wings.

Miranda moans deeply and enjoys the fullness and is amazed at Grom being able to massage her wings while fucking her ass. She pushes her tail's head slowly past Grom's anus and slides into him, finding his prostate and rubbing back and forth over it.

Grom growls and moans deeply and feels a really powerful orgasm take him as he explodes into her ass. He lets go of her wings and grabs her hips and pumps her hard a few times before collapsing on her back, hissing the base of her neck.

Miranda cries out and feels her own orgasm flow through her, and then feels Grom's heavy weight against her and moans and pants heavily, it is hard for her to breathe, but not impossible. She pulls her tail slowly out of his ass and says "Grom, I don't want to sleep like this, this stone is not comfortable to sleep against, unlike you."

Grom grabs the sides of the stone structure and pushes himself up, slapping her butt a little bit as he pulls out, he sees some of his cum dribble down on the stone cock, he walks around and looks into Miranda's eyes through the face hole. He then turns into stone form, and reshapes the stone to let her out of that position.

Miranda giggles and stretches herself "mmm I really love you." she says and enjoys this new aspect of Grom.

Grom turns back into flesh form and smiles "I love you, and I keep reverting to this form all the time when I just look at you." he laughs "I guess I desire to be a real man for you really much."

Miranda walks up to his cum covered cock and licks and sucks it clean. Her eyes then flash cleaning her and him off with magic. "Let's go to bed now, I want to ride you."

Grom sweeps Miranda off her feet and runs through the passage with her and then as he reaches the bed he turns his back to it and falls in, Miranda lands with her butt on his stomach, his cock poking into her perineum.

Miranda laughs, and slides herself down, moving a little bit to get his cock to slide into her pussy. She leans back, grabbing his legs and her hair tickling his feet, she feels his cock push hard on the front wall of her pussy. She starts moving her hips in a circular motion, and lifting herself up and pushing herself down slightly using her legs, that are flush against his sides. She moans deeply and looks up at the mirror ceiling of the bed, gazing into Grom's eyes through it.

Grom moans and ignores the slight pain of having his cock forced into such an angle, the pleasure easily pushes past that. He places his hands on her hips and then moves one hand to her pubic mound, slipping his thumb against Miranda's wetness and then placing it on her clitoris, feeling it go hard as he rubs it through its hood. As he does he also feels her pussy spasm around him and hears her cry out and shake violently against him before managing to continue moving. It does not take him long to feel his own orgasm building and he soon cries out "aaah Miranda aah!" and explodes into her, one gush, two gushes.

Miranda suddenly screams in pain "noo, not now! Grom I love you, aah!" and a cold blue black light swirls around her and she vanishes with a fading scream of "noo!"

Grom's cock gushes five more times as eh rises up in bed "Miranda!" he runs around looking for her, but can't find her anywhere in their chambers.

continued here, warning dark (M+/F, fantasy/magic, NC, Rape, torture, etc(read note))

skip past it to part 5
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This post is dark, it contains non consent, rape, torture, and death (not snuff as its not really to get sexual pleasure, but several people die including children and unborn)

skip it and go to next part if you don't like these themes.

Miranda part 4

Miranda falls three meters and slams into a cold stone floor, around her she feels and sees a powerful summoning circle, with powerful magical barriers and protections to keep whatever is summoned from leaving, or flinging any magic out of there. She gets to her feet and looks around, she feels that the ring on her finger is missing so it must have been left behind by her magic, or she could probably have escaped in stone form by merging with the floor. The barrier around the casting circle makes everything fuzzy outside of it, it looks to be a chamber hewn out of stone, with the barrier, protections and summoning helper magic being permanent and woven into the stone. She sees a tall figure wearing a black and blue robe, with dark grey skin, and red eyes. "Why have you summoned me?!" she asks angrily towards him.

"Because of what you did in the past, you foul dirty creature, I am going to punish you and you will work for me, to set things back to the proper order of things." he says in dark elven and in a very righteous, angry and proud voice. "You will serve me Miranda."

Miranda shakes her head "I serve nobody but myself, release me or I will destroy you."

A blast of cold blue light strikes through the barrier, hitting her, her flesh burns and freezes and boils, turning dark and oozing out puss where the blast hits her stomach and she is knocked down to the ground, she feels her regeneration struggling to repair the damage and cries and whimpers. She had never felt this kind of pain, it is as if the blast ripped magic from her, worse, it seems to have cancelled her magic in the flesh that was hit, and she can barely see, it takes a really painful and long time before she regenerates and gets a hold on reality again. All the while she hears his cold laughter through the barrier. She staggers to her feet again "fuck you!"

He tosses a collar through the barrier and it clatters to the ground before her feet, it is made of a cold grey metal, covered in cold blue glowing symbols, and a spherical blue gem decorates the centre of the pattern of symbols on it. "Put this on, or I will hit you with that blast again."

Miranda looks at the collar on the ground, and then up at him through the barrier, her pupils expand turning and her irises glow a cold green and she reaches for his life force, to rip it from him. She feels her power slam into the barrier and fizzle. She is it by a powerful blast of cold blue light and this time it knocks her unconscious.

As she comes to she feels the collar around her neck, and looks around the room she is in, she sees several dirty looking men, brutes with huge muscles, not dark elves though, but some sort of mixture between normal men, orcs and ogres, she thinks, the room stinks. She sees their urinals, as she looks around she finally sees the dark elf, dressed in his black and blue robes. She tries to access her magic, but she feels nothing, just a huge dead emptiness where her raging magic usually burns brightly.

"Welcome Miranda, I thought you needed a lesson in humility and these gentlemen were most willing to help you with that. Now you already feel that your magic is blocked. I control what parts of it you can use, and..." he says with a evil smile holding up his hand with a small ring looking like a tiny version of the collar on his finger "you will do exactly like I want."

Miranda feels her body move against her will, she crawls up to one of the men, and says, not quite in a really sweet girly tone "sir, may I please clean your boots with my tongue?" she tries to resist what the collar's powerful magic is forcing her to do, but she can't.

The man nods, putting his dung, mud and dirt covered boot up in front of her "you better do a good job."

Miranda feels her body being forced to move, and starts licking the dirty boot, it tastes far worse than it smells, and she feels sick to her stomach, feeling like she wants to vomit, but she can't the sensation just grows stronger, she rubs his boot against her face and licks it, but it would be hard to get it clean even with a metal brush, or fire.

The man laughs and then kicks her hard in the chest and puts his boot down on her chest "you are a useless fucking whore!" he says angrily and then pulls his boot from her and then kicks her in the stomach and between her legs as she lies there like a dropped rag doll.

Miranda can't even cry, as the magic prevents it, she just lies there, feeling everything.

A few of the other men join in kicking her until the dark elf says "stop!" and he allows her regenerative power to activate and walks up to her looking at her bruised and dirty body "now I am going to let you move on your own, you will pleasure these men in any way they please, you won't get any of that energy from their life force like you usually do, and I won't let you regenerate till after you are done, if you don't do a good job pleasing them I will have you clean this room with your tongue, including the urinals and latrines." he turns to the men "don't kill her, anything else you may do." he then waves his hand over her and she gets cleaned up, and she feels the regeneration stop, she still feels bruised. He then walks away and out of the room and she feels her body responding to her wishes again.

Miranda looks at all the men and feels a painful knot in her stomach and really does not want to be there, really wishing Grom was there to save her.

The men pull out their huge and ugly cocks and one of them grabs her hair and pulls her to her feet "suck it bitch!" he says and slams his cock into her face.

Miranda reluctantly opens her mouth and starts sucking his filthy cock.

He starts fucking her mouth really hard. Making even her teeth hurt as he slams into her. He then grabs her head and pulls her all the way down on his cock and holds her there and laughs as she begins to struggle to get away from him. Her eyes filling with tears and losing focus.

Miranda is really scared now, she can't get herself free, she can't breathe, and is blacking out. The man just laughs at her and she finally passes out. She awakens with a scream as one of the men breaks her left wing, her butt is sore, she feels cum seeping out from her pussy and ass, and they are holding her to prevent her movement, she struggles to try to get free, but they hold her too hard "please stop!" she pleads.

The man that broke her wing just laughs and breaks the next bone in the wing, and then the next, enjoying her screams and as he finishes her left wing hangs twitching and bloody. He moves on to her other wing, while another man grabs her head, pulling it and forcing her to stretch her neck as he plunges his cock into her mouth and down her throat and starts fucking her. She can feel several teeth being chipped, and cries.

Another man grabs her legs and pushes into her pussy, fucking her hard, a third man takes out a knife and starts cutting her skin, thin long cuts across her stomach and up her chest, finally cutting into her breasts that are already sore from something someone must have done.

Snap another of her wing bones breaks, and luckily for her she passes out due to choking on the other man's cock.

Miranda awakens lying bloody and dirty on the floor, she stinks as bad as the room, and she wishes she could just remain unconscious. Her arms and legs are broken and several ribs. There is not a single spot on her that does not hurt.

Standing above her she sees the dark elf, he spits on her "you filthy bitch. If I did not have plans for you I would just let you lie here like this forever." he says.

Miranda coughs and it sends a wave of pain through her entire body, she silently swears he will pay for this, and the men too. Just as soon as she gets out of the collar. she feels her regeneration reactivate and screams in pain as all her injuries start to heal.

"Oh I am making you relive all the injuries as you heal now, amplified several times." he says and laughs. "And I won't allow you to pass out of the pain either."

Miranda screams and cries "no please don't aaaah do this it!" she keeps screaming and begging him to stop. But he just watches her suffer, she has no idea why someone would hate anyone this much, she does not even remember him at all.


Meanwhile Grom had turned into stone form and swum through the stone to where the flying lizard people, who had converted the volcano into a magical floating isle to get away from the dwarves and save the stone people lives. They had made their home in open caves on the bottom of the magical flying isle. He explains about Miranda vanishing and tells them he wants to find and save her.

The flying lizards listen and then start using their magic to try to locate where she is...


The dark elf leaves Miranda after hours of screaming, when she goes quiet, he makes her go into rag doll state before he leaves. Two nude elf males wearing collars arrive and pick her up, and take her to a room with a big bath tub, they gently clean her, she can see a lot of scars on them, and sees that they have been castrated. She can't speak with them and they don't try to speak with her either, seeming afraid and yet they look sad as they see how bad a shape she must have been in with all the blood covering her. They soon enough has her cleaned up fully and dry her off with a towel and then carries her to nice opulently decorated bedroom.

The dark elf arrives "now here is what I want you to do for me, you will fly to king Baratus' castle, he is the son of Jaymes Baratus, who you helped overthrow king Karalaz, if you remember, Baratus' has attacked my people, freeing our slaves and forced us to retreat to the mountains, but I found Karalaz's son Colmar Karalaz in a dungeon and saved him, we built the army who just gave you a lesson, we just need you to do something first. You will kill Baratus' son and five daughters, his wife and him, then you will return here, you will then be Colmar's mate until he tires of you, you better give him many children."

Miranda lies there, both unwilling and unable to reply, she recalls Jaymes, despite living in the hell of Karalaz's kingdom he was full of hope and joy, able to gather people around him and they overthrew Karalaz. Her role she thinks was small, she helped make the people have high morale and in the final battle, as Karalaz was about to win in a duel against Jaymes, she snuffed him out with her life draining. She had also been Jaymes' lover, and now she realizes how the dark elf must have summoned her, she left a lock of her hair and some feathers behind, Jaymes treasured them and put them on display in his throne room. If the dark elf found those they would have allowed a link directly to her, she feels like such a stupid fool for being so sentimental.

The dark elf looks at her and gives her the ability to speak and asks "will you do this for us? Or do you want to be raped by the soldiers every morning, day and night?"

Miranda really does not like either alternative, but really does not want to go through that experience again. Also she does not know Jaymes' son, she has no vested interest in his family either. "I..." she feels really bad about it anyway "I will do as you asked..." she closes her eyes as they fill with tears, she does not enjoy doing evil things to people.

The dark elf smiles "Colmar come in here" and pulls the ring controlling Miranda's collar off his finger. Miranda sees several more rings on his fingers, for controlling other collars probably. She also sees a big man enter the room, like his father he has really pale skin with a sickly green tone to it, the dark elf hands him the ring "this allows you to control her collar, now I will leave you two to it, and you can tell her what to do first." he smiles and leaves the room.

Colmar smiles "you are as beautiful as I remember, I studied your kind after you killed my father, I know you can only become pregnant when you want to, and before I trust you to go kill my enemies I want to make sure you are pregnant with my child." he smiles "of course this collar allows me to force you to become fertile." he says and gazes at her with cold blue eyes. "But I want you to do it of your own free will. Also I want you to make love to me like you did to Jaymes."

Miranda feels her ability to move return, and some of her magic, just exactly the parts she would need to comply to his demands. He sees Colmar undress and lie down in the bed, sporting an erection, though his cock has barbs on it, from some trace fiendish blood most likely. She hates him, really much, but her eyes glow slightly green and she feels a sensation in her uterus as it rapidly gets ready to accept the seed of a man to fertilize her egg. She feels herself get wet too as her body gets ready and she mounts Colmar in the bed, leaning forward and kissing him passionately, she manages to convince him, moaning and panting "mmm yeah!" she cries, using her pussy muscles to fake an orgasm.

"Aaagh!" Colmar moans and comes quickly and pushes her off him onto the bed, he gets out of bed, grabbing a small crystal rod and moving it over her, it lights up green. "Good girl" he says and smile and she feels her magic being pulled back in check "now come with me."

Miranda nods and gets out of bed and decides to play along "yes master." she says and sees the smile in his eyes. She is led along several hallways to what she soon finds out is a series of torture rooms.

Colmar takes Miranda to a winged elf hanging at the wall, she can see the winged elf is pregnant "I want you to kill her baby for me."

"No please don't" the winged elf cries "my baby is all I have left from my lover."

Miranda feels really angry and almost shakes with rage. "Why would you ask me to do something like that Master?" she asks and manages to sound like the slave he wants her to be.

Colmar then says "you can do it, or I will force you to cut the baby out of her."

Miranda feels her life draining power return, but can also feel that the collar won't allow her to use it on him. She looks up into the winged elf's eyes her own eyes filling with tears "I am so sorry." and touches the winged elf's belly and her eyes flash cold green and the winged elf's belly shrinks, some blood runs from her pussy and she starts to cry and shake.

Colmar smiles wide "good girl, now you are ready to go kill the king, his wife and their children" he leaves the room and Miranda finds herself following without being able to control her movement. They reach a balcony "you can find your way from here. and I can see and hear what you see and hear if I want, so don't try any silly things like escaping."

Miranda flies off into the night, quickly finding her way to the castle, she feels Colmar taking control of her as she gets inside, he takes her to the room of the daughters, who are sleeping, having her break their necks one at a time. Miranda cries as she does, so beautiful girls, the youngest five years old, oldest just reaching sexual maturity, at around twelve years old. She walks into the son's bedroom, and her heart skips a beat, he looks exactly like Jaymes did last she saw him. He feels her body being controlled as she grabs his sword and Colmar has her plunge it into his groins first, making him scream in pain, and then she beheads him. She is forced to grab the head by its hair and carry it with her, tossing it onto the bed where the king and his wife lie. "I have come to bring an end to your rule, on behalf of Colmar Kalaraz!" she is forced to shout.

The king and queen wake up and the queen screams "nooo not Jamie!" as she sees her sons severed head.

Miranda notices she is pregnant as she plunges her sword into her belly and through her spine before the king has time to react. He screams "nooo!" just before she cuts his head off, she then gets control of her body back, and drops the sword. She is covered in blood, and falls to her knees and starts crying. "Come back now or I will have you slaughter the entire staff of the castle and the nearby villages too." she hears Colmar say in her mind. She gets up and picks up the sword throwing it through the window and then leaps out though the opening and flies back to Colmar's balcony, and the two elves that helped clean her run up to her "the master said to clean you up."

Miranda nods and says "thank you... for before and now..." her voice is flat and emotionless, she is really angry at herself, and even angrier at the dark elf and Colmar. She follows them and let's them clean her, she would rather just roll up in a ball and forget the world right now though, and phases out of really seeing the world for a while. Until she is yanked back into the world by being forced to leave the bath and get dried off and then going back to Colmar's room.

Colmar smiles at her and uses the ring to force her into bed, he checks her with the crystal rod again to make sure she is pregnant still. Then he grabs a really huge dildo, with small metal spikes on it, and shows its operation off to her, it splits and expands into six arms that separate wide enough Colmar's head to fit, and Colmar then let's the dildo go, and it hovers in the air until he grabs its handle again.

Miranda feels herself move up to the bed's edge and spread her legs. "Please don't, you could hurt our baby."

Colmar laughs and shoves the horrible torture dildo into her pussy "then I will force you to carry another." he makes it expand in her until her scream of pain is loud enough. He then grabs her and positions her just off the bed, being held in position by only the dildo and then lets it go and it stasys put, and he gives her back control of her own body "now you better hold yourself steady so you don't hurt yourself tonight.

Miranda can't reach the handle despite trying, the angle is all wrong and it hurts to try to bend. She cries and pleads with Colmar "please let me go, please, I will do anything."

Colmar just laughs and lies down in bed, and falls into blissful sleep listening to her crying and whimpering.

continued here.
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Miranda part 5

Miranda keeps herself steady, and tries to reach the handle again, and can't, and then she decides to see if she can grab it firmly enough with her tail and maybe control it that way. It takes a few tries but she manages to find out how it operates, though she nearly split herself in two with it before that. Finally she positions herself on the bed with it and then pulls it out. She looks at Colmar who is still sleeping blissfully and carefully she slides the ring controlling her collar off his finger, she releases all her magic and her eyes flare up with intense cold green light and her pupils go wide making her irises into thing brilliantly glowing rings.

Colmar whimpers as he is ripped from sleep by her magic forcing him awake, he screams as she rams the dildo into his ass "please don't kill me, I am sorry!"

Miranda shakes her head "no you are not sorry, but don't worry, I won't torture you like you tortured me. You bastard." and with that she rips his life force out of him, disintegrating him in the process, the bloody dildo falls down on the bed and she walks down the corridor towards where she knows the dark elf is, now that she can sense him and everyone else in their keep on the mountain. She enters the room with the summoning circle and sees him casting a summoning spell.

The dark elf feels her power rip into him, and is snuffed out, his magic spell failing and the rings on his hands clatter to the floor and the robe covers them.

Miranda makes the robe disintegrate into a puff of fiery spark filled smoke and picks up the rings putting them all on. Then she touches leaps into the air, a wave of darkness emanates from her and rips the magic in the room and all its furnishings and the very walls to shreds, the energy released from that leaps into her eyes as she lands in the devastated room.

Miranda stretches her wings out, and then turns and walks out of the room, carefully working her way through all the rooms where the soldiers are, ripping the life from each of them, and finally reaches the torture rooms, she snuffs out two torture experts as they are working on a much too silent winged elf. "I am going to get us out of here, and I hope you can forgive what I was forced to do to you."

The winged elf looks at her with a dead sad stare, she does not hate Miranda, she knows she had no choice, but she does not want to live. "Just... just kill me please, I have nobody left in the world, nobody to love me, everyone I loved is dead."

Miranda shakes her head and her eyes glow a warm green "I want you to come with me, to live a new better life, I love you."

The winged elf's eyes glow with new hope, love and happiness "get me out of these restraints my love and we will fly away together."

Miranda smiles and does as the winged elf asked, but feels a bit bad about how she did this, and hopes she can somehow make up for at least one bad thing she was forced to do. She strokes the feather plucked winged elf's wings gently and caresses her bald shaved head "help me release the others." she says and they get to work freeing all the other prisoners.

Miranda then spends an hour healing the prisoners, and teleporting most of them to where they were ripped from by magic or mundane means, but a small group wants to come with her and the winged elf. So she smiles and nods "yeah you can come live with me. If you respect the nature of my home, and me and the people living there already." they agree and just as she is about to open a portal to get them all to the floating isle there is a loud pop above the room they are in, then something heavy crashes down on the roof and then through it.

Grom crashes down through the ceiling and lands in front of Miranda and gets between her and all the other people "nobody dare get close to my Miranda or hurt her!"

Miranda places a hand on Grom's granite shoulder "these are my friends, I rescued them from here and was just about to return."

Grom looks at them, and sees that they are not really that threatening, none of them having any clothes, and wearing a collar. "Oh sorry, I just was worried."

Miranda giggles "I am glad you were trying to come save me, but how did you teleport here?"

Grom smiles "the flying lizards found you and teleported me as close as they could. A bit rough landing though..."

Miranda kisses him and then "my teleports are a lot smoother..." he points her hand at one of the walls and a green spark leaps from her finger to the wall and a portal opens showing the other side of the crater area, all except you go there" she says and points at the winged elf.

The others go through and the portal shifts its focus showing her bedroom and she pulls Grom and the winged elf through. "Grom, can you make us some nice stew, just a little spicy?"

"It will take a while to get done" Grom says and nods and walks to the kitchen.

Miranda smiles at the winged elf "I forgot to ask you about your name. My name is Miranda."

The winged elf smiles "my name is Amati" she gazes with beautiful purple eyes into Miranda's eyes.

Miranda smiles "Amati is a very pretty name, come let's take a shower and I will help you grow hair and feathers, and I will grow mine back too."

Amati's eyes fill with happiness "you can restore my feathers and hair?"

Miranda nods and takes Amati's hand "or rather I can make them grow fast for you, but you will have to cut it to suit your style after that."

"That is alright, I usually only brush my hair, not cut it." Amati says as they enter the shower.

Miranda picks a gentle massaging double vortex for them since she thinks Amati could use something gentle and nice right about now. She hugs Amati close to her and kisses her lovingly, Amati returns the hug and kiss with passion, as they kiss Miranda's eyes glow a warm green and the feathers grow on both their wings, sky blue with golden rims for Miranda, and black feathers with some purple and red feathers in a really pretty pattern on Amati's wings, with long pitch black hair reaching all the way down to her butt just like Miranda's golden hair does on her. Amati even feels her pubic mound grow soft black hair.

Amati breaks the kiss and runs her fingers through her silky soft black hair and caresses her wings and then hugs Miranda really tight "you did it, thank you!" she starts crying, as her emotions are mixed, remembering how her beautiful feathers were plucked and burned from her and her beautiful hair pulled and shaved off.

Miranda gently caresses Amati's back and wings with one hand and her hair and cheeks with another and she kisses her gently, gently comforting Amati as they shower.

Amati gets calmed and comforted by Miranda's gentleness, and after while she stops crying and kisses Miranda lovingly, she is not entirely sure where to go from there, never having made love to a woman before. She fondles Miranda's breasts.

Miranda moans softly and kisses Amati's neck, gently licking and nibbling. She keeps caressing Amati's back and wings with one hand and the other slides to one of Amati's breasts and then down her rib cage to her butt, and then to her stomach to her pubic mound, she slides her hand under Amati, her fingers intertwining with her pussy lips and she feels Amati being wet for her, she slides her middle and ring finger inside Amati, and uses the palm of her hand to rub against Amati's clitoris. While her fingers pump into her.

Amati grabs on to Miranda's sides "mmm Miranda aah" she moans as Miranda knows exactly how to play her. She suddenly yelps as she feels something slithering around her leg, but then sees it is Miranda's tail.

They both giggle and Miranda wraps her tail around Amati's hips instead of around her leg and kisses Amati while she continues to finger her. Enjoying Amati's cute moans of pleasure. She has to use her other hand to support Amati when her legs suddenly stop supporting her as she orgasms, she slows her fingering and then pulls out gently placing her hand over Amati's pussy and then sliding her hand away after Amati gets some control of her feet back. Miranda licks her fingers and then kisses Amati again. "Let's move to the bed."

Amati kisses Miranda as Miranda pushes the drying symbol and then giggles into the kiss as the air tickles her. They become dry quickly and Miranda leads her to the bed. Amati says "can I try now, like you did on me, it felt really nice, I want you to feel nice." she blushes a bit.

Miranda giggles "mmm not yet, I want to show you what one can do that is even better, if you lie down comfortably please."

Amati makes a pouting face for a brief moment and then giggles and gets into bed, enjoying the soft silk clad pillows even against her wings, as she lies down on them.

Miranda gets into bed after her, spreading her legs caressing both and kissing and licking Amati's inner thighs, making Amati coo and sing in happy moaning sounds. Miranda finally breathes hot moist air on Amati's drooling pussy, then she licks along the edges of Amati's lips before sucking them into her mouth her tongue licking Amati's pussy, probing it and reaching up to her engorging clitoris.

Amati squirms and moans deeply "oooh mmm Miranda aah" her legs and wings and arms tremble and she collapses onto the bed and notices the mirror above, she sees Miranda's cute butt and tail dance as Miranda works her magic on her pussy. Amati grabs the sheets and feels her pussy spasm as Miranda licks and sucks it.

Miranda slowly lets Amati's pussy lips slip away from her lips as she starts sucking on Amati's clitoris, swirling her tongue around it and she drools a little on her hand coating her ring and middle finger in pussy juice and saliva before she slides them inside Amati's pussy. She quickly finds Amati's g-spot and starts rubbing it in two circular motions, one with each finger, forming an eight right on Amati's g-spot.

Amati cries out loudly and her legs dig into the bed as she pushes her pussy up against Miranda.

Miranda has no trouble following Amati's every move and intensifies her sucking, licking and fingering. She feels how Amati is getting wetter and wetter, and then feels her fingers nearly be crushed by Amati's pussy muscles as she squirts, Miranda keeps going carefully listening to the screams and moans, as Amati orgasms, to make sure they are of pleasure, not pain.

Amati collapses against the bed having full body spasms as she orgasms, and finally runs dry.

Miranda slows down, slowly, to try to stretch Amati's pleasure out as much as possible. Then she slides up, kissing her way along Amati's stomach, kissing and licking both her nipples while foundling them and then kisses her lovingly.

Amati enjoys the kiss, though she is not really feeling all there, kind of floating somewhere amongst the distant clouds, clouds of warm fussy pleasure, her entire body tingles and trembles. "Whaoaa mmm wahmmm what was that... mmm Miranda... love you so much..." she mumbles, her head feeling like its filled with the same fussy clouds of pleasure.

Miranda cuddles up with her sliding her leg up against Amati's pussy and Amati instinctively hugs her leg with her legs. She trails her fingers along Amati's body, gently slightly ticklishly caressing her.

Grom enters the room "the stew is ready" he says and carries two bowls and then as he sees them he turns into his flesh form, he notices how hot the bowls are and rushes to put them on small night stand next to the bed. His cock goes erect right away.

Miranda giggles "mmm Grom I am not sure if Amati wants to play with you too, but I want to play with you. Amati would you like to make love to me and Grom?"

Grom looks at Amati, it was not really what he was thinking, but he can't say he does not like the thought either, she is almost as beautiful as Miranda to him, just that he does not know her at all.

Amati looks from Miranda's face and up at Grom and her eyes go wide at seeing his huge but beautiful cock, she knows from experience that she can handle huge cocks, and this one is not ugly or barbed or anything, just really beautiful. "Mmm if you are gentle Grom, but please start with Miranda, I need a little rest..." then she feels the scent of the stew and adds "and some of that lovely scented stew!" her stomach grumbles for emphasis.

Grom chuckles and moves the night stand so that she can reach a bowl and helps her sit up. Then he turns his attention to Miranda and moves up and hugs her and kisses her passionately.

Miranda suddenly pushes him away "wait!" she then runs to the shower, turning it on and her eyes glow an intense cold green and she places a hand on her stomach, her pupils expand and she whimpers silently as she rips the life away from the zygote inside her and she bleeds, she gently rubs and fingers her pussy till it stops bleeding and gets clean, regeneration helps her recover quickly, and she presses the drying symbol and gets into bed smiling at Grom "I just had to clean up..." she moves up to him embracing him and kissing him "where do you want me?" she finally asks and smiles wickedly.

Grom pushes her into the bed and then moves her so she is on all fours and grabs her hips and pushes his cock into her and starts passionately fucking her.

Amati blushes and can't help but watch. She quickly eats her bowl of stew, and Miranda's, it is just so tasty and she is so hungry.

Miranda barks like a dog and giggles and moans.

Amati moves up to Miranda and kisses her and caresses her hair and wings and looks up at Grom as he keeps pounding Miranda.

Miranda motions for Amati to lie down.

Amati smiles and being an agile winged elf she slides herself along the silk to underneath Miranda, head first. She rubs Miranda's clitoris with her hand through its hood. Her wings are a bit uncomfortably squishes below her and out the sides between Miranda's legs and arms, but she wants to be there for Miranda and she sees Grom's cock glisten with Miranda's juices as he pushes it in and pulls it out of her. She carefully stretches her neck and manages to lick Miranda's clitoris and Grom's balls and shaft as it moves in front of her, he balls slap her a few times and she giggles.

Miranda moans and then grabs Amati's legs, and licks and then sucks her clitoris again, her arms wrap around Amati's thighs and she slides both ring fingers and middle fingers into Amati's pussy massaging both side walls, and she hears and feels Amati's moan against her pussy.

Grom moans deeply the added licks make him more excited, and he soon explodes into Miranda with a loud cry of pleasure, he sees he can't possibly lie down on top of them so he pulls out and collapses on his back next to them.

As Grom pulls out his cum dribbles out of Miranda's pussy.

Amati is at first not sure, but then she has another wave of pleasure from what Miranda is doing and pulls Miranda down lapping up the cum leaking out of her and licking and then sucking on her clitoris. She mimics what Miranda is doing with her pussy to the best of her abilities, pushing her middle and ring fingers into her pussy, and licking up the cum she fishes out as she fingers Miranda's pussy. She feels Miranda mmmm into her clitoris and sucks Miranda's clitoris into her mouth and does the same.

Miranda suddenly collapses on Amati and starts squirting, Amati's wings hurt from this, but the pleasure is a strong enough painkiller, and her hair and face gets completely soaked with Miranda's ejaculate.

Amati pulls her fingers out of Miranda's pussy and stops sucking her clitoris, just gently licking it till Miranda stops squirting.

Miranda carefully moves off Amati and helps her up and they lie down on each side of Grom, gently caressing each other as all three of them fall asleep.

(to be continued)
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Thanks TinyDancer glad you liked my story, more will come, once I get free time, energy and a burst of inspiration again, it waxes and vanes.